3 Simple Tricks To Be More Productive, They’re Proven And Powerful


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If you want to be more productive in your online business, here are 3 very simple tricks to help you accomplish more every day. Just one will...

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3 Simple Tricks To Be More Productive, They’re Proven And Powerful

  1. 1. 3 Simple Tricks To Be More Productive, They’reProven And Powerful We could all stand to be more productive where our business is concerned. Heck even in our lives in general! If you are not doing so well in this department, there are a few tricks to help you to be more productive and focused. Here are a few. Make a plan Start with the end in mind. Think about this…If you were planning your first cross-country trip from New York City to Butte,Montana, and you had to be there by a specific time, how much more difficult andfrustrating would it be without a GPS and map. You just have to wing it and figure itout as you go. Without a plan, it’s just like that in your business. It’s fantastic to knowwhere you are going and what you want your business to look like, but it’s extremelyimportant to have a plan, a map of how you are going to make that happen on a monthly,weekly and daily basis. If you are just shooting from the hip every day, sorry darlin’, itjust ain’t gonna happen! You will be lost before you know it.Take control of your timeTake control back. Only you can do that. Use one of the many tools and resourcesavailable to help you schedule your time and then follow that schedule. I use GoogleCalendar. It’s free and works like a charm. You can use the free app on your smart phoneand take it with you where ever you go. If you get more out of physically writing yourschedule in a day planner and crossing the completed tasks off as you do them, that’sgreat too. Whatever works for you.Another great tip is to keep a kitchen timer on your desk and use it to stay on track. Ifyou know you have a specific time to get something done, and a timer is ticking in thebackground, it forces you to be more focused and productive.Eat the ugly frog firstActually, it was Brian Tracy who coined the phrase “Eat That Frog” My rendition is to“eat the ugly frog first” The point is this; Schedule the task you least want or like to dofirst thing in your day. By doing this, you remove one of the main reasons forprocrastination. Once the “monkey on your back” thing or the “ugly frog” is eaten, the
  2. 2. worst is over. That thing that you dread most in your day is done and over with. Youwill feel a sense of accomplishment and the rest of the day will be easier so you can bemore productive. By putting off the ugly frog, you will find yourself procrastinating allday long, doing busy work and piddling around so you don’t have the eat that darnedthing. Eat the ugly freakin’ frog first and get on with it! Here is a PDF of Brian Tracy’s“Eat That Frog“ Enjoy!So, try it. Make a plan, take control and manage your time and do the thing you leastlike to do first in your day and I promise you will be more productive and focused,making your business more profitable and life more enjoyable.With love and blessings,Celene Harrelson helps you take the training wheels off of your business, so you can ride like the wind!TheHappypreneur.com