Global Opportunities in Offshore Financial Sales


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There are various packages available dependent on location and client - for new people to the offshore industry or the experienced ...

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Global Opportunities in Offshore Financial Sales

  1. 1. Global Opportunities in Financial Sales
  2. 2. Who we are and what we do …We work with a number of different great clients internationally who are currentlyrecruiting experienced Wealth Managers/Financial Advisors/RelationshipManagers to join their already successful teams overseas.We wont just recruit for anyone. All companies have to enter a robust process toensure their standards match ours. We take great care to ensure we match yourrequirements and personal & professional aspirations to the right company so youcan enjoy longevity in your career.First year earnings are normally a minimum of £70k OTE in all locations withearnings anticipated to rise by at least circa 50% in the second year. There arevarious support packages available dependent on location i.e. flights,accommodation, draw, appointment coordinators etc.
  3. 3. Who we are and what we do …Some people have their own motivations for wanting to work in a specific location,others are looking for guidance. We work with you to ensure we find the rightcompany for you. Working in the offshore market can reap huge rewards not justpersonally but also financially.People working overseas are enjoying lifestyles many in the UK can only dream of.Our clients only position themselves in locations with buoyant ex pat markets whereyou will not only see a dramatic increase in your standard of living together but alsohave the opportunity to enjoy uncapped earnings.With costs soaring in the UK and things only set to get worse, isn’t it time youconsidered a move overseas?
  4. 4. So working overseas – what’s all the fuss about?In 2006, almost one in 10 British citizens were living overseas, according to a studyof people coming in and out of the UK. Studies by the Institute for Public PolicyResearch, published on the BBC News website, indicate that at least 5.5m British-born people live abroad. That figures has now almost tripled in 6 years. Figuressuggest the rate of departure has been so great that population falls are onlymasked by immigration. While Australia and Spain are the top locations,increasing numbers are heading to major Asian economies for increased jobprospects, pay and better way of life.According to the Daily Mail in 2012, Nine out of ten expats are so glad to begone! The grass really is greener for expats. Nine out of ten say their quality of lifehas improved - earning more and enjoying better conditions than they wouldhave in Britain. On average, pay for managers and professionals who choose towork abroad is up to £20,000 higher than they would get here. The findings from astudy by NatWest underline the reasons why emigration among Britons hasreached record highs. It suggests that the attractions for talented and ableworkers of quitting Britain are strengthening during the recession as private sectorwages stagnate and public services threaten to deteriorate.
  5. 5. So working overseas – what’s all the fuss about?More than 200,000 British citizens left the country to live abroad in 2006, followedby another 169,000 in 2007. But in 2007 only 75,000 Britons whohad been living or working in a foreign country chose to return- again a record low.The banks Quality of Life report said that 19 per cent of those working abroadcurrently intend to come back to Britain at some time, down from more than aquarter, 26 per cent, two years ago. It said: When it comes to living and workingoverseas the advantages come thick and fast. Working hours are far less intensiveand expats say they manage to achieve a better work/life balance with muchmore leisure time.Professional expats can earn significantly more than their peers back home. Onaverage an expat professionals salary is up to £20,000 higher than their UKcounterparts.‘
  6. 6. Opportunities for experienced Financial Consultants & Business Development Coordinators/Lead GeneratorsDid you know, there are 748,010 British expats living in the EU?We have opportunities to work for large corporate brands orthe option to work more independently as part of a networkanywhere in Europe
  7. 7. FRANCE - Bordeaux / DordogneExpats often dream of moving to France. Visions of longcountry lunches; people-watching from cafés; strolls ina lavender-scented Provence; sunbathing on thebeaches of Nice; and immersion in the cultural riches ofParisian art and couture mesmerise potential expatsand lure them to this legendary European country.At the end of the day though, most expats dont moveto France to climb the ladder of ambition, but rather tolive out their twilight years amongst the richness of theculture and the beauty of the country.The nation itself is old and highly cultivated. Fields andfarms, elegantly bridged rivers, chateaux, estates andancient cobbled towns dot the landscape. Bordeauxand Burgundy, the countrys famous wine centres,showcase endless vineyards rolling over their gentle hills.All in all, no matter where you move in France - fromthe biggest city to the smallest country village – youcan count on a slower, more enjoyable pace of livingmarked by the kinds of little joys that lead to a greaterquality of life overall. As Amelie, the famous French film,so aptly points out – there’s nothing quite like the soundof cracking the top of a freshly made crème brulee atthe end of a lovely lunch shared with friends in abeautiful place.
  8. 8. SPAIN - Barcelona, Madrid, Costa del Sol, MurciaExpats moving to Spain will find a country steeped in a rich and eventfulhistory. As the western most peninsula of Europe and the landmassclosest to Africa, Spain has hosted the meeting of some of the world’slargest and most influential civilisations.The allure of a vibrant country famous for its fashion, food, architecture,music and arts – nonetheless makes for an attractive expat destination.The unhurried lifestyle and cheap beachside property lures manyexpats to live out their days as retirees on the Spanish coasts. Inparticular, the Britons and Germans have historically flocked to thesunny shores of Spain to scoop up reasonably priced villas andhaciendas. The housing market has deteriorated of late, but theres stillover an estimated one million British expats in the country.Expats moving to Madrid will find a manageable, old city striving tobecome comfortable in its new modern garb. This commercial andpolitical capital still has deep Spanish roots, and though the centre isconvincingly international, foreigners have no need to fear thepressures of a high-speed lifestyle that are so often attached to similarwestern European destinations, like Paris, London and Rome.While retirees searching for sunnier shores and a relaxing descent intotheir twilight years may not exactly relish the prospect of emigrating toMadrid, it’s beyond a doubt the place to go for those looking to furthertheir career, while capitalising on an attractive quality of life.Expats moving to Barcelona will enjoy one of Europe’s finestmetropolises, complete with vibrant and unique businesses, a pulsatingnightlife, and sprawling, eclectic neighbourhoods that unravelalongside the sparkling Mediterranean.The weather is, arguably, unbeatable, the architecture, arguably,unmatched, and the overall lifestyle continuously pegged as one of thebest on the continent.
  9. 9. SWITZERLAND – Zurich / Basel / GenevaExpats moving to Switzerland will find that the prosperous, orderlycities and cantons of mountainous Switzerland make for an idealdestination for relocation. Foreign workers have long beenintegrated into the economy, particularly the financial anddiplomatic sectors, where the demand for international expatworkers is high. In fact, over 20 percent of Switzerland’s overallpopulation are expats -and most of these are employed as skilledprofessionals.Crime is a rarity, and social problems virtually non-existent.Furthermore, the country’s education and healthcare systems areworld-renowned, and its infrastructure meticulously maintained.Switzerland runs likes clockwork, appropriate for a country famedfor its watch making, and is a point of great pride for the fastidiousSwiss. For expats, this means that life here is a trouble-free, if not aslightly sanitised, experience.According to the 2010 Mercer Quality of Life Survey, out of 221global destinations three Swiss cities ranked in the top ten; areflection of the nation’s safe, stable, wholesome lifestyle andsolid economy. The few drawbacks to living here include anoccasionally insular population of locals that don’t fully welcomeexpats, and comprehensively cold and snowy winters. But as theysay, if life gives you snow, go skiing, and that is precisely whatmany expats find themselves doing on the world class Alpineslopes around Geneva, Interlaken and St Moritz.Moving to Switzerland to live and work as an expat is a fantasticmove for driven and motivated individuals who want to work in acountry where their skills are highly regarded, and well rewarded.
  10. 10. ITALY – Milan / RomeSo how much do you know about Italy? The papers report continually the deepeningcrisis in the Euro crisis. So how does impact the offshore financial sector? The answer ...not at all! Business there is booming, with only 3 other companies operating in thecountry, it is massively untapped. In one region alone there are 28,000 Britons who callItaly home. There are countless other tens of thousands working in senior roles forcompanies there. Added to this, our client also has products for Italian nationals whoare queuing up to find alternatives to Italian banks offering little interest.•The earning potential is huge! There is no reason an experienced advisor cannot earnin excess of £200k/year because the market is not saturated! The senior sales manager iseasily on target to earn £500k this year and he’s happy to evidence this.•As the company is fully licensed and regulated, as are their advisers, they are able tonegotiate top rate commissions far in excess of what other run of the mill companies canoffer. One provider recently increased the commission rate on a product by 40%because of the quality of business they write.•In only one week, the coordinator in place has booked his managers diary for the next3 weeks and in all of that time only person has refused an appointment. Because themarket is not saturated, clients are more open to meet and aren’t receiving 10 calls aday from other similar companies.•Accommodation in Rome is at least 50% cheaper than in London and the tax systemfar more generous than in the UK.•Rome enjoys a warm climate for 9 months of the year.•It is only two hours from the UK and is even on budget airline routes if you want to keepcosts down!•RDR is expected to come into play in Europe in the next 3 years so this offers a greatopportunity to make some very good money before that hits.•This company has a fantastic reputation in the industry so it’s a company you can beproud representing and one clients know they can trust. They play by the rules andensure their consultants enjoy access to the very best of products on the market.
  11. 11. GERMANY - FrankfurtExpats moving to Frankfurt will find themselves in a confident, world-facingcity that effortlessly combines its role as a leading modern business centrewith a charming cultural character.While working opportunities predominantly entice expats to the area,Frankfurt is nonetheless beautiful and enchanting, brimming with history andculture. There is superb shopping, marvellous museums, interesting historicsites, and world-class opera to enjoy.With excellent rail connections, river transport, the third busiest airport inEurope and its Autobahn system, Frankfurt is the natural hub for anyonewanting to explore the surrounding towns and is the gateway to theGerman countryside.The advantages to living and working in this cosmopolitan city continue toentice expats. Crime is virtually non-existent, the unemployment rate isrelatively low, and, with its very central location, business trips to thesurrounding cities in Europe are made easy.The Mercer Human Resource Consulting Worldwide Quality of Living Surveyconsistently ranks Frankfurt among the ten cities with the highest quality ofliving worldwide. It’s no wonder then that expatriates flock to work in thispowerhouse of a city.
  12. 12. SWEDEN - StockholmSweden is an increasingly popular destination for expats, with those movingthere drawn by the prospect of a balanced, prosperous life in a country thatmanages to combine high technology with pristine nature; ultra-liberalvalues with respect for traditions; and abundant economic opportunity withhigh taxation and extensive social welfare.Sweden’s geography is defined by water: the interior dotted with lakes, whileits border features 4,400 miles (7,000km) of coastline running from thefragmented islands and fjords of the temperate south, to the sub-Arctic ‘landof the midnight sun’ in the north. Stockholm, the capital city and most likelyexpat destination, is built on an archipelago of 24,000 islands.Most expats moving to Stockholm thrive in what is one of Europe’s mostattractive, vibrant and interesting metropolises. Each of the city’s mostcentral 14 islands has its own character and range of intimate cafés andrestaurants.Overall, Sweden offers the possibility of a very wholesome lifestyle, from theabundance of fresh fish and vegetables in local diets, to the many outdooractivities available, including skiing, sailing, forest walking, and berry picking.Public transport is excellent too, unlocking any part of the city or country toeven those without a private vehicle.Expats with residence permits will enjoy the benefits of an extensive statesocial network that provides free and high quality education, healthcare,childcare and security. Sweden is also a world leader in liberal values,pioneering gay rights, gender equality and providing extensive parental andmaternal privileges for employees.Expats moving to Sweden may find the language tough to learn, but sinceSwedes generally speak excellent English, and enjoy practising it, thelanguage barrier is very easily overcome.Sweden balances ultra-modern cities with great expanses of untouchedwilderness; and its famously modern populace still takes great pride in theirtraditions. It is a safe, yet consistently surprising experience for expats.
  13. 13. Holland – the HagueThe expat who moves to the Netherlands will discover a modern state longat the forefront of global trends in government, banking and commerce. TheDutch were the originators of the stock market and the corporation. Theywere a democracy at a time where most of Europe still considered their kingsas chosen gods. This means that anyone moving to the Netherlands will havethe pleasure of integrating into a society at ease with all the rigours oftwenty-first century living.The country is highly regarded for its tolerance and liberal ideals. Thisfamously flat nation of clogs, tulips, dykes and windmills is inhabited by apeople as deeply cultivated as the land itself. Cool and easy-going, it isdifficult for an expat or foreigner to offend a Dutchman, or even find a socialtaboo to break. Expats will find the Netherlands an open and acceptingcountry.Expats moving to the Netherlands will find a country of middle-sized towns.Even Amsterdam, the capital, has only 750,000 people. However, the denserail network covering the country allows people to commute to work from allover. The Randstad, the area containing Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hagueand Utrecht, is populated by nearly 8 million people.The Netherlands is considered by some as the legal capital of the world. TheHague, the de facto centre of government, holds five international courtsand tribunals, as well as the headquarters of the European police. It is agenuinely international city, in an international nation. While ‘free’ is a qualitythat all the world’s nations would like to claim, few go so far as the Dutch tomake this ideal a reality.
  14. 14. Current opportunities for experienced Financial Advisers , Pension Transfer Specialist & Business Development Coordinators
  15. 15. DUBAIFor the last decade expats have been moving to Dubai in largenumbers, often lured by the promise of tax-free wealth andluxury living.As the second largest state or emirate in the United ArabEmirates after Abu Dhabi, Dubai was once considered a barrenlandscape in the oil-rich Gulf, but is now a thriving metropolis,attracting thousands of new residents to its shores each month.Contrary to popular belief, Dubai’s main source of revenue is notoil. Although oil was discovered in the emirate in the 1960s, andcertainly helped build the economy, it is other industries such asconstruction, tourism and financial services that are contributingto Dubai’s extraordinary wealth and creating job opportunitiesfor expats around the world.In 2008 Dubais exponentially expanding economy didexperience a hiccup due to the global recession, but now,foreigners are once again moving to Dubai in search of inflatedsalaries, year-round sunshine and access to excellent healthcareand leisure activities.While Dubais culture is still based on Islam and itsaccompanying traditions, its modernity has cast a slight shadowacross the rigour of the religion and expats can enjoy a largelyfree life in the emirate.
  16. 16. QATAROnce expats moving to Qatar actually figure out where this tinyGulf state is located on a map, the next bit of information toprocess is normally the fact that Qatar has emerged as a liquidnatural gas powerhouse that claims the highest per capitalincome in the world (2011).The gas- and oil-rich economy has elevated the miniatureemirate to an important global player. As a result of the fossil fuelboom, as well as monarch Emir Hamad bin Khalif Al Thani’s socio-political liberalisation policies, Qatar now hosts regiments ofCommonwealth and South Asian expats; and increasing numbersof foreigners are moving to Qatar to work hard, save money inthe tax-free environment, and maintain a standard of living andwealth relatively similar to that of Western Europe.While there are plenty of work opportunities for expats interestedin employment in the petrochemical sector, Qatar is also workingto increase foreign investment in non-energy sectors, such as IT,construction, and – to take a page from Dubai’s book – tourism.Not to mention, with its successful 2022 World Cup bid, the nationwill be filtering big spending into improving infrastructure. As aresult, it’s likely more manpower will be required to transformDoha, the capital city often described as half building site, halfpark, into something whole.Expats and their families can look forward to an emirate that putsan emphasis on cultural and education disciplines. WhereasQatar used to be the backward country cousin of the region, itnow aims to be the Middle Eastern flagship for socialdevelopment and intellectualism. In recent years, it has workedhard to create a “knowledge economy”, and to promoteventures like the Museum of Islamic art and a massive EducationCity.
  17. 17. Opportunities for Financial Advisers & Business Development /Marketing CoordinatorsAsia is the largest continent on planet Earth, and also the mostpopulous one. Four billion people strong, Asia accounts for 60 percentof the world’s population. For the other 40 percent, Asia represents aculturally rich and exotic place, where people can go to enrich theirlife, and grow as a person.
  18. 18. HONG KONGFor all its modernity and restless energy, expats moving toHong Kong will find a destination that remains distinctlyChinese, with deep traditions settled firmly among itstowering skyscrapers and bright neon lights.Hong Kong is often pegged as the “Pearl of the Orient”,and if nothing else, it’s an indication of this bustlingmetropolis’s devotion to wealth and quality. The formerBritish colony is one of the world’s leading capitalisteconomies, is an Asian financial hub and an establishedexpat region for high income earners looking to furthertheir careerOn the whole though, foreigners find Hong Kong easilyliveable, with a modern infrastructure and plenty ofWestern amenities. An advanced healthcare system, anelevated standard of schooling and an exemplary publictransportation system ease the burden of transitionsignificantly.Hong Kong has many layers, and expats will find that justas they’ve finished pulling back the first, five more haveformed and taken shape. Whether you feel safer in theinsular yet comfortable expat scene, or whether you’dprefer to explore the etiquette, superstitions and religion ofthis age old port city, you’re guaranteed an invigoratingand exciting experience.
  19. 19. CHINA – Beijing & ShanghaiA short walk around Beijing is like opening a time capsule intoChinese history: the Forbidden City inspires images of ancientdynasties, Tiananmen Square acts as a reminder of the definingyears of Chinese repression, and new Olympic buildings serve aselegant and defining symbols of China’s arrival on the worldstage.As with many Chinese cities, moving to Beijing is exciting becauseof its recent role as a prime player in the spotlight of theinternational business stage. It is also the political and culturalcentre of all of China.Yet for all of the furious development and sprawling districts,central Beijing is also steeped in ancient architecture andimpressive centres of government, providing a soberingcounterpoint to the city’s capitalist frenzy.Expats moving to Shanghai will experience a city driven by themanic obsession to become a leading international centre. Forsome time the metropolis has been trying to step out from behindthe shadows of Hong Kong and Beijing, which usually capture theimagination of those looking to move to China.Yet Shanghai is by no means a well-kept secret. It is the gatewayto Chinas vast economy and the countrys leading financialcentre, with more than 400,000 expats living in Shanghai.Shanghai has shown a willingness to attract internationalbusiness and an ability to adapt by implementing the changesrequired to support expansion.
  20. 20. MALAYSIAMalaysia is an ideal destination for expats considering moving toAsia. Traditionally a country reliant on resource exports, Malaysia isbeginning to expand its economy in areas such as science, tourism,commerce and medical tourism, resulting in an increase in expatemployment opportunities.The country consists of two different geographical regionsseparated by the South China Sea – mainland Malaysia, and theSarawak and Sabah region of Borneo island – and 13 diverse states.With a vast mix of cultures and nationalities scattered across thecountry, Malaysia offers expats a lifestyle replete with first-worldcomforts and conveniences, while still allowing for a sense ofadventure through its easily-accessible jungles and island getaways.Among the skyscrapers and Dutch architecture, KL, as it iscommonly known, is packed with luxury shopping malls, qualityrestaurants and colourful markets. It is a melting pot of cultures andoffers expats an energetic lifestyle.Malaysia has a cheap public health care system with a highstandard of medical care. There are also a number of top-qualityprivate facilities available; by way of further testament to thisburgeoning quality, is Malaysia’s growing reputation as a destinationfor medical tourism.With wonderful beaches, jungle hideaways and serene teaplantations, it’s easy to take a break from the city bustle overweekends. Malaysia is a stable country, eager to attract foreignbusinesses and investors, ensuring a warm reception for expatschoosing Malaysia as their new home.
  21. 21. VIETNAMExpats moving to Vietnam are in for an adventure on many levels. It is adestination that offers an ideal combination of good earning potentialand high quality of life. Vietnam also has a fast-growing economy, athriving art scene, beautiful landscapes and arguably the best food inAsia.Vietnam has thousands of kilometres of beautiful beaches on its easternborder, shares its northern perimeter with China and, to the west, has amountainous borderline shared with both Laos and Cambodia.s an Asian Tiger economy, expats will find that Vietnam is a meeting pointbetween the everyday bustle of city life and the laidback charm of acountry sure of its place in today’s society. With a war-torn history startingfrom colonisation and culminating in the Vietnam War; Vietnam has adiverse range of living standards. However, expats relocating to Vietnamwill find most of the comforts they are used to from home and they willsoon learn that this is a country with a great deal to offer.Vietnam will tantalise the senses - and overload them at times. It is aunique nexus of French, Chinese and South East Asian cultures and itscuisine is no exception. With hot soups, crispy wontons, tasty noodles andpotent coffee, expats will soon find themselves eager to try their hand atcooking some of the popular dishes from this delicious countryThere are numerous Western restaurants, vibrant nightlife spots and anactive art scene – ensuring that expats moving to Vietnam will find thatwork is merely something which takes place in between a multitude ofsocial arrangements.
  22. 22. THAILAND – BangkokMost know Thailand as a traveller’s Eden, but even moving toThailand on a more permanent basis can be paradise.Bangkok is a thriving, cosmopolitan metropolis with anabundance of activities and culture. Chiang Mai has becomefar more expat friendly, with many coming to retire or to takeadvantage of work opportunities and a milder climate.Expats who do manage to pin a good job down will findthemselves living a luxurious lifestyle. A warm and welcomingThai culture beautiful landscapes and a chance to experiencetruly different customs make living in this foreign landsimultaneously interesting and comfortable.While most expats cluster in the dense and crowded city ofBangkok, others fan out into less populated and moreindigenous regions.Many expat families hire a maid whose duties include cookingfor them, so eating out is not an issue and is likely more costeffective and healthier than dining in restaurants every day.·
  23. 23. Opportunities for Financial Consultants & Business Development CoordinatorsAt once both a cinematic cityscape and a grimy urban front line, Riode Janeiro, known as the cidade maravilhosa (marvellous city), isnothing if not exhilarating. Flanked by gorgeous mountains, white-sandbeaches and verdant rainforests fronting deep blue sea, Rio occupiesone of the most spectacular settings of any metropolis in the world.Tack on one of the sexiest populations on the planet and you have anintoxicating tropical cocktail that leaves visitors punch-drunk onparadise – oh and lets not forget to mention business is booming there!
  24. 24. BRAZIL – RIO DE JANEIROBrazil, the fifth largest country in the world and the largest nation inSouth America, is home to an ever-expanding expat population. Withits resource-rich economy and booming mining, agricultural andmanufacturing sectors, there is an extensive range of jobopportunities for expats moving to Brazil.Vibrant cities, pristine beaches, exotic jungles and gargantuan riversadd further allure to make Brazil an exhilarating destination full ofexciting travel and career potential.Rio de Janeiro, famous for its towering statue of Christ the Redeemerand the Rio Carnival, was Brazil’s capital for two centuries during thecountry’s colonial and initial post-colonial periods. Rio now representsthe second largest urban economy in the country and the 30thlargest in the world. It is also the headquarters for a number of majoroil, telecommunications and media companies as well as the seat ofBrazil’s research and development sectors.All the major cities have a number of English language internationalschools servicing the diplomatic, expat and immigrant populations.Brazil has both public and private healthcare available. English is thelanguage of international business but speaking Portuguese is vital forexpats when conducting business and taking care of everydayaffairs in Brazil.No matter your priorities, with its vibrant cities and varied wildlife Brazilmakes for a great destination for expats.