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  1. 1. MY IDEAL VACATION…<br />_NORWAY_<br />
  2. 2. NorwayofficiallytheKingdom of Norway, is a country in NorthernEuropeoccupyingthe western portion of theScandinavianPeninsula.<br />The country toborderwithsWeden, Finland and Russia.<br />CAPITAL: Oslo<br />OFICIAL LANGUAGES: Norwegian and Sami<br />POPULATION: 548.000 inhabitants in the capital but in theall country is 4,836,793 millions<br />CURRENCY: NorwegianKrone<br />
  3. 3. * IS NECESSARY HAVE A PASSPORT AND VISA<br />*DON`T FORGET VISIT THE HISTORIC PLACES <br />*NORWAY IS THE MOST MAJESTIC AND THE BEST SECRET SAVE IN THE NORTH OF EUROPE<br />* YOU NEED GO TO THE EMBASSY AND AS ABOUT IF YOU CAN TRAVEL INTO OF THE COUNTRY <br />* HIGH MOUNTAINS GIVE WAY TO THE SEA AND WINTER SNOW TOO FEED THE COLORFULFLOWERS OF SPRING<br /><ul><li>YOU REQUIRED RESERV HOTEL AND TICKETS TO THE TRIP</li></li></ul><li>&gt;In Norway&apos;s can found the magic in trees, oceans, mountains, famous cities, and travel! Experience for yourself when traveling to Norway are magnificent and rewarding.<br />&gt;Travel to Norway to see the light of summer nights at the North Cape of the midnight sun, Norwegian or winter skiing. <br />&gt; Waterfalls in Norway Staljeimskleiva is widely known for her curves as you climb to the summit. Along the way, see the most famous waterfalls in Norway: SivlefossenStalheimsfossenand waterfalls. The natural landscape of this area is one of the most unique<br />
  4. 4. &gt;TraveltotheNort of Norway and tripwiththepeopleSami`sto look for Aurora boreal.<br /><ul><li>Travel in southern Norway for the summer festivals and the famous salmon fishing.
  5. 5. Come to Norway to visit the JOSTTEDALSBREEN, the largest glacier in Europe! ACTIVITIES TO BE DONE AS: - The great fishing - Skiing - Rock climbing - Hiking and more. Norway is seen as the most peaceful in recent times according to the Global Peace Index. </li></li></ul><li>CHEAP HOTELS IN NORWAY… <br />Bergen hotel <br />2) Kristiansand hotel <br />3) Lillehammer hotel <br />4) Oslo hotel<br />5 )Sandnes hotel <br />6) Stavanger hotel <br />7) Tromso hotel <br />8) Trondheim hotel <br />Price from€25 to €60 <br />Norway is not the cheapest country for American travelers, but is by far one of the most valuable places to go<br />
  6. 6. Weatherin Norway<br />Oslo 8ºC<br />Bergen 6ºC<br />Gardermoen 8ºC<br />--&gt; As we can see most of the year is a cold climate is rarely hot weather however this is a very friendly country where you can enjoy many activities on the year that the cold is not prejudicial to have a good time.<br />
  7. 7.
  8. 8. The Bergen Railway is the highest altitude railway in Norway and all of Northern Europe! <br />In Norway, the sights, all belong to nature! Majestic railways impressive fjord landscape, rich mountain peaks and glaciers await you in Norway. <br />Fjords of Norway A fjord is a long and narrow bay flanked by steep sides, creating a sort of valley through which water flows through the fjords were created by glaciers, and today is known as the great fjords of Norway . <br />The Flam Railway Do not miss the high mountains that are home to waterfalls. In the best scenes, the train will stop so that passengers can make and see all the natural splendor of Norway. It&apos;s a short trip, but you can not miss when traveling to Norway. <br />
  9. 9. Thisis a reallyamazing place thatyoucan`tlet of vistit.<br />NORWAY has allactivitiesthatyou can enjoy and do feelunique<br />