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Latitude Africa

  1. 1. PRESENTATION2011<br />1<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />
  3. 3. OVERVIEW<br />Welcome to Latitude Africa Corporate Travel Services, we are a dynamic travel management company. Our aim is to provide complete travel and events solutions to busy professional organizations, large or small. <br /> We partner with airlines worldwide and have direct contact with some of the leading hotels in the world and have access to car hires services throughout the region.<br /> Our travel experts are on hand to offer their knowledge and expertise to guide you through the corporate world of travel and events. <br /> Latitude Africa Corporate Services look after you from the start of your enquiry through to the very end of your journey, providing you with 24 hour assistance and a dedicated contact. Our products and services are specifically tailored for business clients.  <br /> We take care of all your travel needs it's the little things that make a big difference!<br /> <br />3<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />
  4. 4. LATITUDE AFRICA’S PHILOSOPHY<br />4<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />
  5. 5. Latitudeafrica2011<br />5<br /> WHAT ON EARTH DOES A CORPORATE TRAVEL MANAGER DO?<br />Some companies may not have a corporate travel manager and some have entire teams that manage the corporate travel program. Regardless of size and structure, the typical corporate travel manager’s activities are usually similar across companies.  Here are some of the highlights:<br /><ul><li>Travel Supplier Management:  A corporate travel manager negotiates and manages your company’s contracts with airlines, hotels and car rental providers and more.  This requires a great deal of analysis and tough negotiations.  Even tougher is making sure the travelers are getting discounts on what they need most and buying what is discounted.
  6. 6. Reporting and Analysis:  Next to payroll and real estate, travel is often a significant expense to companies and most measure the spending behavior very closely. Your travel manager spends a good deal of time monitoring data related to purchasing, contract savings, policy adherence and program performance to start.  Then, they spend even more time creating context and analysis for their senior leadership.
  7. 7. Duty of Care:  If you travel for business, your employer has a duty to ensure you are safe.  Most travelers are not aware that corporate programs have tools that track itineraries so that they are accessible in the event of an emergency.  Your travel manager is monitoring these tools and is a key player in most corporate protocols related to disaster recovery.  Most travel managers are acutely aware of geo-political events, major market disruptions, aircraft/hotel/rail incidents etc and have detailed plans on how to handle each.
  8. 8. Customer Care: Involved in resolving specific issues for travelers–which may involve negotiation when resolution costs are high. Sometimes a corporate travel manager is simply calling an airline representative to “make something happen” for a VIP traveler.  Oftentimes, the corporate travel manager is interacting with you, the business traveler, answering a question or connecting you to the right information.</li></li></ul><li>Latitudeafrica2011<br />6<br />Because of globalization & depending on industry, strategy, structure, size, & business objectives, many Organizations need to:<br />TRAVEL RISKS<br />TERRORISM<br />HIJACKING<br />AIR DISASTER<br />TSUNAMI<br />EARTH<br />QUAKE<br />TRAFFIC ACCIDENT<br />HOTEL FIRE<br /><ul><li>Transact business
  9. 9. Meet clients
  10. 10. Host events,
  11. 11. Manage projects
  12. 12. Oversee operation</li></ul>CIVIL DISORDER<br />INSURGENCY<br />COUPS D’ ETAT<br />K&R<br />MUGGING<br />ASSAULTS<br />DISEASE<br />HOTEL BURGLARY<br />LOST TRAVEL DOCS<br />And key personnel need to:<br /><ul><li>Relocate
  13. 13. Station
  14. 14. Travel
  15. 15. Spend time in </li></ul>overseas destinations.<br />TYPHOONS<br />TRAVEL DELAY<br />
  16. 16. Latitudeafrica2011<br />7<br />WHY MANAGE TRAVEL RISKS?<br />
  17. 17. Latitudeafrica2011<br />8<br />WAYS TO MANAGE TRAVEL RISK<br />Corporate Travel Policy<br /><ul><li>Written, communicated & reviewed
  18. 18. Defines who can travel, how to book & approval process
  19. 19. Defines risk restrictions, non-compliance consequences, training requirements, travel & risk monitoring & communication tools, preferred airlines & hotels, ground transport, etc.</li></ul>Business Travel Insurance<br /><ul><li>Cover all employees
  20. 20. Protects company from economic impact
  21. 21. Quantify travel program – how many travellers/expats, travel frequency, what high risk destinations, vehicle use, etc.
  22. 22. Identifies risk, drives insurance premiums & helps to formulate travel policies</li></li></ul><li>Latitudeafrica2011<br />9<br />WAYS TO MANAGE TRAVEL RISK Contd.<br />Hotline Assistance<br />Who to call if something goes wrong?<br />Travel, security & medical emergencies<br />Incident escalation & response<br />Call trees & useful numbers<br />Linked to travel insurance provider?<br />Destination Intelligence<br />Pre-travel info to plan trip & avoid risks<br />Security, health, weather, transport, local info, etc.<br />Risk is dynamic, situations change<br />Timely, accurate & actionable info before, during & after trip<br />How to communicate risk info?<br />Briefings, Email, SMS & Website<br />Train & Communicate<br />Staff orientation & security awareness programs<br />Security alerts & advisories<br />
  23. 23. Latitudeafrica2011<br />10<br />Traveller’s Particulars<br />Travellers (or arrangers) must pass following info to the travel agent<br />
  24. 24. CORPORATE TRAVEL SERVICES<br />Our Corporate Travel Service will bring ease to any company booking overseas business trips. We understand the importance of your time and we take care of the arrangements for you.<br /> We provide you with your own dedicated contact who will be on hand to assist with your travel plans 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In our Mombasa and Nairobi offices. <br />Our highly experienced advisors will not only look after you, they will share with you their knowledge and travel experiences, making recommendations and suggestions, leaving you with piece of mind that you are in the hands of a professional.<br />Working with so many suppliers and travel partners you can rely on us to deliver cost-effective travel solutions.<br />Whatever your corporate travel needs we deliver them with integrity and understanding, we look after our clients and recognize their needs, offering the very best in customer care. <br />11<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />
  25. 25. BALANCING FUNDAMENTALS<br /><ul><li>Preferred programs
  26. 26. Travel policy
  27. 27. Program management partner
  28. 28. Consumer dynamics
  29. 29. Connectedness
  30. 30. Policy compliance.</li></ul>12<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />
  31. 31. LATITUDE AFRICA COMMUNICATIONS<br />13<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />Corporate Managers and employees will be able to contact Latitude Africa representative’s through:-<br /><ul><li>Dedicated Landline phone
  32. 32. Dedicated emails
  33. 33. 24/7 Mobile Phones
  34. 34. Latitude Africa’s website
  35. 35. Social Media platforms i.e. Facebook , LinkedIn, Skype , Gtalk etc
  36. 36. Face to face with customer care representatives.</li></li></ul><li>LATITUDE AFRICA CORPORATE POLICY<br />14<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />We are committed to satisfying the Travel needs of it’s corporate customers by maximizing <br />value while minimizing their travel cost’s.<br />
  37. 37. BENEFITS CORPORATE CONSUMER’S RECEIVE<br />15<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br /><ul><li>An experienced dedicated account manager empowered to take action in all aspects.
  38. 38. Consultation in setting your corporations goals to control on of their largest business</li></ul> expense items.<br /><ul><li>Personalized reservations and ticketing by experienced travel managers for Air, hotel, car </li></ul> and ground handling logistics to ensure policy compliance, while providing<br /> professional services.<br /><ul><li>Negotiation assistance for corporate transports, accommodation and MICE to improve cost savings.
  39. 39. “one stop” meeting & conferences with full knowledge of your companies' needs and corporate culture to ensure successful execution of corporate functions.
  40. 40. 24 hour support to provide emergency assistance and last minute changes and reservations.
  41. 41. Computer maintained customer profiles and all their details.
  42. 42. Un biased, full and complete explanation of regulations, rules, terms and conditions including available options.</li></li></ul><li>TYPES OF CORPORATE TRAVEL SERVICES.<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />16<br />
  43. 43. Contd. TRAVEL SERVICES<br />VISA-latitude Africa will aid in Travel visa acquisition, this is subject to embassies regulations, thus will not bear any responsibilities for denied issuance.<br />Provision of regular updates on visa requirements and all necessary documents requested by consulates as soon as they become available.<br />Pre-booking qualification to help choose the best suitable itinerary for tour holiday.<br />Personal itinerary planning and customized vacation planning.<br />Tailor-made itineraries for groups and individuals to meet your interests and budget.<br />Domestic and International travel arrangements for hotels , transport , sightseeing ,restaurant guide and tour arrangements and conference planning.<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />17<br />
  44. 44. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION<br />Periodical performance check of Account Managers.<br />Travel surveys, reports and customer feedback forms forwarded for service evaluation.<br />Complaint channel and correction of challenges. <br />Latitude Africa Success <br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />18<br />HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT?<br /><ul><li>We have remained flexible in our approach to service because companies differ in their structure and culture.
  45. 45. 24/7 emergency reach out system
  46. 46. Personalized services to accommodate each client.
  47. 47. Treats the personal leisure travelers needs with white gloves.
  48. 48. Offers more travel budget than before.
  49. 49. Multi-lingual agents internationally.
  50. 50. Transparency and business discipline in the customer relationship function.</li></li></ul><li>TRAVEL PROCEDURES<br />19<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />
  51. 51. TYPES OF ACCOUNTS HANDLED<br />20<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />
  52. 52. COST SAVINGS<br />21<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />
  53. 53. COMPLETE SERVICE PACKAGE<br /><ul><li>Customer Care
  54. 54. 24-HOUR Emergency Calls
  55. 55. Business & Tourist Visa Support
  56. 56. End to End Travel services
  57. 57. MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events)</li></ul>LEISURE TRAVEL<br /> Last - Minute Travel Arrangements<br /> Travel Insurance Services<br /> Exceptional Vacation Values<br /> Quality Suppliers<br /> Currency Exchange<br /> Group Discount Travel<br /> Weddings and Honeymoon Arrangements<br />22<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />
  58. 58. CONCLUSION<br />23<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />
  59. 59. In your evaluation, we ask that you consider the following:<br />Our knowledge and experience in the travel and hospitality industry.<br />50% of our clients are repeat clients and referrals.<br />Young dynamic professionals with undying passion to stimulate business growth and trust.<br /> Professional, proactive, personalized service<br />Operational expertise and technical resources, which provide added value through comprehensive traveler services and flexible operational configuration options that will best suit your corporation .<br />Pride in our long term customer partnerships. <br />On behalf of all the associates, employees and senior management at Latitude Africa, we commit our personnel, financial and technological resources to building a mutually beneficial and successful travel partnership.<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />24<br />
  60. 60. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!<br />CONTACT US:<br />25<br />Latitudeafrica2011<br />