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Qatar Opportunities for Financial Advisers


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Currently recruiting qualified financial adviser for leading company in Qatar

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Qatar Opportunities for Financial Advisers

  1. 1. Qatar, a former pearl-fishing centre and once one of the poorest Gulf states, is now one ofthe richest countries in the region, thanks to the exploitation of large oil and gas fields since the 1940s. Qatar has now emerged as the rising star of the Middle East
  2. 2. Everyone’s heard of Qatar but where exactly is it? Qatar is also known as the country or State of Qatar or locally Dawlat Qaṭar, is a sovereign Arab state, located in Western Asia occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the north easterly coast of the much larger Arabian Peninsual. Its sole land border is with Saud Ariabia to the south, with the rest of its territory surrounded by the Persian Gulf. A strait of the Persian Gulf separates Qatar from the nearby island state of Bahrain.
  3. 3. AlcoholAlcohol is legal. You can buy it in a hotel bar, or from an alcohol shop if when you have obtained your liquor permit.Muslims (not Qataris) are also allowed to purchase alcohol. However, it is illegal to be drunk in a public place. You canbuy alcohol in hotel bars, although you’ll pay for it. Alcohol can also be bought at the Qatar Distribution Centre withan alcohol permit up to a limit of ten percent of your income. Drinking outside the house or licensed premises is illegal,ClothingQatar is a tolerant country, and you can wear pretty much what you want. There are limits of course. Bathers whowere completely uncovered would be arrested pretty quickly. Covering arms and legs would probably be appropriatein the work place, but otherwise unnecessary. Bikinis and skimpy bathing costumes are fine in the right place – i.e. in ahotel swimming pool. You do not need to cover your head if you do not want to, and nor do many (non-Qatari)Muslims. Many travel guides advise long sleeves, and some still state that shorts are forbidden (this was changed yearsago, and, frankly, trousers are just too hot half of the year).EntertainmentThere are bars and hotel clubs, but don’t expect them be up to the standards of major international cities.Nevertheless, you can dance and get a drink. There are plenty of cinemas, including a 14 screen complex at CityCentre showing both Arabic and Western movies in their original language. Ice-rinks and ten pin bowling are alsoavailable.FoodWith such a range of people, theres a huge choice of food. Whats more, eating out, despite the huge price increasesof recent years, is still cheaper than in many countries in the West - a vegetarian Indian can cost less than two dollars.Seafood is particularly good value.SafetyGenerally this is a very safe country, with extremely low crime rates. Violent crime is still virtually non-existent.Things To DoYou can do most things that you can do anywhere and a few that you can’t. Sand boarding, blo-kiting and dunebashing are two activities which the adventurous can try. You might also want to sample the camel racing atShahinaya
  4. 4. The market in Qatar is very buoyant. Qatar’s economy grew by over 19% in 2010 making it thefastest in the world at that time.There are much fewer Financial Planning companies operating in Qatar than say in the UAEand even fewer properly licensed to do so – this makes the opportunity more attractive still asthere is less intense canvassing of the same potential clients and those fully licensed anopportunity to truly stand out from the crowdQatar now plays host to regiments of British expats, accompanied of course by the ubiquitousveterans from Australia and New Zealand and many more nationalities making it a verybuoyant market.Qatar itself lacks nothing by way of ambition having recently tabled a credible thoughultimately unsuccessful Olympic bid but did secure the 2022 World Cup. The powerful Qatarsovereign fund, the Qatar Investment Authority, prowls the worlds markets eyeing opportunitiesfor big-ticket investment opportunities to diversify its impressive portfolio. You can be sure therewill continue to be growth of employment movement to this country for many years to come.Due to the abundance of foreigners now living and working in Qatar there are great online expat forums, networking events etc to ensure you can make the most of living in Qatar.Realistic 1st year earnings are expected to be circa $80k, 2nd year $150k, 3rd year $200/300k +(for someone new to the offshore market – an experienced adviser can earn massively more!)
  5. 5. -Fully qualified Financial Adviser (if from the UK FSA registered)- Minimum of 2 years experience- Experience in prospecting clients-Results driven and highly motivated-You will be keen to grow your client base and earnings and, ifappropriate, perhaps consider the career-development opportunitiesopen to you- Passionate about the opportunity Qatar represents- Looking to play the long gameBefore you can start to work in Qatar you will be expected to attendan interview with the Qatar regulatory body. Once this has beenpassed you will be able to operate fully licensed and legally!
  6. 6. This prestigious and exceptionally stable client has been successfully servicing theinternational expatriate community in the GCC region for over 6 years. The Companywas established in 2006 through a management buy-out of the distribution arm of ZurichInternational Life which had been established in the region since 1989. They are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Lebanon and the Kingdom of Bahrain tounderpin a professional and quality level of service to their clients.It is one of the Largest Independent Financial Advisors in the region offering a compositesuite of insurance, savings and investment products to both Corporate and Individualclients. They assist their expatriate clients in anything as simple as opening an offshorebank account or obtaining an offshore mortgage, through to discretionary portfoliomanagement and estate planning. They are regulated for the provision of Life Insurance,Savings Plans, Group Medical and Life programs as well as various classes of CommercialInsurance also including Employee Benefits.They know they have a responsibility to their employees, recognizing their value andcontribution at every level of the business. They believe each advisor should feelempowered to act on behalf of the company and at the same time recognize theresponsibility that this brings. They provide appropriate IT, training, infrastructure andmedical support concomitant with staff functions and maintain transparent proceduresfor employee well-being and HR requirements.
  7. 7. - Uncapped earning potential (tax free for most nationalities!- Realistic 1st year earnings for someone new to the offshore market are expected to be circa $80k,2nd year $150k, 3rd year $200/300k OTE +- Flights- Accommodation in company villa for up to 4 months- Comprehensive training on all offshore products and services and ongoing support from seniormanagement to ensure achieve business targets- Support from experienced telesales team in generating leads/appointments and managing clientrelationships.- The opportunity to be part of a dynamic organisation that stands shoulders above others in theregion and one that can offer genuine progression
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