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Tomorrow's History


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I say “historian.” You see: a scholar knee-deep in the dust of obscure archives, or lecturing earnestly, perhaps in monotone, always in a tweed jacket, to a room of (occasionally) riveted undergraduates. But things are changing fast, even in the historian’s estimable profession. New digital technologies have shifted original research from remote sources to online archives, and computerized tools have created immersive classroom presentations. The Harvey Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching at The Ohio State University is at the cutting edge of this transformation. Its director, David Staley, provides a front-row view of history’s digital revolution, showing you how history will be researched, written, and taught in the future.

Read the CHF blog post about this program.

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Tomorrow's History

  1. 1. David J. Staley, Ph.D. Director, The Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching Adjunct Associate Professor Department of History The Ohio State University ph: 614-292-5344 email: staley.3@osu.edutomorrow’s history
  2. 2. Robert Rosenstone, Experiments in Rethinking History
  3. 3. Syncretism online
  4. 4. tomorrow’s history