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Social Media Week


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Poster for Social Media Measurement Event, Feb 5, 2010

Part of Social Media week, London

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Social Media Week

  1. 1. Social Media Measurement Friday Feb 5, 2010 14..00  arrival, tea, coffee etc 14.30  supplier introductions (NOT presentations or sales pitches) 15.00 chance to look & see 16.30 open forum, moderated by Benjamin Ellis RUNNING IN PARALLEL: ‘TALKING TABLES’ 15..00  what should we be measuring? Mod: Gemma Went, Red Cube 15.30  how to select the right tool, Mod: Tim Williams& John Nugent 16.00 measurement v. ROI, Mod: Chris Hall Want to tweet about this event? #smwLDN Upload & share your pics EVENT SPONSORS Supplier challenge: GLOBAL HEADLINE SPONSOR GLOBAL SUPPORTING SPONSOR LONDON ORGANISER GLOBAL MEDIA & COMMUNICATION PARTNERS LONDON SPONSOR