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Good Job!!!

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  1. 1. M mber : e s M caenaL ar e za t ea R sit de P o a a bloM gdaena a l S aa lsSusa aM r n u ilol
  2. 2. Benefits Let see
  3. 3. Less -Rubbish-Spend less recourses
  4. 4. Good for the planet -Save environment. -Future will be better.-We are not going to die in a long time.
  5. 5. Cheaper -Spend less recourses.-Save money in the factories
  6. 6. Reduce climatic changes -Pure air -Save energy -Water changes -Acid rain -Quick changes of seasons
  7. 7. Conclusion We recycle because -We save environment -It will be less rubbish -It is cheaper-Reduce climatic changes, saving energy And we will have pure air
  8. 8. Freak point -The sun will devour the earth if it gets bigger.
  9. 9. Pages• Of internet, -Google, Wikipedia -Books, “Why we recycle”{12, 20 and 22}
  10. 10. Thanks for your attention