Custom Runtimes for the Cloud


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Webinar presentation by Mark Prichard, Technology Evangelist at CloudBees: how to customize the runtime stacks used with Platform-as-a-Service

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  • The way you use ClickStarts and ClickStacks follows what is probably a familiar model. We host them in open source form on a Github-based CloudBees community site. You can fork them, and if you find a way to improve them, submit a pull request to us. Communities like Play and Scala are already doing this, but creating their own galleries of community-managed ClickStarts. And as I was saying, I think you will see customers of ours and SIs like you create brand-new ClickStarts and ClickStacks for use internally, to get new employees up to speed quicker, and to capture standards.
  • Custom Runtimes for the Cloud

    1. 1. Custom Runtimes for the CloudClickStarts and ClickStacks ExplainedMark Prichard, CloudBeesFebruary 22, 2013
    2. 2. Today’s PresenterMark PrichardEvangelist & Senior Director ofProduct Management
    3. 3. Using WebExQuestions?Submit via the controlpanel at any timeduring the presentation.
    4. 4. CloudBees on One Slidecloudbees.comJenkinsMasterTestStageBuildCodeJenkinsExecutorForgeRepositoriesGitSVNmvnDevelopmentServices(DEV@cloud)Developer andOperationsInteractionEnd UserInteractionRuntimeServices(RUN@cloud)CloudBeesAPIGrandCentralWebConsoleSDKSessionClusteringMySQLRouterApplicationPartnerEcosystemMulti-TenantedDedicatedAmazon Web Services4©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
    5. 5. ClickStarts –Cloud Projects in a Box5
    6. 6. • I am starting to work with in a new project and need toget going quickly• I need to learn about a new framework and want tolearn using a working example• I want to hand off my project to a customer• I want to formally capture the work I have done soothers in my team can re-use itTypical Problems6ClickStarts to the rescue!©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
    7. 7. By The Way – Do You Like Our New Dashboard?7©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
    8. 8. cloudbees.comUse thisclickstart.json tocreate a working app!The Magic Behind ClickStarts8CloudBeesGitRepoDatabaseBuild/Testdb:createAppPartnerServicePartnerServiceCloudBeesAPIGrandCentralWebConsoleBindBindTriggerDeployWow! At yourservice©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
    9. 9. cloudbees.comModifying an App after ClickStarting9©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights ReservedCloudBeesGitRepoDatabaseBuild/TestAppPartnerServicePartnerServiceBindBindTriggerDeployI want to make somechanges!Local GitRepogitcommitChangesWow! At yourservice
    10. 10. Let’s Take a Closer Look – Java EE 6 WebProfile10©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
    11. 11. What Actually Happened There?11©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
    12. 12. ClickStart.json: Putting It All Together12©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved{"id": "jboss-db-example","name": "Java EE 6 Web Profile","source": "git://","description" : "A full Java EE 6 Web Profile application, with a database and continuous deployment","doc-url" : "","icon" : "","app-package" : "","supported-by" : "cloudbees","order" : 1,"runtime": {"type": "jboss"},"databases": [{"type": "mysql","alias": "ExampleDS"}],"build-with-jenkins": {"template": {"type": "maven","options": {}}}}
    13. 13. On Demand: Repo, Build Job, App and Database13©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
    14. 14. ClickStacks –Customized & Non-Java Runtimes14
    15. 15. How an App Becomes a Stack– Java Example15Java App (jar)InfrastructureJava VMJava APICloudBees-CuratedStackUser-CreatedCloudBees-CuratedJava EE App (war)InfrastructureJava VMJava APICloudBees-CuratedStackUser-CreatedCloudBees-CuratedJava EE (jars)• Interaction is with the JavaVM and API• Deployment unit is jar file• Interaction is with the Java EE Server• Deployment unit is war file• Extensions thru container contract andvendor facilitiesJava Runtime Stack Java EE Runtime Stack©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
    16. 16. Frictionless Extension and ReuseCustomer &SI ManagedCommunityManagedCloudBeesCuratedForkPush Push Clone16©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
    17. 17. • Tomcat• JBoss• Java• Tomcat 7• JBoss 7.1• Glassfish 3• node.js• Play 2• SBT• Web MachineCurated vs. Early Access Community Stacks©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved 17CloudBees-Curated Early Access CommunityRef:
    18. 18. • Tomcat– Tomcat 6– Tomcat 7 (Default for new)• JBoss– JBoss 7– JBoss 7.1 (Default for new)• Java• Glassfish 3• node.js• Play 2• SBT• Web Machine• PHP• DrupalTransition Underway from Community to Curated©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved 18CloudBees-Curated Early Access Community
    19. 19. ClickStacks and ClickStarts – Better Together!19©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved• Interaction is with Apache and PHP• Deployment unit is PHP and HTMLfiles• Interaction is with Drupal CMS• Deployment unit is a web site Profile• Extensions thru modules, librariesPHP Runtime Stack Drupal Runtime StackPHP App (php)InfrastructureCloudBees-CuratedStackUser-CreatedCloudBees-CuratedApachePHP InterpreterSite Profile (zip)InfrastructureCloudBees-CuratedStackUser-CreatedCloudBees-CuratedDrupal (zip)ApachePHP Interpreter
    20. 20. More Information20©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved• Introduction to ClickStarts• Develop your own ClickStart• Introduction to ClickStacks• Develop your own ClickStack• Genapp Framework Documentation• CloudBees-community on GitHub• Please come to our Hangout to ask questions
    21. 21. • Register on, it is free and complete:– Deploy your app in the cloud!– Store your data– Do your build & test in the cloud• Jenkins as a Service• Repositories: Git, SVN, Maven/DAV• Eclipse plugin– Free program for FOSS projects It for Free©2012
    22. 22. 22©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved