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Ways to Approach Common College Essay Questions


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Writing an essay for college means that you have to be extra careful if you want to score the highest marks on it. Learn how to deal with some of the ways to deal with common essay questions. for details

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Ways to Approach Common College Essay Questions

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  2. 2. 1. Get specific with your goals R ""m¢ El With every MBA application essay you write, you have to talk about your long-term and short-term goals. It’ s a tough task that may bring up repressed memories of tense dinner convos with your parents talking about "the future, ” but you're an adult now. You've got this.
  3. 3. 2. Quantify your success El Youl<nowyou’re smart, hardworldng, successfulandahotprospect. But to make your application stand out, you'll have to prove it. Your achievements have to be quantifiable — stuff you can prove. Numbers are your friend. Whatever your achievement, use numbers and statistics to back it up.
  4. 4. 3.. Stand out with your personal quafifles 'I'l'Lisshou1dbetl1eheartofeve1'y greatapplication. Whatmakes you a unique and interesting person? This is actually much harder than it sounds. This isn't about listing hobbies and making generalizations about your personality. 'I'hink of something only you enjoy, even though your friends think it’ s weird or uncool — that’swhatmakesyouunique. Thenmakesureandconnectitto the rest of your essay.