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The sachin..

  1. 1. Andrew Flint off:When you bowl... at him you are not just trying to get him out, you are trying toimpress him. "I want him to walk off thinking that Flint off, hes all right isnthe? I feel privileged to have played against him.Shane Warne:"Sachin Tendulkar is, in my time, the best player without doubt - daylightsecond, Brian Lara third."Viv Richards:He is 99.5% Perfect.. Ill pay to watch him play. I think he is marvellous. Ithink he will fit in whatever category of Cricket that has been played or will beplayed, from the first ball that has ever been bowled to the last ball thats goingto be. He can play in any era and at any level.Sir Don Bradman:I saw him playing on television and was struck by his technique, so I asked mywife to come look at him. Now I never saw myself play, but I feel that thisplayer is playing much the same as I used to play, and she looked at him onTelevision and said yes, there is a similarity between the two...hi compactness,technique, stroke production... it all seemed to gel! in reference to SachinTendulkar.Barry Richards:Consensus is that Sir Donald Bradman was the best batsman ever to playCricket. Sir Don did not play One-Day Cricket but if he did, he could easily beSachin Tendulkar.Allan Donald:"In my several years of international cricket, Tendulkar remains the bestbatsman I have ever bowled to. Its been a pleasure to bowl at the masterbatsman even though one hasnt always emerged with credit from theengagements.""During our team meetings, we often speak about the importance of the first 12balls to Tendulkar. If you get him then you can thank your stars, otherwise itcould mean that tough times lie ahead
  2. 2. Harsha Bhogle:In the recently concluded IPL when Sachin drove Ishant Sharma to a straightdrive, he said- "Open the text book..turn to page no. 32"Andrew Symonds:wrote on an aussie t-shirt he autographed specially for Sachin. " To Sachin, theman we all want to be "A.R.RhamanWell, I’m no Sachin Tendulkar you know, whenever he takes the field, peopleexpect him to score a century before he loses his wicket. I can only give in mybest and I always strive to live up to fans expectations, but it’s not possible toget an Oscar every time.Virendra Sehwag:Both of us have come a long away and it is a great honour that Tendulkarthinks I come close to resembling him as a batsman. It is a great honour, like adream come true. If I die tomorrow Ill be the happiest man because I playedthis game because of Tendulkar, and Tendulkar himself saying that I resemblehim - there is no bigger compliment than that.Mathew Hayden:I have seen GOD , he bats at no.4 for india in Tests.Ravi Shashtri:He is someone sent from up there to play cricket and go back.Mark Taylor:We did not lose to a team called india...we lost to a man called Sachin.Brain Lara:Sachin is a genius , i am a mere mortal!Barry Richards:Sachin is crickets GOD
  3. 3. Martin Crowe:The shot played on this ball is only possible for the GOD of cricket.Paul Strang:What we [zimbabwe] need is 10 tendulkars.Steve Waugh:There is no shame losing to such a great player(sachin).Shane Warne:I would go to bed having nightmares of sachin dancing down the ground andhitting me for sixes.Mathew Hayden:His life seems to be a stillness in a frantic world... [When he goes out to bat], itis beyond chaos - it is a frantic appeal by a nation to one man. The people seehim as a God...Dennis Lillie:If I had to bowl to Sachin I would bowl with a halmet on. He hits the ball sohard.Steve Waugh:After being defeated in the Coca-Cola Cup finals in Sharjah) "It was one of thegreatest innings I have ever seen. There is no shame being beaten by such agreat player, Sachin is perhaps only next to the DonMichael Kasprowicz:Dont bowl him bad balls, he hits the good ones for fours."Shane Warne:Ill be going to bed having nightmares of Sachin just running down the wicketand belting me back over the head for six. He was unstoppable. I dont thinkanyone, apart from Don Bradman, is in the same class as Sachin Tendulkar.
  4. 4. Heis just an amazing player."Wasim Akram:Today, he showed the world why he is considered the best batsman around.Some of the shots he played were simply amazing. Earlier, opposing teamsused to feel that Sachins dismissal meant they could win the game. Today, Ifeel that the Indian players, too, feel this way.Wasim Akram, after game at Hobart, CUB series, 1999Brett Lee:You might pitch a ball on the off stump and think you have bowled a good balland he walks across and hits it for two behind midwicket. His bat looks soheavy but he just waves it around like its a toothpick. Brett Lee, on SachinTendulkars batting, 1999BBC Sports:Beneath the helmet, under that unruly curly hair, inside the cranium, there issomething we dont know, something beyond scientific measure. Somethingthat allows him to soar, to roam a territory of sport that, forget us, even thosewho are gifted enough to play alongside him cannot even fathom. When hegoes out to bat, people switch on their television sets and switch off their lives.Wasim Akram:"I dont know what to bowl at him. i bowled an inswinger n he drove methrough covers of d front foot. then i bld an outswinger n he again punched thrcovers of d backfoot(for tamil fans-dai avan eppadi pottalum adikaranda). he isd toughest batsmen i ve bowled to.He shold live long n score lots of runs, but not against pakistan(smiling) "- on24th april 2004 on espn Sachins 30th B day program.Sunil Gavaskar:Indias fortune will depend on how many runs the little champion scores. Thereis no doubt Tendulkar is the real thing.
  5. 5. Richie Benaud:He has defined cricket in his fabulous, impeccable manner. He is to battingwhat Shane Warne is to bowling.Geoffrey Boycott:Technically, you cant fault Sachin. Seam or spin, fast or slow nothing is aproblem.Eddie Barlow:He is Sachin Tendulkar. I hope he stays Sachin Tendulkar. We need a newplayer, a player in his own way. He has a technique which is the hallmark of agreat player. Everything indicates that he will be a great player and I am surehe will prove me right. Reminds me of Barry Richards.Greg Chappell:He is a perfectly balanced batsman and knows perfectly well when to attackand when to play defensive cricket. He has developed the ability to treatbowlers all over the world with contempt and can destroy any attack withutmost ease.Abdul Qadir:I Was fielding in the covers Tendulkar came out to bat in his debut Test atKarachi. I still remember Waqar Younis was at his peak form at that time.Tendulkar tried to drive Waqar through the covers off his very first ball in Testcricket but was beaten all ends up. But I walked to captain Imran Khan and toldhim this kid looks very good and Imran agree with me.Sir Garfield Sobers:I have watched a lot of Tendulkar and we have spoken to each other a lot. Hehas it in him to be among the very best.
  6. 6. Peter Roebuck:Sometime back I had written a piece that said that Sachins the master andLara a genius with his head high up somewhere. Thats it!Jeff Thompson:Sachin is an attacker. He has much more power than Sunny. He wants to be theone to set the pace. He has to be on top. Thats the buzz about him.Ian Healy:Tendulkar is the most comouncy pitch with Hughes, McDermott and Whitneygunning for him he only had 60-odd when No 11 came in. Ive seen him againstWarne too.Mike Coward:Sachins the best. Ive had this view since I saw him score that hundred inSydney in 1992. Hes the most composed batsman Ive ever seen.Hashim Amla:Nothing bad can happen to us if were on a plane in India with SachinTendulkar on it. Hashim Amla, the South African batsman, reassures himself ashe boards a flight.Shahrukh Khan:"Maybe the country doesnt pray for me like they do for Sachin Tendulkar, but Iknow Im on a good wicket as well. "Martina Navratilova:"Sachin was so focused. He never looked like getting out. He was batting withsingle-minded devotion. It was truly remarkable. It was a lesson." Tennis
  7. 7. legend joins the Sachin Tendulkar fan club after watching him bat at Sydney.Alistair Campbell:After loosing to India in the Coca Cola Cup final at Sharjah in November 98"He has everything a top batsman needs. Tendulkar is a classic example of aplayer being so good that his age is an irrelevance"David Boon:"Technically he stands out as the best because of his ability to increase thepace at will"Cricket Historian Vasant Raiji:"I have always felt C. K. Nayadu was the best. I now think sachin has thehonour of being the most outstanding batsman of all time."Steve Waugh:"You take Don Bradman away and he is next up I reckon."Adam Hollioke:"In an over I can bowl six different balls. But then Sachin looks at me with asort of gentle arrogance down the pitch as if to say Can you bowl me anotherone?"Tony Greig:He is cool, has magnificent temperament, and is so mature you tend to forgethis age. I cant think of any other example of a player who has so dominatedthe world before the age of 25.
  8. 8. Allan Border: (after India won the Coca-Cola cup )"Hell, if he stayed, even at 11 an over he would have got it."Ajay Jadeja:"I cant dream of an innings like that. He exists where we cant."David Gower:"In the last session in Nagpur, when the Indian chase was still on, Tendulkarhit a reverse sweep, an orthodox sweep and a lofted cover drive to (Ian)Blackwell. They were all exquisite cricket shots. To play those shotsdeliberately in such quick succession, off almost similar deliveries, was genius.That was a little jewel, just those 3-4 minutes."It reminds you how very few people are special. It was a case of greatthinking and good technique."Gavaskar..back in 1988 to tom alter:I sat in the office of Sportsweek magazine with that same Sunil Gavaskar. AyazMemon and I were listening to Gavaskar in one of his rare, priceless moods.The ?Little Master? was delving deep into his own experience, his own genius,and bringing forth pearls of wisdom as sudden, and as effective, as his straight-drives back past the bowler. Then Gavaskar came up with the followingstatement (remember, this was in 1988, when Dilip Vengsarkar was about tobecome captain of India): "The two best batsmen in Bombay today areVengsarkar and Sachin Tendulkar." Full stop. End of statement. The ball crossesthe boundary-line underneath the sight- screen.Desmond Haynes:In terms of technique and compactness, Tendulkar is the best: DesmondHaynes.Mark Taylor:
  9. 9. Hes a phenomenon. We have to be switched on when he plays allow him noboundries, for then he doesnt stop.Wasim:"Cricketers like Sachin come once in a lifetime and I am privileged he played inmy time""Tuzhe pata hai tune kiska catch chhoda hai?" Wasim Akram to Abdul Razzaqwhen the latter dropped Sachins catch.Allan Donald:His shot selection is superb, he just lines you up and can make you look verysilly. Everything is right in his technique and judgement. There isnt a faultthere. He is also a lovely guy, and over the years Ive enjoyed some interestingchats with him… Sachin is in a different class to Lara as a professionalcricketer. He is a model cricketer, and despite the intolerable pressures hefaces back home, he remains a really nice guy… Sachin is also the best batsmanin the world, pulling away from Brain Lara every year.Anil Kumble:hes shy little gentleman.I am very privileged to have played with him and seen most of the runs that hehas scored. I am also extremely happy to have shared the same dressingroom... He is a very reserved person and generally keeps to himself. He is verydetermined, committed and doesnt show too many emotions. He just goesabout doing his job.The thing I admire most about this man is his poise. The way he moves,elegantly without ever looking out of place in any condition or company,suggests his pedigree. I remember he had once come to New Delhi in the 1990sto collect his Arjuna Award (Indias highest award to its top sportspersons) andhe asked me if I would attend the function. He is a very sensitive humanbeing….
  10. 10. Sometimes you feel he really hasnt felt the kind of competition in the world histalent deserves. I would have loved to see him perform against top qualitycricketers of the previous generation. It would really have brought out the bestin him.Greame Pollock:Tendulkar is the best in the world at the moment. Why Ive always liked him isthat batsmen tend to be negative at times and I think batting is not about notgetting out - it is to play positively. I think you got to take it to the bowlers andSachin is one such player. When you do so, you change the game, you changebowlers because they suddenly start bowling badly because they are underpressure.Ian Chappell:Whenever I see Sachin play I am reminded of the Graeme Pollock quote ofCricket being a see the ball, hit the ball game. He hits the ball as if its there tobe hit.Ravi Shastri:"We always knew that Sachin Tendulkar is a great cricketer, but after the Coca-Cola Cup here, we have seen the birth of a legend. I cant think of anybody whohas batted more authoritatively in one day cricket for India, or even in theworld except for Vivian Richards."Navjot Sidhu:"His mind is like a computer. He stores data on bowlers and knows where theyare going to pitch the ball."Mark Taylor:"We did not lose to a team called India...we lost to a man called Sachin" - Mark
  11. 11. Taylor, during the test match in Chennai (1997)Dravid:Playing in the same team as Sachin is a huge honour. His balance of mind,shrewd judgement, modesty and, above all, his technical brilliance make himmy all-time hero... You cant get a more complete cricketer than Sachin. He haseverything that a cricketer needs to have.As a batsman, he has the technique, the hunger and the desire for runs. Healways contributes with the bat as well as on the field. He also is a good fielderand bowls when needs. You really cant ask for a better cricketer than Sachin...He is a terrific person and has handled pressure brilliantly. He has handled hissuccess very well and doesnt have any airs about him. He is a great guy andvery good team man. In his heart of hearts, he is a very simple and down toearth person.Azhar:The more I see him, the more I want to see him.Sunil Gavaskar:Indias fortune will depend on how many runs the little champion scores. Thereis no doubt Tendulkar is the real thing.Harsha bhogle:if sachin plays well... India sleeps well.Saurav Ganguly:The thing I like most about Sachin is his intensity. After being in the game forso long, he still has the same desire to do well for India in any international
  12. 12. match.I tell you what, this man is a legend.Kris Srikkanth:"He is the only match-winning batsman we have"Ranatunga:"You get him out and half the battle is won"Andy Flower:There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all theothers.Martin Crowe:A flighted full toss on Leg stump by spinner. any other will play this shot on legside by pull shot or glance or flick. but sachin made a space and played aperfect cover drive for four runs.Shane Warne:You have to decide for yourself whether youre bowling well or not. Hes goingto hit you for fours and sixes anyway. Kasprowicz has a superior story. Duringthe Bangalore Test, frustrated, he went to Dennis Lillee and asked, "Mate, doyou see any weaknesses?" Lillee replied, "No Michael, as long as you walk offwith your pride thats all you can do".Rudy Kortzen:
  13. 13. "I never get tired during umpiring whenever sachin is on crease"sunny gavaskar:This was after a wonderful century by sachin(in england i guess in a testmatch..not sure)Sunny: The other day i was just trying to think of a bowler who can go throughsachins defenses when sachin is in total defense. I am sorry but i could notthink of even one name who could do that. If sachin decides he doesnt want togive away his wicket, he wont. be it any bowler in the world. Cheers to Sachin...Ponting:Ponting make comparisons btn sachin,Lara& jayasuriya.Sachin is the best ever batsman in the world. He is brilliant in his technique. Heis always hungry for runs.Sachin is better than Lara in his techniques & thatswhy he is No.1 among others.On his day,Lara wiil be more destructive. He is theonly man 2 fight for west indies. Jayasuriya also played gr8 knocks 4 his team.But compared 2 them Sachin is the BESTPradeep Mandhani -a Photographer:“Barely two hours after landing in Johannesburg on the 1992-93 tour to SouthAfrica, the team was to visit Tolstoy Farm, Mahatma Gandhis first SatyagrahiCommune founded in 1910. It was situated 35 kms from Joburg and most ofthe Indian players showed little interest, longing to rest in the hotel after thelong flight. But Tendulkar, still a teenager, looked keen and hungry to learnmore about Gandhi. His volley of questions to the guide reflected his nationalpride.” NKP Salve, former Union Minister.Saurav Ganguly:SACHIN MADE 9 CENTURIES IN ONE YEAR BUT MANY CRICKETER DIDNOT MAKE
  14. 14. 9 CENTURIES IN THEIR WHOLE CARRIER.Ricky Ponting:“Sachin is the most complete batsman I have seen. His technique is so goodand he has played well in all conditions. To have 41 one-day international tonsshows what an appetite he has for scoring runs.”Harsha Bhogle:Theres no better sight on the cricket field than watch Tendulkar bat.