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How to Finally Get that Author Blog You’ve Always Wanted


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Presented at the Whidbey Island Writer's Conference 2012. Your author blog is your stage, the place where you get to shine a light on your work. It’s one of the best platforms to build your brand, deliver your marketing message and grow a community of loyal readers. Learn about what a blog can do, get the basics of creating a WordPress blog and walk away with tips for developing appealing content.

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How to Finally Get that Author Blog You’ve Always Wanted

  1. 1. How to FinallyGet that Author Blog You’veAlways Wantedbob dunn - WordPress trainer, coach & blogger
  2. 2. Do I needa blog?
  3. 3. How Can A Blog Help Me As An Author? Increase Traffic to Your Website Reach a Larger Audience of Readers Showcase Your Talent Attract editors and agents Sell your book(s) directly or indirectly
  4. 4. vs.self-hosted WordPress
  5. 5. vs. self-hosted the software is free if you are self-hosted you will need to pay for hosting if you are self-hosted you will need to update and backup
  6. 6. vs. self-hosted SET-UP & INSTALLATION .com - easy setup self-hosted - depends on your host
  7. 7. vs. self-hosted - limited to over 75 free themes + some premium themes self-hosted - hundreds and hundreds, including premium themes
  8. 8. vs. self-hosted WIDGETS & - limited widgets, but release of new widget self-hosted - widgets, widgets and more widgets can only use plugins on self-hosted
  9. 9. and most importantlyhow much control you have over your blog
  10. 10. starting out comment on blogs • look at authors’, agents’ and other writers’ blogs
  11. 11. Brand yourauthor’s blog
  12. 12. developa strong voice and beflexible
  13. 13. connecting
  14. 14. sharing
  15. 15. as a blogger and an author...
  16. 16. don’t ignorecomments
  17. 17. be careful not toturn your blog intoa personal diary
  18. 18. be careful of what you say
  19. 19. and do youreally wantto publishthat now?
  20. 20. You Need to Know This About Your Readers1. The 90-9-1 rule:• 90% of your readers are lurkers (they read, but do not comment).• 9% contribute from time to time, but other priorities distract them.• 1% participate frequently and account for most of the comments.2. Most won’t read your whole post carefully• The average readers spends 96 seconds reading the average post.• 79% of readers scan, rather than read.• Only 16% will read the whole page.
  21. 21. Where can I get ideas to blog about?
  22. 22. Watch and listen
  23. 23. Family relationships and life experiences
  24. 24. Writers’ blogs andforums
  25. 25. Workshops &conferences
  26. 26. Your old posts
  27. 27. Comments fromyour readers
  28. 28. tips to make your content shine
  29. 29. understand the difference between writing for Google and writing for your readers
  30. 30. be fairly consistent
  31. 31. know your readers
  32. 32. entertain your reader
  33. 33. write headlines that grab your reader
  34. 34. don’t stray too far from your genre
  35. 35. encourage comments
  36. 36. GET THE WORD OUTRegister your blog with GoogleComment on other blogsJoin discussionsUse social media and feedsAdvertise your blog everywhere
  37. 37. bob dunn - WordPress trainer, coach & blogger425.223.0022bobwp.combob@bobwp.comtwitter: @bobwp