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Productivity for 21st century

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  1. Productivity
  2. Mindset Open mind I already know it. Knowleadge is obstacle. ! Searching synthesis Use whatever you know with what I’m saying and try to integrate (synthesis) to your own life. ! Learning is behaviour change You can consider yourself to learn something if you will change your behaviour in the future. Otherwise you waste your time.
  3. Why is producitivity important? Determines quality and quanitity of work you do. Determines your position and salary in organization. Determines your health and happiness. It influences your relationships at work and home. It influences our learning abbilities. ! HINT: If you’re not training your productivity…. you lose it automaticaly
  4. What is productivity? Most of the people think productivity is skill of how well you can manage your time. => Time management courses. ! Also most of the people think that as their demands at work at home rise their productivity (or capacity) to do them will also rise. => Spending more time at work and home working. ! The opposite is true.
  5. What is then..? Time is external variable, and you don’t have control over it. Also you can also only use fixed number of hours a day. ! The thing you can manage and can grow is internal. => It’s energy. ! Time is outside you and you cannot grow it. Energy is inside you and you can grow it at will.
  6. Energetic “maximum” Around your 30th birthday your body will end the natural growth of muscles and brain cells. After this milestone if you’re NOT actively exercising your capacity for energy it will degenerate and you’ll became fatter, slower and tired.
  7. Workoholism The need for handling more stres (responsibilities) by traditional wisdom is to spend more time doing it. ! Because of this uneducated propaganda we all end up being workoholics. ! Majority of people at work cannot stop thinking about work related stuff after they leave from work. They became workoholics and start to rationalize it.
  8. World of workoholics Unfriendly world to rest Because of the increasing competition and need to be better, companies start to presure people to work harder (not smarter). ! Stress addiction OCD loop (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders) Some people became addicted. They are not able to relax. It’s new age drug.
  9. Fallacy of one source of energy Intiutively you might think that we need one type of energy. Like cars, they usually need to refuel mostly only gas. But the truth is we humans we need 4 distinct sources of energy.
  10. Four sources of energy Physical - Quantity Emotional - Quality Mental - Focus, Realistic optimism Spiritual - Meaning of life
  11. Capacity On each level of energy your capacity is different. ! How do you expand the capacity? Expanding capacity has the same mechanism as musle expansion and strengthening. ! You either keep or expand your capacity or you loose it all. ! FACT: If you stop moving we’ll loose all your musles in 4 weeks.
  12. Expanding capacity Steady state training Small stress for long period of time. Well known propaganda for Aerobic excercise. Depends on oxygen. ! Interval training Intervals of high stress for short periods of time, followed by full recovery time. Depends on lactic acid from muscles. Interval of 30s - 2min. Greeks + Rusians for Olympics. The hearth will tolerate more lactic acid and will be able to pump more blood and also oxygen to the body.
  13. Physical energy ~ quantity Physical energy is the foundation. All the other energies depend on it greatly. It’s like skyscappers and their foundation. ! Physical energy determines how much (quantity) of energy we’ll be able to store and use in the process of expediture.
  14. Physical energy ~ quantity 1) Nutrition What we eat and drink. You either help the body or you poison it. ! 2) Excercise Excercise followed by full recovery. Consiously work on your body or it declines.
  15. Emotional energy ~ quality Emotional energy determinse what is the quality of our life. If most of the time we feel negative emotions we feel bad and vice versa. ! When do you feel the best at work? Think about it for a second… ! If you’re not feeling like that most of the time… you’ll not be able to deliver quality work most of the time. Working on your emotional energy will help you produce more quality work and you will feel great about it.
  16. Mental energy ~ focus Mental energy is capacity to focus on one thing for longer period of time and see world with realistic optimism. ! We live in world of multitasking and interuptions. ! Most of our generation lost the skill completele. They cannot focus on one thing more than a few seconds. OCD loop diseases (multitasking vs THC). Defocus also.
  17. Mental energy ~ realistic optimism Einstein: Do you believe we live in harsh and hostile universe or universe that is nurturing and great place with many possibilities? ! Cultivate optimism in your life, but don’t forget to look for feedback from outside world to be realistic about it.
  18. Spiritual energy ~ meaning… Spiritual energy represents meaning of life. Does not relate to religions. Don’t mix it up! ! Question: “What is really important for you in your life? Why are you on this planet? What is your purpose?” ! TIP: Helping others is the best way to get happy (oxitocin).
  19. But why we do what we do? Why if energy is the source of our productivity and happines people still do what they do?
  20. Because… It’s deep in our social unconscious mind and to change the whole we have to first start with parts (you). ! There’s still not enough pioniers that would cause the change, but we’re getting there… ! and also because we’re beings based on Automaticity.
  21. Automaticity Psychology styding automatic mechanisms of humans. Study: “The Unberable Automaticity of Being”. ! Most of our actions and activities in our day to day life are automatic. We do not control them. Is estimated that almost 95% of our day is handled by automaticity. That means we only conciously control ourselves 20min. a day. Our willpower is very limited. We cannot rely on it.
  22. Our past is our future This is why most of the people live their future base on the past. They cannot break from it. ! That’s also the reason why our old habits persist. !
  23. Aristoteles “We are what we repeatedly do.”
  24. Rituals and learning Every change we want in our life we have to train our automatic system. ! Ritual is highly specific behaviour, which will became automatic over time. Ritual is done in very specific time and very specific way.
  25. Logical levels of learning 0. Uncoscious (Basic) phase - unconcious incompetence We don’t know that we don’t know. 1. Cognitive (Early) phase - concious incopetence We find out that we need to learn something. ! 2. Associated (Middle) phase - concious competence We’re learning, but we have to pay attention. 3. Autonomous (Late) phase - unconcious competence We don’t have to pay attention to what we do. Become automatic.
  26. Learning & Ritual creation Bad: “I’ll be exercising 3x times each week.” ! Right: “Every Mon,Wed,Fri I will go to fitness at 6.45am till 7.15am. Before I start I will by all the stuff I need… Then I will do 3 rounds of interval training on all 5 main muscles. And if I would not be able to do it I’ll do it on Saturday morning. And I will not be there on Saturday I’ll pay the words charity my whole month of salary.”
  27. Specificity of Ritual 1. Very specificly defined activity 2. It has beginning and end. 3. I gave it high priority in my life. 4. I have to repeat it at least 20 times in a row. Start with 1 new ritual each month. Don’t mix more!!
  28. Hunting for bad habits 1. Map the routes of the bad habits. 2. Find the weak points on the route. 3. Put the trap to disturb the habit. 4. Use the route to build new habit.
  29. Morning ritual 1. Dring half liter water + suplements 2. Prepare breakfast but don’t eat yet 3. Exercise + Strech 4. Shower + Cold ending shower 5. Gratitude + Let go + Meditation 6. Eat breakfast 7. Walking to work + Start my 60-60-30
  30. Aligment - Thinking, Doing, Speaking You almost always understand person more by what he’s doing than by what he’s saying. ! More people in this times are fucked up because of duality. They think about stuff, but say different stuff and at the end do totally different thing.
  31. Periodic beings People are not computers. They cannot work in linear fashion. We are periodic beings. ! We are designed to pulse, we’re rythmic beings, we’re periodic beings. ! We’re designed to spend energy, but also renew energy.
  32. Balance spending & renewal If we spend too much of energy we burn. If we spend not enough energy we die down. ! If you’re not growing, you’re dying. ! We need to find balance between spending and recovery. Spend too much and you burn, spend too little and you loose your capacity.
  33. Rehabilitation Stress enough the musle with enough time for renewal and you’ll get right. ! The best is to do interval training. (Supercompenzace)
  34. Circadian rythm How much to rest/renew? ! Our body has 2 very important cycles. Well known Circadian rythm of day and night. During the day we spend our energy and during the night we renew and extend capacity. ! You should honor your circadian rythm by sleeping as much as you work hard. Good sleep is very important by many engles.
  35. Ultradian rythm We also have sub-rythm of Circadian it’s called Ultradian (less then a day). ! In the night we have cycle of REM and deep sleep. Duing day we have very similar circle. ! Ultradian rythm is between 90-120 min.
  36. Emergency system If you do not honor this 90-120 min. cycle at some point you will start your Emergency system. ! Emergency system lives in our oldest part of the brain, which we call lizard brain. We have him for emergency situations of fight, flight or escape. ! Emergency system uses stres hormons (like cortisol), which can burn cells faster for energy needs. Speed hormons.
  37. Time for renewal How do I know when to renewal? ! You can feel it. If you cannot then it can be tought by observing your body rythms. ! Basic sympthoms like yawning, tired, not able to focus, irritated, nervous, not feeling like it, hungry, thirst, body shaking parts. ! Practice of 60-60-30 for better cycles.
  38. Quantity vs Quality of renewal Everything has foundation in physical energy. Get the body right, everything else will get better. ! Focus on quality of renewal not the quantity. ! Watching TV, sitting behind computer, drinking alkohol is all just quantity of renewal… it takes long time to recover. ! Exercise + Relax, drinking water, meditation, masage… are quality.
  39. Tips for all levels Physical renewal Deep relaxation of muscles, masage, sauna ! Emotional renewal Hearth rate up, friends, family, let-go, hugs, kiss, etc. ! Mental renewal Defocus/Other focus, Meditation ! Spiritual renewal Have multiple meanings for living, Not leaving always for purpose
  40. Performance Renewal determinse our quality and high of our performance. ! Fitness is speed of recovery. The more fitter you are the quicker you can recover. ! START WITH YOUR BODY TODAY!!