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Google App Engine (Introduction)


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Presentation copy of Google App Engine with hands-on presented at Cloud Computing Workshop at VTU,2014. Explored the fundamentals of Google App Engine and its features.
Also covers the instructions to set GAE locally and later to deploy on appengine.

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Google App Engine (Introduction)

  1. 1. Google App Engine (GAE) Pravin Hanchinal Co-founder & CEO INSPIRE- groups
  2. 2. presentations
  3. 3. What is Google App Engine? Google’s platform to Build Web Applications Dynamic Web Server Automatic Scaling and load balancing SQL and NoSQL DataStore Model Integration with Google Account through API
  4. 4. PaaS providers Google App Engine Open Shift Amazon EC2 Azure Heroku Jelastic dotCloud AppFog EngineYard CloudFoundry AppHarbour for .NET apps
  5. 5. Why Google App Engine? Auto Scaling Easy Logs Easy Development Free Quota Affordable then AWS No Config of servers Google based security
  6. 6. Easy to Build Local SDK and lots of APIs Easy to Maintain via Admin Console Easy to Scale Google Scale Infrastructure and No Limits for data Why GAE?
  7. 7. GAE: Language Support JAVA Python Go PHP
  8. 8. How request is processed?
  9. 9. How it is scaled?
  10. 10. GAE: Development Life Cycle Write Code Test Locally Administer via Web Console Push to Google Servers
  11. 11. API / Services support
  12. 12. Google Cloud Platform Service *App Engine is part of Google Cloud Service
  13. 13. Traditional Server Setup
  14. 14. How does it work in GAE? Request ===>
  15. 15. Sample Applications
  16. 16. Under Free Quota 25 Applications per User 5 Million Page views are free per month. Approx. 6.5 hours of CPU and 1 Gigabyte of inbound and outbound traffic. 100 hits per secs (non-billing) and 500 for billing enabled applications * above may change due to Google alterations
  17. 17. Who is using it? Angry Birds Khan Academy Royal Wedding Snapchat EA Games Forbes MTV Bestbuy
  18. 18. Enough! Lets see in Action Source:
  19. 19. Lets Play! Practical implementation is tribute to learning -Chanakya
  20. 20. Things you need JRE and JDK Eclipse zip* GAE Plugin for Eclipse* App Engine SDK zip* Google Account is must! *all latest versions recommended *Note: You can add plugins and SDK directly via Google update site URL but it requires internet connection and takes long time on low bandwidth.
  21. 21. Instructions Check: java -version in terminal/cmd Extract Eclipse zip Extract java-appengine-sdk zip Add GAE plugin to Eclipse New-project -> configure sdk Run on Localhost as Web Application
  22. 22. How to deploy? Test on localhost first Create an application id from https: // Place your application id in app-engine.xml file under <application>ur_id</application> tag Right Click on root folder of project explorer and Google->Deploy to App Engine Access your app on
  23. 23. Where your app gets in?
  24. 24. Thank you more presentation at
  25. 25. Got questions? mail to
  26. 26. Stay connected
  27. 27. What Next? Go through this presentation again Explore more Start experimenting Read Documentation Have patience, rome is not built in a day!
  28. 28. Useful Resources 4bc6-bc67-a908951c9c80&v=qf1&b=&from_search=4 bc67-a908951c9c80&v=default&b=&from_search=37 4bc6-bc67-a908951c9c80&v=qf1&b=&from_search=5 4bc6-bc67-a908951c9c80&v=qf1&b=&from_search=4