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Build client-side web parts for Microsoft SharePoint


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Learn how SharePoint client side web parts are being developed and deployed, what kind of tooling will be initially available for developers around SharePoint Framework and how the development cycle will work with offline and online development.

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Build client-side web parts for Microsoft SharePoint

  1. 1. Drop 5
  2. 2. Web Parts
  3. 3. IIS Express Project Templates
  4. 4. Fonts, icons Colors
  5. 5. Fabric React Robust, up-to-date components built with the React framework. Fabric JS Simple, visuals- focused components that you can extend, rework, and build on. ngFabric Community-driven project to build components for Angular-based apps. Fabric iOS Native Swift colors, type ramp, and components for building iOS apps.
  6. 6. todo.spapp Package as an client-side solution Developer yo @microsoft/sharepoint gulp –ship gulp bundle --ship gulp package-solution --ship gulp deploy-azure-storage Available to SharePoint Sites Tenant Admin Tenant App Catalog ApprovedDeliver the package to upload, trust and deploy the package to Install/Uninstall app Site Admin Page Authors Add Configure Todo Web Part End Users Interact
  7. 7. • Conceptual process – Checkout “JavaScript embed models” with add-in model implementations from PnP • Learn used technologies – Web stack tooling • Learn JavaScript Framework(s) • Learn Office UI Fabric usage
  8. 8. Code samples Guidance documentation Monthly community calls Case Studies Themes SharePoint Framework SharePoint add-ins Remote API models with SharePoint development Sharing is caring…