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Gentek Introduce(en)

  1. 1. Introduction OfGentek™ A pplication Ver
  2. 2. Tipital Problems Samples in Game Project  Schedule delay again and again. Overspend more and more  Many projects abortion since core programmers fire their company  Quality is much lower than the plan at the begining  Find instable after online operation, lost players painfully  After buying back so-called famous game engine, but find it’s just a renderer. For MMORPG R&D, it’s just floatcloud and pits. How many teams did or doing struggled in the mud
  3. 3. Gentek™ Brief What can Gentek™ do for you? Quickly clone Middleware and production line to solution for form team & product game MMOG Gentek™ Reduce cost to 2-3 Mature and stable, stride times, cut down schedule over technical risk 3-4 times
  4. 4. Gentek™ Brief Biz Features Graphic effect as well as internationally recognized engines. Support 3D, 2D,2.5D games Net IO engine is thoroughly tempered, time-tested Server architecture supporting tens thousand of players per server group Convenient & full-function art & design editors A lot of mature gameplay modules for re-use & customize Flexible SecDev interface, whole dev can only use script, cheap & safe Teaching material books in have been published. Perfect document & FAQ Localizing technical service, 7X24 intimate support Epoch-making Webgame3D module The source code is the highest original in Chinese mature game engines, serveral million lines code is written by ourselves in the past 10+ years
  5. 5. Gentek™ Solution Content  Ggraphic (Graphics engine)  Gnet (Net IO engine)  Gserver (Server architecture)  Gmaker (Tools and editors)  Ggameplay (Gameplay modules)  Goperation (Operation tools)  GSecDev (Secondary develop)  GWebgame3D (MMOG NO download)  Gsupport (Technical Support)  Gtraining (Document & training)
  6. 6. Gentek™ Solution GGraphic-graphic effect Dynamic shadow & lightmap Specular and diffuse on terrain Normal map, waves, high polygon model Depth of Reflection & refraction, air field ,volume wrapping light Pixel lighting, large quantity vertex light Convenient & powerful particle system Realtime day-night system Volume fog, halo Custom VS&PS frame style(eg. HDR, gloss, blak&white and etc. Cartoon rendering) post effect
  7. 7. Gentek™ Solution Technical grade SceneGraph GGraphic-scene & model framework integrate kinds in&outdoor space partition arithmetic.Can be used in not only game but also construction,military,explora tion,edu,medicine Skeletion,matrix,keyframe,tex ture and etc. animation system Highly free avatar and dyeing system Hug seamless map, indoor and outdoor scene link portals Create large scale nature landscape with “speedtree”- liked animation lush vegetation&plant Advanced assemble animation model
  8. 8. Gentek™ Solution GNet  Hi-eff,stable,time-tested  Security Kinds IO mode to be Convenient unique interface selected Hi-eff dispatch High data transmission efficient,lower mechanism with O(1) bandwidth,lower server loader time complexity Dynamic encrypt tech Avoid cheating-program
  9. 9. Gentek™ Solution GServer  High concurrency value  Adjust load balance conveniently Deeply program Single norml PC can support players optimizing, fully use concurrency value at most. can 7000 multi-core processor play game as usual. The Delay is 4000 less than power 200ms Adjust load balance conveniently. Cache and multipath DB load is not the bottleneck mechanism of DBS anymore.
  10. 10. Gentek™ Solution Gserver-architecture
  11. 11. Gentek™ Solution GMaker 形态目标 动画角色 Material 几何图形  Surface-地表编辑器 Export Level Max导出插件 骨骼动画  Level-关卡编辑器 顶点动画 重复设计模式 实时变化 关卡设计  Export-3dsmax静 地形绘制 粒子编辑器 态、关键帧、骨骼动画 视觉化操作 所看即所得 模型导出插件 特效编辑器 丰富任务类型 按钮功能 可视化编辑 高级脚本定制接口  Material-材质编辑 Surface 自动生成任务脚本代码 器 UI  UI-界面编辑器 Quest  Quest-任务编辑器
  12. 12. Gentek™ Solution GMaker - Quest & UI UI UI editor, WYSWYG Quest Quest editor, you only need draw flow chat, and the editor will automatically generate script code. Boost the productivity. Support many plenty quest types and advanced manual script interfaces.
  13. 13. Gentek™ Solution GGameplay !  丰富的功能系统模块  Plenty gameplay modules for realtime Team and turnbased MMORPG Friend Battle Skill Marry Turnbased,realtime Weapon Spec Mount pet Multiplay mount 生活 Self build  Integraed item mall system 称号 • 提供完整的在线商城 Quest Crafting 功能并支持运营方自 行配置上架和定价 Trade Stall
  14. 14. Gentek™ Solution GOperation  丰富的服务器端配置  Powerful anti cheating program 方便您根据不同的地区、时期 Dynamic Encrypt 和活动来定制和调节功能 Cheat Active defence to variant cheating  Adjust game without server rebooting program  Convenient load balance configration Load balance Reboot
  15. 15. Gentek™ Solution GSecDEV 接口柔韧 方便,功 能全面 成熟的全 脚本开发 提供 C语言层 面的二次开发 接口
  16. 16. Gentek™ Solution GWebgame3D 作为目前国内唯一成熟无端化解决方案, Webgame3D™技术使得游戏可以以浏览器无端或 微客户端方式发布和运行大型次世代网游,并且只要您的游戏是基于Gentek™技术开发的, 就可以方便转换为基于Webgame3D™技术的浏览器运行模式。 Webgame3D™ features:  Next-Gen game in browser  Support almost browser  Convert huge client MMOG to be webgame without discount of quality and functions  Smooth loading at any postion, any level, any character
  17. 17. Gentek™ Solution Gsupport (Tech Suport) Gentek解决方案Wiki资料及专业培 训资料 前期60个课时的上手培训和实践指 导 游戏制作阶段,每周定期答疑解惑 全本土化的服务,热心和贴心 7X24小时电话支持
  18. 18. Gentek™ Hierarchy Chart Hierarchy Chart: 游戏产品 二次开发接口 脚本逻辑 逻辑脚本接口 发布和运营工具 策划工具 P2P语音 Web 3D 逻辑 脚本接口 模块 模块 (可选) (可选) 美术工具 服务器架构 网络引擎 图形引擎 C++接口
  19. 19. Gentek™ Workflow 程序的工序和规范意识 • 成熟的工序流程,快速组建生产线,形成 A 生产力 • 采用TDD和XP相结合的软件工程实践方 B 案。成熟的项目管理和缺陷追踪工具 • 无私分享项目管理经验 C
  20. 20. Gentek™ Workflow 工序流程图一 项目开发流程
  21. 21. Gentek™ Workflow 工序流程图二 策划部工 作职能
  22. 22. Gentek™ Document GDocument  丰富完整的文档,包含策划、程序、美术全套。基础部分教材已和南京师范大 学合作,在机械工业出版社公开出版,并广泛应用于培训机构的课程体系  制作思路、工作流程、岗位职能都有完整的文档  工具使用说明  二次开发接口指南  根据实践总结出来的实用FAQ
  23. 23. Gentek™ Cases List 《炼狱2 online》(Shenzhen百游汇 2011) 《黑暗王朝 online》(Hangzhou Hitone 2011) 《Moonlight Online》(IGG 2010, NA) 《Crystal Tale Online》(HK Runup 2010, HK&TW) 《Naya online》(Shanghai Hito 2009) 《Fantasy College Online》(HK Runup 2007, HK&TW) 《炼狱 online》(Shenzhen百游汇2007)(暮光) 《Childhood Online》(Hitone 2005) 《商周天下Online》(Shanghai Shouling 2004) 《解放军某部登陆战模拟系》 (中视典 2003) 《深圳国防教育基地GIS》 (中视典 2002)
  24. 24. Gentek™ Support  Gentek™支持以下平台  Gentek™对以下主流芯片进行了特别优化 ARM
  25. 25. Appendix A: Engine Comparison Table (If used in MMOG) Gentek™ Bigworld Gamebryo Unreal3 OGRE Unity3D Crytek Graphics NextGen level NextGen Level NextGen Level Super NextGen NextGen Level NextGen Level Super NextGen Level Level Net Stable, time-tested Low efficiency NO spec. net module Powerful, but not NO professional net Simple, NOT for Powerful, but NOT for MMOG for MMOG module MMOG for MMOG Server Time-tested, ten Low load NONE NOT for MMOG NONE NOT for MMOG NOT for MMOGFramework thousand level load power Tool Powerful, integrited hard to lean, Lack and hard to lean Powerful, but NOT NONE Convenience, but Powerful, but NOT & easy to lean integrited, Powerful for MMOG NOT for MMOG for MMOG Web3D Epochal Webgame3D NONE NONE NONE NONE Good NONE module Logical Plenty for assembling NONE NONE NO MMOG logical NONE NONE NONE Module module SecDev Full script developing. Difficult C/C++ heavily used. C/C++ heavily used. C/C++ heavily used. Full script C/C++ heavily used. High productivity, Low productivity high Low productivity Low productivity developing. Low Low productivity low tech risk tech risk high tech risk high tech risk efficiency high tech risk Suc-Cases A few A few Some Many Some Almost casual game Some Tech Risk Very low High High High Very high High High Use-Cost Juniors can output Need many seniors, Need many seniors, Need many seniors, Need lots of seniors, Need many seniors, Need many seniors, high productivity high cost high cost high cost very high cost high cost high cost Document Rich doc, wiki and Rich but just English. Not rich and English. Rich but just English. Poor and in EN Rich but in EN Rich but just English. published books CN tversion is bad CN tversion is bad CN tversion is bad CN tversion is badTech Support Localized, 7X24 Strong-willed, hight Strong-willed, hight Strong-willed, hight No fulltime support Nonnative, hight Strong-willed, hight communication cost communication cost communication cost communication cost communication cost Price Cheap Expensive Expensive Expensive Free Cheap Expensive Customer Good Bad Bad Bad Bad Ambivalence We don’t know Reviews
  26. 26. 附录二:Gentek™业务 三种合作方式  技术授权  OEM服务  客户端网游无端化,或页游化
  27. 27. 附录二:Gentek™业务 技术授权服务流程 前期60个课时的上手 培训和实践指导 游戏制作阶段,每周 定期答疑解惑 全本土化的服务,热 心和贴心 7X24小时电话支持
  28. 28. 附录二:Gentek™业务 OEM服务流程
  29. 29. 附录二:Gentek™业务 技术授权交付组件  SDK及C语言接口  脚本接口  逻辑脚本程序源代码  完整制作工具。含美术、策划、发布等全套工具  运营工具及接口  可执行文件  文档  Gentek™ 公开出版教材(机械工业出版社)《网络游戏策划教程》 《网络游戏程序教程》《网络游戏美工教程》
  30. 30. THANK YOU! Gentek ™ Solution·International Quality ·Create in China! http://www.CloudMMOG.comSuite 608, Yangcheng Lake Digital Cultural&Creative Industry Park, 88 JinCheng Rd, Suzhou, PRC(215137)Suite 309, Building 22, Pudong Software Park, 489 Guo Shoujing Rd, Shanghai, PRC(201203)Email: