Evaluation Question 1


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Evaluation Question 1

  1. 1. Evaluation In what ways does your media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. In the 1920’s experiments were first started with music tracks and visual materials, from this time music videos have developed dramatically. Andrew Goodwin has identified seven key features of a music video. Goodwin says that in a music video there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals with the visuals either illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the lyrics. This is done in all music videos for example in Bring the beat in beyonces video for Love on top there are many examples of when she illustrates the lyrics through dance for example raising her hand and gesturing to come in, for the lyrics ‘Bring the beat in’. In our own music video we followed this convention for example illustrating the lyric ‘with a whisper in my ear i heard you say’.With a whisper in my ear i heard you say
  3. 3. Another convention that Goodwin has identified was that particular music genres have theirown music video style and iconography. Bonnie and Clyde music videoThis can be seen for example with Jay Z, hemakes hip hop music and all of his music videoare the same style. Conventionally hip hopartist like to build the image that they arewealthy and have lots of ‘bling’. This is aconvention that Jay Z has always followed, in his2002 video for Bonnie and Clyde, you can seehimself and Beyonce sat on a bed countingmoney, nearly 10 years later in his video forOtis, he is seen with an expensive car andwearing lots of bling jewellery. Otis video Our artist however is from the Our music video garage genre. In the garage genre it is conventional to have performance shots in the music video. In our own music video weShow me love music video have used many performance shots to follow the conventions.
  4. 4. Lady GagaAnother key feature that AndrewGoodwin has identified is that theartist may develop their own stariconography. For example stars likeLady Gaga, create a persona fortheir audience, Lady Gaga is nowknown for her crazy outfits.Although our artists outfits are notas wild as Lady Gaga’s we ourselvestried to create an star image thatwas simple and the audience couldrelate to.In our music video we used and developed the form and conventions. Our main focus wasaudience pleasure, we wanted the audience to get a repeatability factor as we now live in theera of YouTube where videos can be watched over and over again. In our video we usedmainly performance shots as it is conventional for the genre however we included a vaguestoryline, which cannot be followed exactly to create a more interesting video to appeal toour audience
  5. 5. Garage genre CD Covers The Digi Pack is a key part in constructing a star image. often in the garage genre the CD covers are simplistic as are the ones of the left. We wanted to follow the conventions of the genre and therefore used images of theOur DigiPack artist. A plain background was used to keep the simply factor however the city lights effect was added over to create an interesting and eye catching cover to attract the audience.