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ACOL Risk & Security Consulting

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Acol Brochure En Us

  2. 2. YOUR SAFETY IS OUR SPECIALTYOur work places particular emphasis on inspections,audits and security plans both for the Business Sectoras the Residential and Institutional.Our services are tailored to your company’s resourcesavailable for investing in security, offering solutions inaccordance to your means.
  3. 3. YOUR SAFETY IS OUR SPECIALTY SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENT By the Security Risk Assessment we conduct a formal and detailed inspection of your Business, Home or Institu- tion facilities taking into account their social, economic and cultural environment. Identifying the risks and weaknesses, as well as the actual or potential threats that may affect them. AUDITS We assess all the elements that affect security, including the following: Security Plans: Revision of the security plans and procedures and their consistency with our firm’s security policy. Perimeter Security: Inspection and verification of the type of perimeter, the technology used on it, vulnerability, peripheral areas, lighting, etc. Physical Security: Assessment of surveillance and security personnel, audit of the procedures, understanding of instructions, levels of training and verification of the correct use of the procedures. SECURITY PLANS With each plan we carefully consider the security needs of both material goods and human capital. We imple- ment measures and controls with the purpose of reducing risks and threats, as well as vulnerabilities in the face of current and future security problems, based on a preliminary security assessment.
  4. 4. THE TEAM Carlos E. Landazabal Angeli / Lawyer Lawyer graduated from Universidad Católica Andres Bello (1994), Master in Commercial Law (UCV 1998). Lawyer of the International Legal Department of Maraven, S.A. (Affiliate of PDVSA), assigned to Exploration and Production (1995-1999), Legal Director for the Latin American Region of Baker Hughes Incorporated (1999-2009). Legal Director & Corporate Affairs of Kimberly-Clark (2009-2010). Took several advanced cour- ses in management, among others, MTI, Aberdeen, Scotland, Advanced Management Program, Thunder- bird, Garvin School of Business, Arizona, USA. Credited as Anti-bribery Specialist by Trace International. Likewise, shall take Masters Degree (ELLM) at the Instituto de Empresas (Madrid, Spain) and Northwestern University, Chicago, USA. Languages: Spanish, English (fluent), French, Portuguese (intermediate), Chinese (basic). Gregory Odreman Ordozgoityy / Lawyer Lawyer with seventeen years of practice, self-employed in the fields of Litigation in Corporate Criminal Law, Economic Crime, Fraud, Computer Crime, Environment Crime and Criminal Proceedings, among others. Obtained Lawyer’s Degree from Universidad Católica Andres Bello (1994). Took specialization courses at Universidad Monteávila in Criminal Procedure Law and at Universidad Castilla La Mancha in Investigation and Evidence in Criminal Procedure. Languages: Spanish and English. Omar Enrique Casique Blanco / Lawyer Lawyer graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela, with advanced knowledge of Loss Prevention and Control, Physical Security and Investigations, Design, application, monitoring and control of bud- gets, Design and putting into practice Security Policies and Protocols, Interrelationship with Public and Private Agencies, Management and Control of Physical and Electronic surveillance, Protection of Executi- ves and Shareholders, Investigation and Technical Analysis of Asset Loss, Specialized Investigation of Loss Control in Industries and Businesses.
  5. 5. THE COMPANY VISION To be acknowledged as the leading advisory and consulting company for the prevention and loss control, thanks to the support and management of activities and critical processes designed to minimize business and residential losses, with an effective management model, a highly qualified team; committed to reach high levels of satisfaction for our customers. MISSION ACOL Risk & Consulting is designed to be the best service company that provides solutions in the field of prevention and risk control, starting from consulting and advising in accordance to the needs of your busi- ness or home. Quality, reliability and discretion are the fundamental principles of our company when protec- ting your assets and your families. To provide services aimed to diagnose, plan, implement and monitor comprehensive security plans and private studies and investigations, performed in accordance to the needs and requirements of our clients. - CORPORATE VALUES • Sense of Mission • Honesty • Respect • Justice • Loyalty • Ethics • Commitment
  7. 7. BUSINESS SECURITYStrategic solutions for protectionWe have the capability to meet each and every security and protection need ofthe Business Sector.We analyze the overall risk situation of the organization, to facilitate theassessment and decision making in relation to security, which allow a safe workand business environment in the pursuit and fulfillment of the business’s goals.PHYSICAL SURVEILLANCE AND FACILITIESYour facilities in the best handsThe profile of our working security men and women makes us mark the diffe-rence with what you have seen until now; our strong and demandingrecruitment and training process guarantees our clients a true comprehensivesecurity service.Our logistics allow to efficiently control and supervise the performance of oursecurity men and women, hence obtaining the required information in realtime, so we can implement the necessary measures at the right moment so wecan efficiently continue with our clients’ security plans.• Security Officers• Console Operators• Security Receptionists• Supervisors• Counter-surveillance
  8. 8. PROJECT ADMINISTRATIONOutsourced Security ServicesBy outsourcing, we are able to provide specialized personnel as security managers, supervisors, coordinators,operators and agents for risk management and management of security for oil, aviation, communication,transportation, thermo-electrical, mining, hospital, etc., projects.PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONSExperts in security incidentsWe have a select group of investigators in different fields of risk management and security, who under theleadership of our Management of Security Services, have the task of running modern and efficient investiga-tion structures that allow us to give you the definitive information needed to take appropriate action againstthe facts of the investigation.Areas included in our investigations• Theft• Extortion and kidnapping• Fraud• Industrial Espionage• Product counterfeiting• Copyright• Financial Audits• Forgery• General Investigations• Due Diligence• Document Analysis• Forensic Investigation• Submitting Evidence and Proof
  9. 9. PERSONNEL SECURITY INVESTIGATIONS Choose the best Given the current security situation in the country and the continuous crimes and frauds performed by personnel within companies, investigation of personnel security is an efficient management tool focused on hiring and maintaining the payroll. Through these investigations we verify the information in the resumes. We also investigate criminal records,SECURITY FOR SENSITIVE CARGO intelligence information on links with subversion,Cargo escort terrorism, and urban militias, guerrillas, among others. We also consider intelligence information on connec-Our men have the experience to design and tions with labor unions, common crime, gangs, etc. andperform successful operations transporting daily check disciplinary, criminal and legal backgrounds,thousands of tons of sensitive cargo for various among others.companies. Other aspects considered in personnelOur services include: investigation are:• Travel logistics • Home visits• Route analysis • Information verification• Cargo Escort • Background Verification• Urban Escorts • Credit history Verification• Route Escorts • Work history verification• Security during loading and unloading • Academic history verification
  10. 10. CORPORATE SECURITY AUDIT AND SECURITY CONSULTINGINVESTIGATIONS Assessment of your company’s security policiesThoroughly know the rms with which Our highly experienced team of Collaborators perform a thoroughyou do business review and analysis of your facilities, allowing us to determine the current levels of security, the possible deficiencies of the system,These investigations verify the true situation of your the possible excesses being incurred in the operation, the possiblebusiness partner, analyzing its financial standing, excesses incurred in setting-up the system and the level of protec-facilities, verifying commercial references, verifying its tion required.status before the commerce chamber and the situa-tion of its members and executives in respect to their The above information allows us to perform a professional analysisdisciplinary and criminal backgrounds and their whose results is a detailed report in simple language that includesrelationships and financial standing. a set of advices which when executed will serve proactively to develop a complete security program.Some aspects included in corporatesecurity investigation Our consultancy is designed to provide you with the information• Visit to facilities and parameters needed for the design, implementation and deve-• Business’s background lopment of the various security processes, setting up the operation,• Background of the members of the installation of equipment, design of security systems, security Board of Directors protocols and implementation of protective physical, electronic• Background of the Management team and computer security systems.• Financial standing of the company• Financial standing of the members of the Board of Directors• Standing in the Commerce Chamber• Commercial References
  11. 11. COMPLIANCEAvoiding bad businessesAt ACOL Risk & Security Consulting we have professio-nals trained and certified by Trace International asAnti-Bribery Specialist.Our extensive experience in compliance allows usto support your company in the following areas:• Audit of the relevant subject• Corporate investigations• FCPA training, local regulations of the country in respect to anti-bribery, export control, antitrust, anti-boycott
  12. 12. SECURITY STUDYAND RISK ANALYSISKnow the risks in your surroundingsWe have a group of professionals in security assis-tance with extensive experience and broadknowledge of Venezuela and its specific problems,which analyze the risk areas to further develop andimplement security programs adapted to meetyour specific needs.For the measurement of risks we apply quantitativemethods of assessment, which allow identifying,analyzing and assessing existing risks so we canestablish protection measures to minimize theimpact of such risks.We also perform security studies for executives andtheir families by analyzing their work, personal andfamily environment, the activities in which they areinvolved, the places they regularly visit, security athome, security at the office, travel routes, audit ofthe security scheme, with an ample quantitativeanalysis of risks in order to adopt the neededsecurity measures.
  13. 13. CONTACT USAnd start feeling safe4ta Avenida entre 5ta y 6taTransversal de Altamira, parteAlta de la Quinta Cesval.Caracas, Venezuela.Phone: (+58-212-) @ACOLconsulting