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Hidden gems in PR, Search London


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Presentation for a search-interested audience on how understanding the structure of the media and understanding the customer journey can help with media and blogger outreach

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Hidden gems in PR, Search London

  1. 1. Copyright SEO PR Training Ltd.For content placement and links:The mediaClaire Thompson13/06/2013 @SEOPRTraining
  2. 2.  Waves PR SEO PR Training In house @claireatwaves @seoprtraining @waterwytche13/06/2013 2@SEOPRTrainingWho am I
  3. 3. Copyright SEO PR Training Ltd. 13/06/2013 @SEOPRTraining
  4. 4. The media13/06/2013 4@SEOPRTrainingSource: shamelesslycribbed from Blue GlasspresentationThird partyendorsement
  5. 5. The endorsement ladder13/06/2013 5@SEOPRTrainingWhat I sayabout meMy opinion isvalued byother peopleA third partychooses towrite aboutmeMycustomerscommit towriting howgood I amWeb Links Social media
  6. 6. Where does the media fit?13/06/2013 6@SEOPRTrainingSource: Google Think Insights
  7. 7. #searchlondonNumber of sources referred to in Insurance sector?5.87.314.711.7Ref: 2001 Census
  8. 8. #searchlondonNumber of sources referred to for restaurants18. eTForecastsSept 2004
  9. 9. #searchlondonAverage no of sources used for travel10.814.710.218.2Ref: Ofcom 2004
  10. 10. #searchlondon Across devices Across media and social media types Online and offline
  11. 11. Copyright SEO PR Training Ltd.How?13/06/2013 @SEOPRTraining11
  12. 12.  Editor News Editor Features Editor Freelance Specialist Editors Trainee Sub Editor Pictures Editor Interactive pages Bloggers13/06/2013 12@SEOPRTrainingWho’s who, what they do and what they wantOld photoalert!!!Journalistsare peopletoo!
  13. 13.  Be topical Be controversial Be the expert Celebrities Think outside of the box: localmedia, broadcast and radio. Offline!The smartest way of all?13/06/2013 13@SEOPRTrainingHollywood links: five smart waysASK!!!
  14. 14. #searchlondon 14@SEOPRTrainingDumb things to watch out for….
  15. 15. Then share the hell out of it in relevant places
  16. 16. Copyright SEO PR Training Ltd.Q&AThank you for your attention!Claire ThompsonWaves PR/SEO PR TrainingT: 0118 946 132013/06/2013 16@SEOPRTraining