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Build socialsiteinruby


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Build socialsiteinruby

  1. 1. Building Social Media Sites in Ruby
  2. 2. Who am I
  3. 3. things to coverWhat’s social world going on?Social data storage in MongoDBStreaming social data with MQOthers worthy to mention
  4. 4. TrendsFacebook, Fan PageTwitter, Promoted Topics/AccountsMedia Agency: Brand Website -> Social
  5. 5. CategoriesSocial NetworkSocial Community ManagementSocial Monitoring/Measurement
  6. 6. successradian6: twitter $1,500/M + bandwidth costiWOMcooperator: Sina weibo RMB20,000/MTweetDeckSocialBro
  7. 7. dev platforms documentations- endpoints, request and response examples- tools for developers
  8. 8. Social Dataid: "209664525731998_247270968638020"from: name: "Vanessa Tam" id: "100000116574145"to: data: - name: "The House of Dancing Water" category: "Arts/entertainment/nightlife" id: "209664525731998"message: "La=)"actions: - name: "Comment" link: "" - name: "Like" link: ""type: "status"created_time: "2011-08-17T15:02:55+0000"updated_time: "2011-08-17T15:44:36+0000"likes: data: - name: "Phoebe Lee" id: "100002673212002" count: 199comments: data: - id: "209664525731998_247270968638020_3569720" from: name: "The House of Dancing Water" category: "Arts/entertainment/nightlife" id: "209664525731998" message: "Welcome!" created_time: "2011-08-17T15:44:11+0000" - id: "209664525731998_247270968638020_3569724" from: name: "Vanessa Tam" id: "100000116574145" message: "okok" created_time: "2011-08-17T15:44:32+0000" - id: "209664525731998_247270968638020_3569725" from: name: "Vanessa Tam" id: "100000116574145" message: "=)" created_time: "2011-08-17T15:44:36+0000" count: 3
  9. 9. Why not RDBMS Scalability- Horizontally Flexibility- Scheme change
  10. 10. Comparison...Key-Value Scalibility & Performance Memcached MongoDB RDBMS Depth of Functionality
  11. 11. Intro to MongoDBSchema FreeDocument BaseHigh PerformanceJSON Style Storage: BSONDynamic Query
  12. 12. a lot of more... Flexibility:- Schema Free- Database setting: replication, secondary DB- Model: data type, collection, _id, associations- Lazy Cursor e.g. rubyconftw = RubyConf.where(:location=>“Taiwan”) #cursor created puts rubyconftw.entries #cursor executed
  13. 13. more... Capped Collection- logs, messages- fixed after being created ... ...
  14. 14. ODM MongoMapper MongoRecord Mongoid- Rails 3- Active Record Style- Ruby Driver
  15. 15. not good at...SQL-base tool (BI)High Transactional Operations
  16. 16. StreamingTwitterSina WeiboStream has...
  17. 17. Twitter Stream APIStreaming API: UserID, Keyword, geo-LocationUser Stream: User LevelSite Stream: Application Level
  18. 18. What’s wrong... Unstable Traffic- online time- irregular events Data Lost- updated response- invalid response
  19. 19. AMQP & RabbitMQAMQP: reliable safeRabbitMQ: A leading AMQP implementation
  20. 20. fit into streamingpublishing, subscriptioncool at...No worries?
  21. 21. TestingWeb AccessfakewebAPI endpoint URL & response
  22. 22. Hoptoad / Airbrakenotify you exceptions>= direct email notification
  23. 23. background workersstalkerresque: redis-basedelayed_jobs: assign different queues todifferent workers?
  24. 24. Things to checkout...MongoDB: Stream Plugins: