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  • Chloe Jemison and I’m here today to convince you that my ideas for your brief represent the best solution for your organisation’s advertising needs. My magazine Elan represents energy style and enthusiasm within the world of health, fitness and lifestyle.Elan(ay lan) from the French – but into the English languageNext – Northern Echo Brief
  • Brief from the Northern Echo is produce a new magazine product Aimed at a specified audience segment within the 16 to 25 age group (A, B, C1, C2)Decided to aim my magazine primarily at young women in this age groupMagazine should be self-financing – aim to achieve this through sales, advertisements and sponsorshipLocalImportant that my magazine presents a unique selling point – only healthy lifestyle magazine aimed at young women that showcases the geographical area covered by the Northern EchoNext – audience research
  • Young women 16-25Wouldn’t usually read a local newspaper like the Northern Echo, (readership typically 30-50 year olds)More likely to read a glossy magazine or browse the internetYet would be interested in accessing goods and services in their local areaElan has to have the feel and style of a glossy magazine to attract their attentionHas to feature articles and promotional material that reflects their interestsYet – also needs to feature local shops, local servicesSo, what did my research tell me that young women in the 16-26 age group are interested in?Next – audience research detail
  • Initial research was across both males and females Money to spend – average of £38.83 disposable income per weekSpending this on going out / clothes egtopshop – also on beauty productsRely great deal on internet and mobile phones – e-technologiesLike eating and drinking examples... Also care about keeping fit – 45% attend gym regularlyNext – Elan cover and general concept
  • Elan will combine the genre of a healthy lifestyle magazine with a local focus. The focus group for my initial ideas research felt that this would be a popular choice for a magazine as there is a gap in the market in this aspect.Important that Elan includes content that relates to these interests. Want it to be informative as well and promote a healthy, positive lifestyle. As such it will be a magazine that organisations can be proud to be associated with. I will also ensure that it adheres to the legal and ethical codes of practice.From my research into this genre of magazines it would seem that one of the clauses most commonly contravened is around accuracy. I will need to ensure that my magazine does not make claims for any product or activity that are inaccurate in any way and that I differentiate clearly between fact and opinion. I will also make positive representation of diversity.Next – genre research healthy lifestyle magazines
  • From examining other healthy lifestyle magazines, most would seem to be aimed at a slightly older audienceSimilar types of content, though some specialise in particular aspect such as weight loss (Shape)Style – all tend to be modern, fairly simple layout, bright colours – positive connotations Elan will be made up of similar content, but aimed at a slightly younger audience, therefore with a different slant e.g. ‘Eating healthily – away at university for the first time’. It will be bright and modern in appearance, use younger models, and a style similar to fashion and beauty magazines. It will be a very visual magazine, but also very informative.Next – genre research local magazines
  • Local magazines tend to be very varied, according to their purpose and their target audience. The one thing that these magazines have in common is that they include references to what to see and do in the local area, as well as including advertisements to local goods and services.Elan will include references to what is available in the local area and will seek advertising content from local businesses. It will also include sponsored feature articles.Next – the concept
  • Quarterly issue – to begin with could become more frequent in the futureFull colour throughout36 pages on 130 gram silk art paper – 200mm wide by 270mm high – same as CosmoGlossy cover – As a result will have the look and feel of a ‘slimmed down’ mainstream magazine, yet at a fraction of costInitial print run of 5000, anticipated minimum sales of 85% - print-run could expand in future according to demandIn order to ensure that Elan is a high quality product – charge to retailers and organisations of 60p a copy – retail price 90p – (click)less than the price of a can of cokeAvailable at universities, colleges, gyms, newsagents across North Yorkshire, County Durham and Teesside distributed via a commercial company that charges by the thousand copies (£55 per thousand)Next – feedback focus 1
  • The feedback from focus groups suggests that, with minor amendments, this style would be a popular choice for my target audience. Talk about – language, professional photos, Next – feedback focus 2
  • Whilst this design was not received quite so positively, there were certain elements, such as the colour scheme and main image, that were very highly regarded by some.Next – style summary – mock-up spread 1 again
  • The style of Elan will be similar to this example, however will be improved in response to the comments from the various focus groups consulted, for example the addition of more colour on the page, more careful choice of fonts. Font Letter Gothic StandardThe style of the written content has received very positive feedback, therefore very little change will be made to this and the narrative style will remain informal and chatty, relating directly to the reader.Next – images ‘ideal self’
  • I will also make sure the models I use within my photographs represent the ‘ideal self’ perception of the reader – a young woman with energy, style and enthusiasm. I will also include carefully selected professional images purchased from istock.I will obviously base my content on the female body and mind. Next – contents page
  • Within the first edition – talk about some of these...regular items such as local profile interviews, ‘new this month’, feature articles and spreads – well-being, fitness, health & nutrition, beauty advertisements and sponsored promotional articlesNext – sleep solutions
  • Example of a mock up of a second spread from my magazineNext – financial viability chart 1
  • Personnel the biggest expenditure – could give some of the breakdown from the summary sheetNext – financial viability chart 2
  • Advertising creates most revenueSponsorship – the idea is to include three promotional articles/features per addition (at £500 each), would encourage these to include some promotional offer to the reader as well Need to charge initially for copies, however if the magazine grew sufficiently in the future numbers may increase and would then be able to charge more for advertising.At moment just breaking even (85% sales) – would hope that in the long term the magazine would be able to generate more income – more sales/ higher advertising charges/more sponsorship.Next – where next – phones etc
  • Create opportunities for access to content using digital mediaCould then charge for additional advertisingBUT would incur additional charges as well – content & editing personnel, webdesign etcNext – conclusion and thank you
  • Hope that you agree That the proposal for Elan meets the initial brief from the Northern Echo to produce a new magazine product aimed at a specified audience segment within the 16 to 25 age groupThatElan has a USP – in terms of a healthy lifestyle magazine aimed at young women and that will showcase the goods and services available within this regionThat audience research has shown that there would be a market for a magazine such as ElanThat the design and content of Elan will be of a high qualityThat Elan could be financially viable to produce and that it could lead to further growthThat the positive focus and moral and ethical stance taken by Elan means that this is a product that any organisation could be proud to be associated with
  • éLan+pres..[2] final

    1. 1. ÉLAN‘n. energy, style and enthusiasm’ (Oxford English Dictionary) A pitch by Chloe Jemison
    2. 2. Brief from the Northern Echo new magazine16-25 age range young women self-financing County Durham, North Yorkshire & TeessideÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    3. 3. Audience Research• young women• 16-25• groups A, B, C1, C2so. what are theyinterested in?ÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    4. 4. Audience Research • disposable income like: • buying clothes • buying beauty products • computers and mobile phones • food and drink • exerciseÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    5. 5. ÉLANwill feature:articles and promotionsrelated to healthylifestyles...givingdiet, fitness, beauty andgeneral well-being tipsand information.ÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    6. 6. Genre Research Healthy lifestyle magazines • females 18-45, abc1 • advice on health, fitness, beauty, he althy eating, travel, also celebrity features • modern and bright in appearanceÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    7. 7. Genre Research Local magazines • different target audiences • different focus areas • different styles and qualityÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    8. 8. The concept• quarterly magazine• full colour• glossy cover• 36 pages• 5000 print run• cost 90p• widely availableÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    9. 9. Focus Group feedback... mock-up 1 informal, chatty bright colours„...you feel like you‟re being spoken to rather than high qualitybeing told things.” images/visual“more striking with having the colour streak downthe middle.”ÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    10. 10. Focus Group feedback... mock-up 2 ? more fonts ? more professional ? less ‘cosmeticy’ colour schemeÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    11. 11. “I would definitely be interested in buying a magazine that contains articles such as this.”ÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    12. 12. „Ideal self‟ÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    13. 13. Contents • Editorial & contents • New this month • Zumba your way to fitness • Get beautiful the natural way • Warming winter recipes • Prepare your skin for winter • How healthy’s your smile? • Super smoothies • Dangers of smoking • Sleep solutions • Tried it yet? • Reviews • The perfect diet to suit your shape • How healthy are you quiz • Interview with a local personalityÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    14. 14. ÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    15. 15. Financial viability: Production Costs Total £11,434 £330 Personnel £3,958 Equipment & miscellaneous costs Printing & Finishing £6,597 Distribution £549ÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    16. 16. Financial viability: Income £2,550 Total £11,435 Advertising Sponsorship £1,500 Sales £7,385ÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    17. 17. What else?• Website• Twitter• BlogÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm
    18. 18. In conclusion• unique selling point• viable market• quality product• financially viable• morally and ethically sound Thank youÉLAN...energy, style and enthusiasm