Infographic of the Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks


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Have you been working hard to lose weight this past year? A few of the wrong drinks can sabotage all your good efforts real fast. Figure out the “instead of this, have that” ahead of time, while you’re still thinking clearly. This infographic shows the healthiest alcoholic drinks and which ones should be avoided.

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Infographic of the Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks

  1. 1. empowernet of the Healthiest Alcoholic Drinksby Carole & Steve Hibbard | on December 26, 2012With th e n ew year fast approach in g , it’s time tocon sider your option s. Not your option s ofwhere you plan to party or wh eth er you plan aparty…..little late for those! But if your plan sin clude drin kin g alcoh ol in an y form, con sideryour option s.Have you been working hard to lose weightthis past year? A few of th e wron g drin ks cansabotag e all your g ood efforts real fast. Fig ureout th e “instead of this, have that” ah ead oftime, wh ile you’re still th in kin g clearly. Th isin fog raph ic sh ows th e healthiest alcoholic dr inks an d wh ich on es sh ould be avoided.If you don ’t drin k an yth in g stron g er th an a diet soda, you can ig n ore th is in formation . However, it also poin ts out th e health benefits of various alcoh olic drin ks. So ch eck itout.Here are a couple of statements that I found interesting: All 13 minerals necessary for human life can be found in alcoholic beverages. People who drink in moderation tend to be healthier and live longer than those who either abstain or abuse alcohol.Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks
  2. 2. So try to choose from amon g th e healthiest alcoholic drinks an d you will reap th e ben efitsan d, at th e same time, avoid too man y empty calories th at may un do all th e g ood you’vedon e for yourself th is year. Drink in moderation, drink a glass of water between eachalcoholic beverage, and you can still enjoy the party!You mig h t also h ave th e added benefit of wakin g up on Jan uary 1st with out a badh an g over! But, of course, th e most importan t th in g about drin kin g an y time of year is toNOT DRINK AND DRIVE!Make sure to read all the facts and information shown on thisinfographic of the healthiest alcoholic drinks . . . . . greatinformation!En joy th e party,By the way, we’re celebrating the New Year right hereat home, safe and sound! We’re really celebratin g adecision we made mid-year to start workin g from h ome toearn extra mon ey. We can do th at rig h t h ere at h ome, safean d soun d, or when we’re on a cruise to Hawaii. Welearn ed everyth in g we n eeded to kn ow just by clickin g on abutton . Wan t to kn ow more? Click on the button below, enter your email address,and watch the video that changed our lives!Th is en try was posted in Empower Network, partying, RetirementIncomeTag s: alcoholic drinks, make money from home, New Year,retirement income, story-tellingAbout T he Author: Carole & Steve HibbardSteve an d Carole h ave been married for over 32 years, h ave four g rown kidsan d th ree juven ile delin quen t cats. Th ey love to take cruises, especially to th ewarm, sun n y beach es of th e world! Steve likes to ride h is motorcycle an dCarole likes to g amble at In dian casin os. Th ey are both retired but wh en th ey
  3. 3. do work, th eyd rath er work from h ome. Th ats wh y th ey like promotin gVisalus an d Empower Network.