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Why is pm scared of lokpal


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Published in: News & Politics
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Why is pm scared of lokpal

  1. 1. Why is PM Scared of Lokpal?"Why is an honest Prime Minister like Manmohan Singh scared of Lokpal?" - Team Annaasked months back and today, amidst mounting pressures from the civil and the political classin the country, the Congress Party is yet to find an answer. Manmohan Singh had initiallyoffered himself to be brought under the purview of Lokpal Bill; however, during the courseof dialogues, PM mysteriously choose to take a U-turn on the issue.The opposition parties seem to have come together for this single cause and sharing the stageof protest with the anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, they demanded in unity for theinclusion of Prime Minister and Grade-C bureaucrats under the Lokpals ambit. Theopposition parties are all set to take up the issue during the all-party meet on Wednesday. BJPhas decided to move an amendment motion on Lokpal if the demands for inclusion of primeminister, lower bureaucracy and Citizens Charter are not met.The civil society argues that non-inclusion of prime minster under the purview of Lokapalwill shrink the scope of the proposed anti-corruption law and termed the government move aretrograde step. It strives for a flawless anticorruption law that includes not just a small bandof officers, but everyone right from top to bottom in the administrative ladder – a law that canensure an honest investigation and an honest prosecution.Meanwhile Shiromani Akali Dal MP, Bathinda Harsimrat Kaur Badal alleged that its anattempt from the UPA government to shield the PM-in-waiting, Rahul Gandhi against anyprosecution in the future.Anna Hazre had earlier questioned the real power of the prime minister on this issue and said,the PM is „scared‟ of being brought under ombudsmans purview, may be because he was“remote-controlled” by someone.
  2. 2. The agitating group is firm on its demand to bring the Central Bureau of Investigation underthe ambit of the Lakpal and a key member of the civil society, Kiran Bedi claimed that thereis a total consensus on the fact that the investigative wing should be taken out of politicalcontrol. “The only confusion remaining is whether the Lokpal should include theinvestigative agency or it should oversee the agency,” she told in a debate in NDTV.In this era of coalition governments, the Congress Party fears that subjecting the primeminister of the country under any investigation can trigger instability. However, the reportsemerging from different sources of late indicate that under severe pressure from within theallies, opposition and civil society, the government may consider bringing Prime Minister andGroup C employees under the ambit of Lokpal with certain conditions.