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P4 e 1


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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P4 e 1

  1. 1. 2011.2.2 Burundi, One Heavy Rainy Day How did those kids went home without a hoodie or umbrella?(cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  2. 2. Not a single kid covered rain with the Book.(cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  3. 3. Because.. It was their First Book written in their language, and it was their First Hope.(cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  4. 4. We have high-tech textbooks for our kids, (cc) @evermore4u (cc)
  5. 5. But, This is All They Have.(cc) @evermore4u
  6. 6. Publishing for Empowerment (P4E)Children books to 51 LDCs until 2015 (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  7. 7. 1. Social contents are ignored due to their marketability2. Lack of Opportunities for Young Professionals3. Books are needed for Children in LDC Problems? NO! It is the New Social Business Model (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  8. 8. (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  9. 9. P4E FundsOpportunities Young Children Professionals in LDCs (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  10. 10. P4E FundsOpportunities Books Young Children Professionals in LDCs The Perfect Win-Win Publishing Platform (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  11. 11. What have we done so far: 10 Books were Published. Raised $52,400 Over 80 individuals debuted as a author/translator 5,000 books were distributed in Burundi(cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  12. 12. UNESCO Certified Program(cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  13. 13. P4E Franchise Network (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  14. 14. Our Upcoming New Projects Around the World Nepal Senegal Rwanda Burundi Tanzania Malawi (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  15. 15. Student Organization in Korea, “4U”P4E Franchisee for Rwanda (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  16. 16. Student run NGO from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute “LifeNets"P4E Franchisee for Malawi (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  17. 17. “Food for the Hungry Korea”P4E Franchisee for Nepal (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  18. 18. Afghanistan Azerbaijan Bangladesh Benin Bolivia Burkina FasoCambodia Cameroon Chad Comoros Congo Côte dIvoire CongoDjibouti Eritrea Ethiopia Gambia Ghana Guinea Guyana HaitiHonduras Kenya Kiribati Kyrgyzstan Lao Lesotho Liberia Madagascar Mali Mozambique Nicaragua Niger NigeriaMauritania MongoliaPapua New Guinea Paraguay Moldova Sao Tome and Principe SierraLeone Solomon Islands Somalia Sudan Tajikistan Timor-LesteTogo Tokelau Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uganda Tanzania Uzbekistan VietnamWest Bank and Gaza Strip Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe Where is your Heart? (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  19. 19. Vote for Us!We’re a Semi-finalist (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u
  20. 20. Share Your Pleasure from Books. Contribute to the “Evolution of Community” (cc) By owner on source @evermore4u