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Start from age 30 we lose 5% of our muscles per decade - UNLESS we use them...

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. OR
  2. 2. Did you know? Starting At Age 30 We Lose 5% Of Our Muscles Every Decade (sarcopenia) UNLESS …
  3. 3. We MOVE our body
  4. 4. But we are SITTING most of the time
  5. 5. You already workout 4 hours per week? I got bad news for you…
  6. 6. It’s not enough! 97.6% 2.4% A week has 168 hours. Working out for 2 or even 4 hours (2.4%) is better than doing nothing. But it’s not enough to compensate for being sedentary 164 hours (or 97.6%) of the week.
  7. 7. What’s The Solution?
  8. 8. Get up and MOVE (every hour)
  9. 9. Take the stairs…
  10. 10. Try Walking Meetings…
  11. 11. Do Some Office Moves!
  12. 12. Sit Upright!
  13. 13. Pimp Your Posture
  14. 14. Strengthen your Core
  15. 15. And if you’re REALLY serious about this…
  16. 16. Why not start Yoga?
  17. 17. Cardio Strength Mobility Yoga It makes you stronger AND more flexible!
  18. 18. Moving our body is not about heavy workouts or running marathons… It’s about using our body as often as we can. Not once or twice per week in the gym. But every single hour. In the office, at home, on the go. It might be a bit of a challenge. But the price for ignoring our biology is very high…
  19. 19. You decide… Decide wisely!
  20. 20. Please tag a colleague who will find this valuable..