Apples demand from developers


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Apples demand from developers

  1. 1. Apples Demand from Developers: 10 EssentialRulesBangalore: As any good designer in App Development will tell you, great implementation ofan impressive feature is only the beginning. But for an iPhone app that has to get approved byApple, presentation that goes hand in hand with logic, purpose, and structure of the app isvital.10 principles of designing good apps that could prove handy will gain your app an entry intothe list apps approved by Apple are as follows:1. Idea-mappingYoure not going to get anywhere until you have a clear idea for yourself of what you aim tomake, so map your ideas, and set a clear purpose for this app.2. ErgonomicsThe UI should be spotless, so the user would want to tap them. Its buttons must be such thatthe user knows what they do at a glance, and most importantly, at the first time.3. Users NeedsOne might not know what one needs until one sees it on screen. Bear in mind what the userwill and will not require on each page. Less clutter makes things a lot clearer, so do not fearwhite space
  2. 2. 4. BeautyTransitions, animations and even the buttons every bit of visual feedback needs to be visuallyappealing, while fitting the theme of the app. Make sure the animations serve to clarify whatthe user could do with the apps.5. Mobile = TactileThe way the user gets to control touch is important. Make sure the control system you designis engaging yet touch-optimized. Make defaults intelligent, and yet easy to do away with, oreasy to customize.6. IterationKeep in mind to not plan too much, but keep playing with the design as much as possible andgauge the UIs effectiveness.It is vital to think of every possible button/element on every screen.7. ClarityMake clear to the user what he/she has control over. Jargons would sound impressive to ahard-core techie, but they would lose value to one who has no idea what you mean.8. Elegance
  3. 3. The implementation of all the above should be smooth. Not only would the user-interface begood to look at it should also be easy-to-use. One such way to do this would be to use buttonsthat are of tap-able size.9. Polish the App IconThe icon represents your App, so make sure it shows the user what he/she can do with it.10. Honest pricingAlthough it is tempting to price the app according to the work you put into designing it, itwould be best to price it according to how often the user would turn to it. Test often withsubjects, who would give you honest, yet varied feedback.