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Leathers & Associates Penny Park Presentation


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Slideshow presentation by Leathers & Associates from Dec. 11, 2014 Penny Park Renovation Project public meeting.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Leathers & Associates Penny Park Presentation

  1. 1. Find us on FACEBOOK!
  2. 2. •Life expectancy of approximately 20 years with proper care and maintenance •Maintenance costs and concerns •Safety Guidelines and Standards •ADA
  3. 3. Custom-built with structural and composite recycled plastic • ASTM 1487 & CPSC 325 • NPSI – Nationally certified • Meets and exceeds ADA • Easy to maintain • Designed to reflect your community • Superior visibility/supervision • Developmental/age appropriateness • Accessible and inclusive play
  4. 4. • • • • • •
  5. 5. The Penny Park Coordinating Committee…  General Coordinators  Fundraising  Public Relations  Volunteers  Tools  Food  Materials  Child Care  Special Needs …and YOU!
  6. 6. Tot Lot (2-5 Yrs) Tree Fort Historic Playhouse Covered Seating Covered Seating by Sandbox Sandbox Sand Digger Double Slide Tot Low Ladder Tot Pipe Bouncy Bridge Arch Bridge Arched Rock Climb Train Tipi Tunnel Tot Swings Tot Therapeutic Swing Bench Bench Bench Bench Older Children's Area (5-12 yrs) Castle Maze Light House Tube Slide Twisty Slide Zig Zag Slide Rings Low Rings Low Ladder Truck Wavy Monkey Bars Overhead Spinner Pods Pipe Balance Beam See-Saw Fire Pole Rope Climb Suspension Bridge Rock Climb Wiggly Bridge Cargo Net Climbinator Black Hole Net Phones Omni Spinner To-Fro Swings To-Fro Swings Therapeutic Swing Tire Swing Bench Picnic Table Covered Seating Bench Bench Bench Bench Picnic Table Other Amenities Pavilion Picnic Tables Original Components Climbing Wall Circular Slide Tunnel Slide Fire Pole Suspension Bridge Castle Accessible Train Low Bars Low Rings Flying Saucer Puppet Theater Chin up pipes Rubber Bridge Trolley Bucking Bronco Dip Ladder Swinging Platform Chain Bridge Fire Truck Horizontal Ladder Parallel Bars Balance on Chains Moving Floor Double Slide Sand Box Fun House Sound Wall Tic-Tac-Toe Word Board Phone System Swings Tot Swings Balance beams Moving Steps Picnic Table Benches Tunnel