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Below average ppt on Sachin,
Dowload it and you'll find a good 'first' slide which can be used anywhere!(its a countdown animation)

Made by: darKRomeo, Mount carmel, AN, New Delhi

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  1. 1. 54321 A living Cricket legend Please wait……… Downloading
  2. 2. Sachin Tendulkar
  3. 3. What is cricket? Cricket is the most popular game in the world after soccer. This game is originated from England in 15th century and now it is played all over the world and very famous especially in Asia. Basically, it is the high scoring out door game played by bat and ball. There are two kinds of cricket match in cricket, one-day match and test match. 
  4. 4. Test match plays for five days, which contains two-two innings of both teams. And, in one day match, each team bats only once and their innings are limited to a set number of overs, usually fifty.
  5. 5. Each team has 11 players and when one team bats first while other team will bowl.
  6. 6. Two players from bating team will continue to bat until they get out and ten players from other team will be fielding while one bowler will bowl.
  7. 7. (Cricket fans on Sydney Cricket Ground) It has lots of rules. Though it looks like Baseball, it is totally different form it.
  8. 8. Born with natural talent of Cricket, he is now the star of the world Cricket, more like a God in India, he is the best batsman in the world today, regarded as a living Cricket legend. Little master Sachin Tendulkar
  9. 9. Full Name: Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar Born: 24 April 1973, Bombay (now Mumbai), Maharashtra Major Teams: Mumbai, Yorkshire, India, ACC Asian XI. Batting Style: Right Hand Bat Bowling Style: Leg Break Googly BiographyBiography
  10. 10. One Day Batting Statistics:One Day Batting Statistics: Red Line denotes Runs Scored; Green Line denotes Not Out; Blue Line denotes Career Batting Average
  11. 11. Test match batting STATISTICS:Test match batting STATISTICS:
  12. 12. Some remarkable Achievements by Sachin TendulkarSome remarkable Achievements by Sachin Tendulkar Most runs (over 13000) and centuries (37) in one-day internationals  First cricketer to cross 10,000-run mark in ODIs  Most centuries among those who have played less than 125 test matches  Among those who have played over 100 test matches, he is the only one with a batting average above 55.  Only second Indian to cross 9000 runs in Test matches, and one test century short of Sunil Gavaskar's record of 34.  He has the most centuries in ODI cricket against Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.  Richest Cricketer of the world and one of the richest Indians.  He always comes before the president of India.
  13. 13. 三三 : Conclusion: ConclusionCC oo nn cc ll uu ss ii oo nn CC oo nn cc ll uu ss ii oo nn With age on his side, this man is set out to be the highest run getter in the history of the world Cricket. He has already own rich praises from people and fellow/former Cricketers who see in him a living legend. Truly a living legend and a great Champion.