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Where art thou i phone 5


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Where art thou i phone 5

  1. 1. “Do you need to sell used iphone 4 then have a look atour website cashforiphones, to iphone trade in. Theservice is friendly, professional and become one of theindustrys most trusted and dependable.”Where Art Thou, iPhone 5?The Big Day is yet to be revealed“Apple iPhone 5 on a Winding Road”If you are one of the millions waiting for the new iPhoneto be released, well here’s a bitter truth: You may have towait longer.We just have to face the heartbreaking reality that Apple still has not said anything about theiPhone 5’s “Big Day”. As you can see, even though there are a lot of rumors about the specs,improvements and release date of the said next generation iPhone, Apple seems to be quietabout their next gadget in line.What could go wrong with the iPhone 5?Is there really an iPhone 5? Yeah, we hope there is. But what if it comes out next year?There are a lot of articles all over the internet saying that if Apple continues to delay the releaseof their next generation iPhone, other smartphone brands like the Android phones might takeover their market share.If people get bored with the iPhone 4, they might just change brands and get models fromSamsung, BlackBerry and Sony. The delay with the iPhone 5 might trigger the downfall of Applewhen it comes to conquering the market share.
  2. 2. Might there be a jinx with former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ resignation? Let’s hope not. But theremight be a chance of some delays because of this matter. Though it is not confirmed, Applemight have grappling moments now that the company’s iconic leader has stepped down.Is Tim Cook ready for the challenge?So what now?Rumors of the release date of the iPhone 5 started from the month of June. But now that it isalready September, nothing seems to come certain. Is there really something going on? What’scausing the delay? What’s the real score?A few things were mentioned that caused the delay of iPhone 5. These are: 1. Overheating issues with the A5 chip There were reports saying that Apple had problems testing the A5 chip because of overheating. This caused a lot of delays as the company and its engineers spent more time figuring out what is causing the heat issues. 2. Antenna Gate issues There were reports saying that the hiccup that Apple committed with the iPhone 4’s internal antenna will be replaced by the external antenna with the iPhone 5. Though this seems to be a better answer for the “death grip”, Apple might just be thinking of something better than this. This is because if they will have the old design on the antenna, it might just mean that they are admitting their mistake with the iPhone 4 flaws. This is clearly not a good thing for the company’s public and consumer relations. 3. Specs conflicts A lot of conflicts regarding the specs of the iPhone are still under wraps because there is too much improvement to be implemented.
  3. 3. One example would be the fact that Apple has problems with OmniVision as they arefiguring out if they will have Sony supply the rumored 8 megapixel camera for theiPhone 5.Another example would be the desire of Apple to lose all the holes in their iPhones andreplace them with a single audio jack.There were also rumors about having the iPhone 5 as a portable gadget compatible witha projector. This means that the iPhone 5 might have an HDMI outlet that is too hard tothink of as the iPhone is just a small piece of electronic equipment.Also, Apple is still deciding whether or not to have the NFC technology. The NFCtechnology is something that would make or break Apple’s success in dominating themobile market. If Apple decides to get this technology, they will be able to improve andcreate their own iWallet and enable their customers to pay without the burden ofgetting cash or cards to stores.There is also the issue about having LTE 4G capabilities. There were certain write upssaying that the iPhone 5 cannot handle a 4G capability and it will be the iPhone 6 thatwill have it. If Apple still has to think about having this in their product, they must decidenow to prevent any more delays with the iPhone’s release.With so many problems on the way, the iPhone 5 must really be wandering on a windingroad.The iPhone 5 is very much wanted and anticipated. Apple must come to realize thatthere is not much time for them left.