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Social IT - Realizing the Dream 1990-2015


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Social IT - Realizing the Dream
The Rise of Collaborative Systems 1990-2015

The idea of Facebook as a support platform was a nice way to pretend we understood the connected enterprise, but in 2012 we actually need to start looking at how connected enterprises work. Social IT the reality is a look at where we have been with social IT support, where we are and where we are going. From 2008-2020 we cover not just the beginning of this collaborative decade but with the explosive and shocking end. Knowledge workers today need to understand the skill sets they must possess for 2015 and beyond. This is your life and it's just beginning.


For four years I've has been using low-friction data collection to capture hundreds of elements of my life into a repository for search, visualization and analysis.


Feel free to reach out at, +1-303- 872-0786, or by texting "chrisdancy" to 50500.

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Social IT - Realizing the Dream 1990-2015

  1. Social IT - Realizing the Dream The Rise of Collaborative Systems 1990-2015
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  4. @servicesphere #ShareIT12 Overview • 43 • • How many times does Service appear in the itSMF Fusion 2012 Schedule? How many times does Support appear in the itSMF Fusion 2012 Schedule? 5 How many times does Knowledge appear in the itSMF Fusion 2012 Schedule? • How many times does Collaboration appear in the itSMF Fusion 2012? 1 (This Session) 4 3
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  24. “Influence is the file system of the future, trust is the operating system” -@servicesphere Skills.Next “At the end of the day regardless of your position you will be measured by on how effectively you've moved information.” -@servicesphere 24
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  34. "The real problem of humanity is the following: we have Paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology” -EO Wilson Beyond.Next "The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.” - B. F. Skinner 34
  35. @servicesphere #ShareIT12 Quantified Self Platforms • Mobile Phone • Big Data • Wearable Sensors • Little Data • Calm Technology • Experiential Data • DNA Manipulation • Atomic Data • Quantum Computing • Cosmic Data 35
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  39. Social IT - Realizing the Dream The Rise of DNA Response Systems 2015-2051
  40. CHRIS DANCY Text “chrisdancy” 50500 Twitter @servicesphere 40