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12 Virtual Keynote Tipps


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In this short slideshare I give you my best 12 tipps to keep your virtual audience stay to the final minute of your session.

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12 Virtual Keynote Tipps

  1. 1. How To Make 97% Of Your Virtual Audience Stay Until The Final Minute Of Your Presentation 10 SIMPLE QUICK WINS 30 min 60 min 100%
  2. 2. The very last tip is really the one that makes the biggest difference. Please make sure you don’t miss it… Spoiler Alert
  3. 3. During the last 10 weeks… I was privileged to do more than 100 virtual keynotes, trainings, LIVE webinars and group coaching sessions. I talked to thousands of people from Tokyo to Silicon Valley and from Stockholm to Rio de Janeiro. And on average well above 90% of my audiences watched my sessions until the very last minute. 97%
  4. 4. On Screen Charisma and the ability to inspire and engage people virtually via camera is becoming an increasingly important leadership skill. Here are my 12 best tips that will help you make your audience stay till the end of your virtual sessions…
  5. 5. Tell Stories Use emotional, problem-centric stories that people can relate to. In a 60 minute virtual keynote I typically tell 4-5 stories that address all senses of my audience. #12
  6. 6. Get Fired Up! Don’t answer emails until the very last second before your session starts. Get yourself into a peak state before the red light turns on. Boost your heart rate, listen to your favourite soundtrack and visualize what impact you want to make. Turn on the spark in your eyes – it will ignite passion and engagement in your audience. #11
  7. 7. Use Many Charts In a 60 minute virtual keynote I typically show 280-330 charts. which means that each chart stays no longer than 15 second (make sure they are easy to understand and nicely designed). The almost movie-like speed keeps your audience’s need for visual entertainment satisfied so they don’t check their emails or mobile in between. #10
  8. 8. Give People A Reason To Stay At the beginning of every virtual session I highlight what additional value people get when they stay to the very end. This could be a Q&A session in which you answer every single question or leave your personal email address for more questions; a special surprise or bonus or the most important learning message. In real life people don’t leave a conference room so easily (you have to be really bad if they do!) but in the virtual space the exit is only one click away and the distraction way stronger. Curiosity and/or high value are key! #9
  9. 9. Upgrade Your Tech Gear Get the picture resolution, sound and lighting right. The quality of these things influence the first and ongoing impression you make on your audience. #8
  10. 10. Activate Thumbnail Function Don’t hide behind your slides. People want to see that you’re a real person. They want to feel your energy, your passion and your emotions. It’s so much harder to bring this across with voice only. You’re a visual performer not a radio voice! #7
  11. 11. Practice Daily! For the last 3 years I’ve made it a daily habit to speak at least 5 minutes into my phone camera. Why? To get used to talking into a camera. It doesn’t have to be business related, could also be kind of a journal… Just get into the game of speaking to a lense so you’re 100% authentic and confident when the red light turns on. #6
  12. 12. Care About Your Background Your background is your stage. It tells a story about who you are and what you want to achieve. Put the same effort into creating your virtual stage like you would in real life. My Mission My Philosophy #5
  13. 13. Surprise Your Audience Make your people smile and feel appreciated right at the beginning. How? Be creative… with a nice compliment (but don’t be cheesy!) or a customized background… If you REALLY care about your audience you’ll find ways. Creating mutual sympathy will multiply your chances that they will stay until the end! #4
  14. 14. Make It Interactive Modern broadcasting tools like Zoom, Webex and even WebinarJam have great tools like whiteboards and polls to keep your audience engaged and help them share their perspective with their peers. Use these tools thoughtfully and your presentation will reach a whole new level (zoom in to see some examples). #3
  15. 15. Put The Camera At Eye Level Nobody wants to be looked down on especially not from a speaker or trainer. Even though many wouldn’t notice at first…on a subconscious level we all realize this. Put a few books under your laptop and welcome your audience at eye level!  x #2
  16. 16. Give Your Everything! Put all your heart, passion and soul into your sessions. Your audience will feel and appreciate if you deeply care about their needs and try to create real value for them. #1
  17. 17. If you make your audience forget that your presentation was “only” virtual you’re on the right path…
  18. 18. Please share with someone who might find it valuable.
  19. 19. Thank you for your precious attention!