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Enrol on the right proofreading course for you


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Our proofreading & editing course will teach you cutting edge skills for checking copy on paper, and on screen.

You will learn how to edit all kinds of products, and how to:

spot errors that other people miss
correct mistakes using BSI symbols
check English, punctuation and spelling
use correct publishing terminology

This course is for anyone who takes a pride in their work ... and in other people's. And the NUS Extra card will help to cover your course fee by providing discounts at hundreds of retailers

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Enrol on the right proofreading course for you

  1. 1. Proofreading course Proofreading on screen 1. Avoid it if you can 2. Magnify the text 3. Work in short bursts 4. Highlight the line of text you are reading … 5. But maybe turn it WHITE first (turn it back again!) 6. Use the cursor to guide you along the line Proofreading course