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Eli Whitney Underwater Robotics Poster 2012


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LaTina Taylor, Lead Technology Teacher at Eli Whitney Elementary School, and her students competed in the underwater robotics competition. They won 1st place at the Midwest regional competition and will now qualify to go to the international competition in Orlando, Florida in June!

“My students have been working at designing and perfecting their underwater robot and competing for 3 years now. Placing 2nd place in the Midwest two years consecutively against high schoolers. All of our 8th grade students started out with us at 6th grade. This year they were determined to make it to 1st place. This is a reflection of their true passion for STEM! I am so proud of them.” - LaTina Taylor

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Eli Whitney Underwater Robotics Poster 2012

  1. 1. Underwater Robotics @ Whitney! STEM is our Passion! Our pilots test driving Triton at Little Village High School. Our ROV Triton in action at the Shedd Aquarium MATE Competition at the UIC Natatorium on April 28, 2012. Our 1st Place Underwater Robot Triton! Discussing our next steps with the constructionTest driving our robot for buoyancy. From left to right, 1st row Ms. Taylor, Instructor, April Iturbe 8th Gr. Esmeralda Orozco 8th Gr. , Mark Patron 7th Gr., Nelly Quintanilla 7th Gr. Felix Mr. Bahena, Instructor, Daniel Salazar 6th Gr., Diana Camacho 8th Gr. 2nd row Lina Salgado 5th Gr. , Juan Salgado 8th Gr. , Raul Bedolla 7th Gr. Edwin Ortega 6th Gr. , Nolberto Lopez 6th Gr. Elena Lara 8th Gr. Rosa Rodriguez 8th Gr. 3rd row Erick Corral 6th Gr. Joshua Martinez not pictured Celine Mediola 8th Gr. And Maria Guardamma 8th Gr. Learning about air compression and pneumatics systems. We passed the online quiz with flying colors!Discussing the rules and regulations with the competitionjudges. Ready for our ROV to complete the World War IIShipwreck survey. We used Google SketchUp 3D software to help design and engineer our 3rd underwater robot Triton | Messenger of the Sea. Working together collecting data on the World War II Shipwreck SS Gardner at the