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Dave I'm Afraid I Have to Place You On Hold - Robotics and IT Support


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Dave, I'm Afraid I have to Place you On Hold
-Robotics and IT Support.
You can't manage it until you measure it. This mantra has lead to an era of automation, self-service and consolidation. Doing more with less, doing less with less. The IT department is birthing out robots faster than an alien invasion. These robots are not the type we were told about in our childhood, these robots are here to take our jobs away.

While many herald the coming revolution in IT, we should stop and give pause to what we will do with the millions of displaced workers in 2020.

* Review a history in robotics that have displaced human jobs.
* Look forward at the trends in automation that are disrupting information technology and information systems.
* Discover the skills that will be desirable for knowledge workers as "automation" becomes commonplace.
* The five employees you meet in heaven, augmented, AI, Robot, human, post carbon


Feel free to reach out at, +1-303- 872-0786, or by texting "chrisdancy" to 50500.

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Dave I'm Afraid I Have to Place You On Hold - Robotics and IT Support

  1. 1. Dave, I'm Afraid I have to Place You On Hold #pink13 @servicesphere Robotics and IT Support. Te x t “ R o b o t s 2 0 1 3 ” t o 5 0 5 0 0 o r h t t p : / / b i t . l y / d a v e 2 0 1 3
  2. 2. We are in IT, we should act like IT @servicesphere 2005-2007 - Service Catalog, Help Desk Best Practices, Categorization for the Service Desk, Desktop Management and IT Support 2008 - Social Media and the Help Desk, Support Remote Users, Selecting an IT Software Vendor, IT Marketing 2009 - Enterprise 2.0, Social Media and IT Support 2010 - Big Data, Social Media and Collaborative Systems 2011 - Mobility, Location, ITSM 2525, Social Media and ITSM 2012 - Reputation Economy (Knowledge Lockers, Quantified Self) Digital Literacy 2012, Social ITSM 1990-2014, Social ITSM 2015-2050, Enterprise Celebrity #pink13 2013 - Robotics, Mindfulness, Empowered Employees Culture 2.0, Measured Me Quantified Self 2.0 Knowledge Worker 2020, Contextual ITSM
  3. 3. @servicesphere Achievement Unlocked: 1. Can distinguish robotics around you. 2. Identify your role consumer, enterprise, government and humanity as it relates to robotics. 3. Consider non-human factors in support. #pink13 4. Think provocatively about the ethical considerations of a human minority to a digital majority.
  4. 4. • Post Human • Awakening • History • Today • Future #pink13 • • • • Tools Skills Metrics Graph Defined Support @servicesphere Future Roles • Today • Future
  5. 5. #pink13 @servicesphere 1970’s 1980’s My Experience with Robots 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s 2020’s
  6. 6. #pink13 @servicesphere What is a Robot?
  7. 7. #pink13 @servicesphere
  8. 8. @servicesphere Form & Function #pink13 Does it have to look that way?
  9. 9. #pink13 @servicesphere
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  13. 13. @servicesphere @servicesphere #pink13 #pink13 Work saves us from three great evils: boredom, vice and need.-Voltaire
  14. 14. #pink13 Robots and I, Today @servicesphere
  15. 15. #pink13 @servicesphere
  16. 16. #pink13 Lump of labor fallacy @servicesphere
  17. 17. #pink13 @servicesphere
  18. 18. Augmented Hybrid Ultra Capable AI Robotic @servicesphere Human #pink13 Engineered Post Carbon SUPREME USERS
  19. 19. #pink13 @servicesphere 2010’s TOOLS 2020’s 2030’s
  20. 20. #pink13 @servicesphere SKILLS Physical Id /Ego/Super Ego Digital Id Digital Super Ego
  21. 21. #pink13 @servicesphere
  22. 22. #pink13 @servicesphere @servicesphere #BMCSocial GRAPH
  23. 23. #pink13 27 2035-2050 @servicesphere
  24. 24. #pink13 #pink13 @servicesphere
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  26. 26. Chris Dancy text “chrisdancy” 50500 twitter @servicesphere