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How to use carpoolca 2013


Published on is a free carpool matching program to help commuters identify potential carpool partners.

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How to use carpoolca 2013

  1. 1. Q&AQ&A
  2. 2. Why? Why?It is estimated that there are approximately 16 million cars on the road in Canada. Almost 80 percent of these are occupied only by their driver.
  3. 3. Benefits? Benefits?• It’s simple...• Save the Environment: Fewer trips = fewer emissions.• Save Time: Fewer cars = less congestion and increased mobility• Save Money: Offset a portion of your commuting costs (fuel, parking, maintenance)
  4. 4. How do II get started?How do get started? • was created to help commuters identify potential carpool partners • The system is free, secure and easy to use • Get started in a few simple steps...
  5. 5. Create a Profile Create a Profile• Create a Commuter Profile by providing the system with information about your commuting habits and preferences.• This information is used to screen matches.
  6. 6. Define Match Preferences Define Match Preferences• We need to know what you are looking for in a carpool partner.• Try to be as flexible as possible. You can visually screen your list of matches later.• You can go back to re-define your preferences at any time.
  7. 7. Define Your Trip Define Your TripWe need to know where youlive, where you work and theroute you take each day. This confidential information helps us find the best possible matches for you.
  8. 8. Match Report 1 Match Report 1• Request a Match Report - the system will provide two reports based on the criteria you provide.• The first report shows ‘Origin/Destination Only’ matches. These defined by your home and work locations.• Scan the map and list for additional information about matches.
  9. 9. Match Report 2Match Report 2 • This second report shows additional ‘Route Matches Only’ as defined in the Trip section of your profile. • Scan this report for additional user information to determine compatibility.
  10. 10. Contact Matches Contact Matches• Contact matches after scanning both match reports for additional user information.• If a match is considered compatible, click on the ‘Send a Message’ link• Compose your message, agree to share contact information, and send your message.
  11. 11. Finally… Finally…• Discuss personal compatibility, compare needs and availability.• Get together in a neutral location as a group to discuss: • Who drives? Is driving shared or is there one driver and vehicle? • Costs? Establish a fare schedule and stick to it. • Where/When to Meet? Discuss where you will meet, what time and how long you will wait for someone. Be on time. • Extra Stops - Save them for your solo trips. Everyone wants to get to work on time and home on time. Eliminate extra trips from your carpool route. • The Back Up Plan.... For those rare occasions when the car won’t start, make sure you have a current list of home, work and cell phone numbers.
  12. 12. Carpool = Flexibility Carpool = Flexibility• There is a common misconception that carpooling lacks flexibility. Not true!• You can carpool to work with one group and home with another. Or take the bus in the morning and carpool in the evening.• You can carpool once a month, once a week or everyday. You chose what’s right for you.• You don’t need to give up your car completely. Once you get into a routine, you have the option of increasing your carpool trips!
  13. 13. What If II Don’t Have What If Don’t Have Any Matches? Any Matches?• If this is the case, remember that you can check the system on a regular basis and that you’ll be notified of new matches. Keep your file up to date. If you move or change jobs, make sure these changes are reflected in your file.• As the database grows, so does the potential for matching. Help promote carpooling. Tell neighbours and co-workers about Contact our office to ask for free promotional materials. We would be happy to send you brochures to distribute at work or a bumper sticker for your car.
  14. 14. Keep it working...Keep it working... • The key to long term success in any relationship includes communication, honesty, understanding, respect and flexibility. • Applying these skills to your carpool can result in long term savings - and unexpected friendships!
  15. 15. Other Questions? Other Questions?Are Participants Screened? Do We Share Information?• No., its partners and • The system is provided sponsors, do not screen solely to assist commuters in participants. We do not run identifying potential carpool background checks on participants, partners. We do not share check for valid drivers’ licenses, or information or mailing lists. assess insurance coverage. We highly recommend getting to know • We do, however, communicate with your carpool partners before you participants regularly (~6 begin carpooling. times/year) to remind them to check back for new matches and advise• As with all programs that involve the them of upcoming promotions. internet it is highly recommended that prior to establishing a carpool • Program statistics are shared partnership, at least one face-to- regularly with funding bodies (ie, face meeting should be planned and regional governments and/or proper screening of potential drivers employers). should take place.
  16. 16. Did we miss something?• Thank You for taking the time to view this presentation!• If you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us at• We look forward to getting you into a carpool!