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Marketing app for new carpooling app WayToGo

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  1. 1. Marketing Plan for new app “Way To Go ”
  2. 2. Travel together Save money Save Environment WayToGo
  3. 3. Introduce the concept of carpooling across India, bringing about a MindShift in the way people currently travel, driving awareness on the benefits of carpooling and increasing registrations for ride owners and riders BRAND OBJECTIVE
  4. 4. How it works? • Find the ride at required time • Book online • Travel together
  5. 5. Choose who you travel with: You can see which members have verified their Govt ID and also how many Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections they have. You can also see who are the community's leading ridesharers thanks to their experience level.
  6. 6. • Drive traffic to WayToGo page. • Increase RideMatch Service registrants • Enhance Carpool Marketing Program through channels like social media • Increase general Bay Area awareness and participation in carpooling • Encourage the public to use rideshare technology. Proposed course of action
  7. 7. WayToGo, with the limited amount of resources, needs to focus on a few strategic collaborators in the beginning in order to establish a strong position in its market. The collaborators are assessed for three factors: • The value collaborator brings to our whole product • The value we can offer to the collaborator • The right time we should engage the collaborator. These helps for future business development COLLABORATORS
  8. 8. Compiteto BlaBlaCar Rideshare Zimshar e uber lyft sidecar
  9. 9. It is quite difficult to distinguish segments in terms of age, income or region. Our focused age will be very broad, approximately from 18 to 65 years old. But the main focus is surely on the youth.
  10. 10. Goals • To make maximum number of people use our app. • To take the companie’s value to 2 billion$ in next 10 years.
  11. 11. Transparent and Cashless Cost Sharing Set the cost upfront and the rest is automated
  12. 12. We provide some extra benefits for girls who wish to travel with only girls.
  13. 13. If something unexpected has come up, and you can no longer travel, cancel your booking online to give the car owner a chance of getting another co-traveller.
  14. 14. Waytogo even provides taxi/bike sharing.