Record label research


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Record label research

  1. 1. Record LabelResearch
  2. 2. XL RecordingsXL Recordings is a British independent record label owned by RichardRussell. It originated as a 1989 offshoot of Beggars Banquet Records.XL Recordings has worked with The Prodigy, Radiohead, The White Stripes,Dizzee Rascal, M.I.A., Vampire Weekend, The xx, Gil Scott-Heron, Tyler, theCreator, and Adele.The label releases albums worldwide and operates across a range ofgenres.During the early nineties, XL Recordings releases were dance orientatedranging from Belgium techno to Breakbeat hardcore to Drum and Bass.Russell later broadened the musical horizons of the label whilst maintaining acredo of working with artists he saw as original and inventive.More recently XL recordings have released the album 21 by Adele andhave signed Tyler the creator to a one album deal.
  3. 3. Ill Flava RecordsIll Flava Records is a record label based in East London it was founded byUK Hip Hop award winner Karl Hinds in 2000. The label gained instantrecognition with its classic first release "Don Gramma" by Karl Hinds.Ill Flava released its first album in 2002 Hindsight by Karl Hinds and featuredrecording artists Blak Twang, Estelle, Wildflower, and Seanie T.Ill Flava Records entered the International music scene when Karl Hindssecured the exclusive rights in the UK to release German producer DJDynamites album Welcome to the world of Joni Rewind while on tour withhim in Germany supporting ASD.
  4. 4. I-innovateI-innovate is a London-based independent record label that branchedout from video production in to music management from 2009. I-innovate was founded by Najero Okenabirhie in 2008.Najero’s background stems from the music industry originally working withSanctuary Music Management on royalties accountancy projects for IronMaiden and Bruce Dickinson in the early 00’s. Najero left Sanctuary in2002 to set up his own imprint label Greasy Geezers. Greasy Geezer’s firstreleases were UK Garage titles.The Greasy Geezers label was disbanded and repackaged as a danceproduction house collaborating with other dance acts and producers onthe I-innovate roster.
  5. 5. Ninja TuneNinja Tune is a London-based independent record label started by DJsMatt Black and Jonathan More.The label caters largely to artists who make Alternative Hip Hop,Instrumental music, Nu Jazz, Drum and Bass, Trip Hop.Pre-dating Ninja Tune is the radio show Solid Steel, which Coldcut set upin 1988. What initially began as a radio show on then pirate Kiss FM wenton to become a weekly podcast and also the name of live nightclubevents showcasing the talents of a number of Ninja Tune artists. SolidSteel is also the name of a series of DJ mix CDs from the label.