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  1. 1. Genre
  2. 2. Types of Genre There are many types of genres but the most popular ones areAdventure or ActionRomance or Romantic ComediesHorror or ThrillersScience Fiction or FantasyComedies
  3. 3. For Genres likes action or adventure, there are many conventions like..Usually long quest, including chase scenes, each getting more tense and more death defying than the previous one.A treasure or valuable object. Even an object which creates power.Love interest that creates the quest or helps it.A fast moving narrative with constant set backs. Leading to complex plots.Exotic locations – e.g. pirates of the CaribbeanAlthough the film isn’t real the characters must be believable. The main character is a normal guy with amazing powers or strength.
  4. 4. Horror films have completely different conventions.They have very stereotypical settings, e.g. graveyards, churches, lofts, abandoned houses.Monster sounds which are usually non diegetic.Usually include weapons, blood, religious symbols, cuts, dark clothing.Low key lighting, to show shadows for a better effect.Character types – hero (usually a victim) Villain, Children or Girls who are vulnerable. Monsters, ghosts and the Paranormal.Horror films have very deep themes. Depression, religion, hate and death.
  5. 5. For our trailer we chose the romance genre. So we researched the genre and the conventions for romance.A romantic genre consists of love stories, emotion, affairs, forbidden love, affection. Usually a heterosexual relationship. The search for love is the main plot for this genre. This then creates problems for the couple, normally ending in a happy ever after.
  6. 6. Romance ConventionsBoys meets girl and happy endings.A family member who frowns upon the couple.Told from the point of view from both or either lovers.Miscommunication.Emotional appeal.Strong female characters
  7. 7. Our RomanceOur romance does use the typical conventions. The main points of our trailer are.Loss of friendship in childhood.Thoughts from the female actress.Meet again after a long time.
  8. 8. BibliographyWikipedia