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Group project

  1. 1. ISYS 363 Section 1 Group: Phillies
  2. 2. Security • Security is the most important aspect of a collaboration tool and we kept this is mind during our research. • Especially dealing with online tools, there is a high risk for security threats • Controlling important documents shared through the Web is very important
  3. 3. Convenience • An easy and simple to use collaboration tool is key! • Easy accessibility for all group members!
  4. 4. Google Docs Pros: – Works across all platforms – Cloud based, so will not clutter a person’s hard drive. – Accessible anywhere; can use a computer or mobile device Cons: – Only available on the internet. – Only basic formatting – A “retraining;” its not the exact same as MS Office.
  5. 5. iLearn Pros: • Allows file sharing • Allows group discussion through forums • Cloud based Cons: • Subject to many “technical difficulties” • Limited upload file size: 500 kB • Accessibility
  6. 6. Dropbox Pros • Users receive 2GB for free plus 500MB per referral (up to 16GB) • Works with all platforms • Email notifications when a user accesses the file • Simple and easy to use! Cons • Lack of security: Dropbox stores a copy of all documents; staff has access to files and users have no control over who shares copied documents • Involves two steps: uploading and downloading. It is easier to send the file through Skype or AIM. • Only one person can edit a file, if two people are editing a file, the first one uploaded will save
  7. 7. Copy Pros: • Free, Open Source, and Cross-Platform • Encrypted transfer and storage of data on their servers; not maintained by a 3rd party • Offers up to 20gb of storage and use is free for up to 5 people • No size limitations of uploaded and downloaded files Cons: • No video conferencing available • Majority of software is already linked to the more popular, Dropbox • Software installation is required and must be running 24/7 to access cloud storage
  8. 8. Skype PROS: • Free voice and video calling; low-cost for international business calls • SkypeIn and SkypeOut - SkypeIn: a number that allows people with cell phones to call a computer via Skype - SkypeOut: very low-cost calling from computers to cell phones • Video conferencing reduces business travel costs CONS: • Not best call and connection quality • Does not offer a service level agreement (SLA) • Does not work well for multi-party calling
  9. 9. Winners! • iLearn 1) Most convenient tool for all group members 2) Simple and easy to use 3) Accessible to everyone • Google Docs 1) Free and easy to use 2) Ability to to send files that are over 500KB 3) Easy to share documents between group members
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