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Carlson Wagonlit Travel


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Carlson Wagonlit Travel is a global leader specializing in business travel management. The company is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes, as well as government institutions and non-governmental organizations, optimize their travel programs and provide best-in-class service and assistance to travelers.

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Carlson Wagonlit Travel

  1. 1. A Comprehensive Approach to EFFECTIVE TRAVEL MANAGEMENT 2009
  2. 2. Business Travel Today Business travel continues to play an important part in building relationships and driving growth. There is simply no better substitute for a firm handshake or an encouraging pat on the back. Nevertheless, business travel is under closer scrutiny than ever before. Value has become the recurring theme. Every business trip must generate concrete results in keeping with well-defined objectives. Consequently, travel programs are continuously monitored and ongoing program optimization an absolute. Greater savings are only part of the mandate. Service and security remain important imperatives and decreasing travel’s impact on the environment is on everybody’s “Must Do” list. Furthermore, today’s business travel market is highly complex and constantly changing. How then can organizations today effectively manage their travel programs? One sure way is by working with a travel management company who truly understands their needs and challenges and is consistently on top of market trends and best practices. Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) is just that company. As a global leader specializing in business travel management, we are focused on helping clients derive greater value from their travel programs. To that end, we have the people, processes, products and services our clients need to optimize their business travel. CWT knows that making the most of business travel can mean big returns for companies and their travelers. 2
  3. 3. Contents About Carlson Wagonlit Travel .................................................................4 Corporate Social Responsibility ...........................................................18 Message from Douglas Anderson, President & CEO.......................5 Core Values Guiding CWT ......................................................................20 Eight Key Levers to Effective Travel Management ...........................6 CWT Travel Management Institute.......................................................21 CWT Products and Services .....................................................................8 The CWT Executive Team .......................................................................22 Traveler & Transaction Services .................................................10 Worldwide Presence.................................................................................23 Program Optimization..................................................................12 Safety & Security ............................................................................14 Meetings & Events.........................................................................16 Carlson Wagonlit Travel is committed to promoting environmental sustainability. This document was printed on 100% recycled paper. We used no-glue binding for cleaner production. 3
  4. 4. About Carlson Wagonlit Travel Carlson Wagonlit Travel is a global leader specializing in business travel management. The company is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes, as well as government institutions and non-governmental organizations, optimize their travel programs and provide best-in-class service and assistance to travelers. By leveraging the talents and know-how of its people and providing leading-edge technology, CWT helps clients around the world drive savings while delivering service and enhancing security and sustainability. CWT sales volume Actual at current exchange rates, CWT at a glance* including joint ventures (US$ billion) Present in more than 150 countries and territories 22,000 employees 27.8 26.0* A diverse client portfolio of large corporations, small and mid-size companies, and government institutions. Clients include more than half of the Fortune Global 100 companies. 19.6 55 million on- and offline transactions US$ billion US$27.8 billion in sales generated by wholly owned operations and joint ventures U A global leader: Number one in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America Number two in North America * 2008 figures 2006 2007 2008 * 2007 traffic restated for additional hotel and car volume in North America 4
  5. 5. Message from Douglas Anderson President & CEO At Carlson Wagonlit Travel, we are proud of our success. But we also know that being an industry leader brings tremendous responsibility. Meeting the needs of our clients with integrity and know-how is a deep-rooted conviction we all share. We at CWT are privileged to work with clients in all business sectors as well as government and non-governmental organizations. Although many of our clients are among the biggest and best-known corporations in the world, we take great pride in successfully delivering effective travel management to small and mid-size companies as well. Working hand in hand with our clients to truly understand their business needs and help them realize their objectives through flexible solutions is what sets CWT apart. CWT has a multicultural team of people working around the world. Their strong sense of engagement and their expertise have contributed significantly to our clients’ satisfaction and loyalty. Our job is made easier thanks to the industry suppliers and business partners with whom we work. Like us, they are committed to client care and excellence. Our shareholders are global leaders in their own right. Their unwavering support has helped CWT pave the way in a fast-changing, complex environment. By being innovative and resourceful in all aspects of our business, we have continued to deliver added value to our clients, employees and shareholders alike. Looking ahead, CWT is well positioned to maintain its global leadership and successfully address the challenges before us. Our strategy is focused and our priorities clear. In addition, we offer the finest products and services in our industry. In a world without boundaries, we have a vast geographic presence and hard-working people who are among the best in their field. Our history of longstanding client relationships also bodes well for the future. But we are never complacent. Every day, we seek higher levels of performance that will benefit not only our clients but our industry at large. This brochure provides a glimpse into CWT and its activity. I trust those of you who know us well will find yourselves in familiar surroundings. If you have not yet discovered our company, I hope this information will be of relevance and encourage you to get to know us better. “Every day, we seek higher levels of performance that will benefit our clients and the industry at large. ” 5
  6. 6. Eight Key Levers to Effective Travel Management In a complex, fast-changing environment, Carlson Wagonlit Travel works closely with clients to help them identify their priorities and optimize their travel programs. This means greater value in terms of safety, service and security for companies and their travelers. Sustainability is also a key factor in the equation. Today, by mitigating business travel’s impact on the environment, companies can help shape the future. The eight key levers to effective travel management are at the heart of every well-managed travel program. They provide a robust framework from which to work and succeed. To that end, the CWT Travel Management Institute conducts in-depth research into the underlying principles of effective travel management and identifies best practices companies can implement with the help of CWT. 6
  7. 7. Provide the right services and assistance to travelers and Further consolidate travel programs. By bringing the optimize transaction processing. Online booking tools for components of a travel program together on a local, regional or simple transactions, coupled with expert travel counselors at the global level, companies can save up to 20 percent of total travel point of sale for complex itineraries and special services, drive spend and enhance service and security. A standardized travel savings and increase traveler satisfaction and productivity. policy, consistent booking and fulfillment processes, and consolidated sourcing that includes just one travel management Tackle hotel spend. Representing 30-40 percent of a total travel company are keys to success. budget, hotel spend is often less carefully managed than air spend. Establishing and closely monitoring a preferred hotel program that Address security and corporate social responsibility. travelers adhere to provides greater leverage for negotiations. A company’s duty of care applies to employees as well as the Security is also enhanced when travelers comply with a well- environment in which they operate. For starters, this means designed program that meets their business needs. successfully managing the risks associated with business travel, practicing responsible procurement and reducing their carbon Continue to drive air and ground transportation savings. footprint. Optimized sourcing and changes in traveler behavior can lead to greater savings. Negotiating with a limited number of preferred Integrate meetings and events into the travel program. airlines and requiring travelers to book restricted fares at least two Meetings and events can represent 25-40 percent of a total travel weeks in advance are two important means. Integrating rail into a and entertainment budget. By integrating them into their travel travel program can also bring tangible results in terms of savings, programs and applying the principles of effective travel traveler comfort and convenience, and reduced carbon dioxide management, companies can better control and optimize their emissions. A well thought-out ground transportation program takes spend. car rental, limousine, chauffer-driven “black car” and taxi services into account too. Develop actionable dashboards and performance measures. Without relevant performance indicators and consolidated data Increase policy compliance and optimize demand delivered in a timely, accurate, easy-to-use fashion, it is impossible to management. Together, a well-designed travel policy and strict evaluate a travel program and implement corrective measures where compliance can generate savings of on average 20 percent of total needed. travel spend.1 Mandates must be clear and compliance strictly enforced in five main areas: advance air booking, restricted airfares, preferred suppliers, traveler comfort (authorized air class/hotel category), and preferred booking channels. Demand management offers another way to control costs by aligning travel with business needs. To that end, some trips may be replaced with alternatives such as teleconferencing to reach the same objectives. Adjusting the travel policy, increasing compliance and monitoring performance indicators also help optimize the quantity, frequency and specifications of travel for better demand management. 1 Playing by the Rules: Optimizing Travel Policy and Compliance, CWT Travel Management Institute, 2008. 7
  8. 8. CWT Products and Services CWT offers flexible solutions that generate value for companies of all sizes. Working closely with clients to fully understand their goals, CWT provides products and services that balance and meet the needs of travel managers, business travelers, procurement professionals and C-level executives. CWT leverages its global footprint and innovative technology with best-in-class tools to help clients around the world maximize the effectiveness and value of their travel programs while providing consistent and dependable service to their travelers. As new trends emerge and clients’ needs change, CWT uses its expertise to constantly evolve its products to provide innovative, results-driven solutions. 8
  9. 9. CWT products and services meet your varied needs 9
  10. 10. With more than 18,000 skillfully trained counselors, CWT offers best-in-class traveler services, booking assistance and optimized transaction processing. CWT recognizes that clients have different travel management needs. Therefore, driving online adoption and effectively managing complex offline our services can be adapted to ensure your specific requirements are fulfilled bookings. Booking through CWT also provides efficient access to the most successfully. No matter the request, CWT can help companies identify and competitive hotel rates—negotiated by you and/or by us. Additional traveler implement service configurations that increase savings and enhance service to services—mobile alerts, VIP assistance, customer satisfaction monitoring and best meet your travelers’ needs. For example, using a CWT Fulfillment Center can around-the-clock emergency support—allow travelers to be more productive and maximize automation and simplify delivery for any type of transaction. improve their overall experience. CWT also offers clients access to all relevant content—scheduling, fares, room rates and availability—and the most competitive pricing so they can accomplish their objectives in accordance with their travel policy. CWT further assists clients in 10
  11. 11. Powerful tools for travelers CWT Portal is the central gateway to all CWT online travel services, providing travelers with 24/7 access to booking services, profile data, security news and alerts, destination Success story: intelligence, health information and traveler tools. Service configuration change saves $1 million in 3 months CWT Portrait is a Web-based profile management tool that allows travelers and travel arrangers to create and update A leading, global biotechnology company with $80 million in travel traveler profiles 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure accurate spend wanted to streamline operational delivery to reduce costs and bookings, precise and informative reporting, and enhance service quality. CWT worked with the client to implement an personalized interactions. outsourced CWT Full Service Center, resulting in savings of $1 million in the first three months, improved data consolidation and increased Online booking tools can significantly reduce travel spend customer satisfaction. and increase policy compliance. CWT offers seamless integration of leading, third-party online booking tools as well as proprietary tools in specific markets. 11
  12. 12. CWT offers an array of products and services to help clients optimize their travel programs and increase savings. The foundation of program optimization is the ability to capture and consolidate and execution of action plans to improve specific areas. The CWT diagnostic data. CWT works with clients to ensure the data collected is timely, relevant and approach is objective and quantitative, offering fact-based, actionable data clients accurate. Data is consolidated in a worldwide global data warehouse, ensuring can use to make measurable improvements to their travel programs. clients have the global, regional or country-level perspective they need. This information is accessible through an industry-leading, global travel management The program optimization team includes more than 1,000 professionals around portal, available 24/7. The innovative interface allows clients to customize their the world who are responsible for analyzing travel programs and implementing reporting display and track progress toward key company goals easily and program optimization strategies. This diverse team of experts includes graphically and share this information with principal stakeholders. program managers and data consolidation experts. Additionally, the consultants of the CWT Solutions Group manage customized engagements in air, hotel and CWT helps clients assess the maturity of their current travel programs in each of the ground transportation supplier sourcing as well as technology, booking, fulfillment, eight key levers to effective travel management and follow-up with the development meetings and events, and change management. 12
  13. 13. Demand management support CWT demand management tools give clients a wide spectrum of options to apply systemic controls that affect the quantity, frequency and specifications of travel, enabling them to manage costs without compromising business objectives. The CWT Program Management Center is an award- winning, centralized travel management interface that helps clients track compliance and trip purpose by putting Success story: all of the performance metrics and information needed— at a global, regional or local level—in one place. CWT Better-fit program improves hotel compliance Agency+Card Reporting, an enhanced reporting option, allows clients to compare travel booking data with credit A global pharmaceutical group with $23 million in hotel spend card charges to identify and address discrepancies quickly. wanted to improve compliance with its preferred hotels policy. Working closely with the CWT Solutions Group, they audited transactions to identify ways to improve the hotel program’s fit CWT Policy Builder helps clients create a travel policy from with traveler needs, identified potential new preferred suppliers, scratch and assess, benchmark and improve existing and improved service at the point-of-sale, resulting in a policies to support company initiatives such as demand 20 percent increase in compliance. management. CWT Policy Messenger, winner of a 2009 Innovation Award at the Business Travel Show in London, enables travel managers to automate out-of-policy messages to targeted travelers and optimize compliance. 13
  14. 14. CWT’s safety offering keeps clients informed of travel risks and helps them locate and assist travelers quickly in a crisis. To help avoid situations that may adversely affect traveler safety, CWT provides For advanced security needs, CWT works with leading, third-party risk- clients and their travelers with relevant information to increase awareness of management and healthcare firms to offer enhanced services designed to risks before, during and after a business trip. monitor risk to personnel and facilities, protect travelers and respond to emergency incidents 24/7. When incidents occur, CWT’s thorough crisis communications process includes effective communication, as well as response and recovery procedures, to ensure clients are informed and travelers well protected. CWT immediately alerts clients of a travel incident by telephone, email and/or SMS. Travel managers can then access accurate, actionable passenger data provided by CWT to quickly identify and track affected travelers, delivering assistance where needed. 14
  15. 15. Helping improve security CWT Guardian, our global suite of safety and security services, offers automated travel alerts, destination intelligence, traveler tracking and traveler support to help clients proactively avoid or effectively manage risk. CWT Policy Messenger allows travel managers and heads Success story: of security to automatically alert travelers going to high- risk destinations. Enhancing traveler tracking A financial services company with $38 million in travel spend Enhanced safety and security services are also available, needed a partner who could monitor global incidents and send including trip-specific intelligence reports, enhanced immediate notification in case of an emergency to help traveler tracking, direct communication with affected improve traveler safety. CWT provided a complete solution via travelers, health information and other services designed its safety and security offering CWT Guardian, which includes to mitigate risk. travel alerts, destination intelligence, traveler tracking and traveler support. In less than an hour after breaking news of a plane crash, CWT alerted the client so they could contact an affected traveler who had been sent to the hospital and ensure continued care and safety. 15
  16. 16. CWT offers a range of services to help integrate meetings and events with the travel program to optimize savings, enhance process control, improve risk management and enrich attendee experiences. CWT integrates best practices in sourcing, logistics and specialized CWT Events can help you develop event concepts that meet your business consulting to deliver a comprehensive M&E program that optimizes spend, objectives, then plan, fulfill and execute events that accomplish those goals savings and return on meeting objectives. Taking control of meetings and events with market-specific event services tailored to your particular needs. They also can help companies save 10-30 percent in direct costs while improving meeting handle administrative and financial tasks so meeting owners can focus on the and event services and return on investment. event’s success and deliver return on their investment. CWT Meetings offers a range of services to professionalize meeting planning CWT’s comprehensive, post-meeting reporting package consolidates data from and execution, as a supplement to in-house processes, providing expertise as multiple sources to measure the financial impact and effectiveness of each meeting. needed in specific areas or delivering an end-to-end solution for your planners In addition, data consolidation enables clients to leverage combined M&E and and attendees. In addition, professionals from CWT Meetings & Events Solutions business travel spend for more effective negotiations. CWT also has best-in-class can help you gather and analyze the data and information you need to build technology enablers to facilitate efficient processes and provide the meeting tools a best-in-class M&E program and improve it year after year. and services planners need. Furthermore, traveler tracking and risk management are enhanced when M&E participants book through CWT. 16
  17. 17. Unbeatable strength With CWT Meetings Strategy Plus, companies can strategically strengthen their M&E program by leveraging both customized consulting and professional meeting planning and execution. Our M&E professionals can assess and evaluate your current program, including the sourcing strategy and meetings policy. They can then design and implement a program that meets your unique M&E program objectives and provide ongoing analysis and actionable recommendations for continued improvement. Success story: Consolidated M&E approach drives savings A high-performance network solutions company with $15 million in annual M&E spend wanted to optimize their M&E investment and improve processes to avoid penalties while increasing benefits to attendees and the company. CWT negotiated hotel contracts to gain more value from suppliers, including better indemnification and cancellation clauses, while implementing tools and process improvements to create a more organized approach to meeting planning. The client saved an average of 26 percent on CWT-managed meetings and events while improving its registration process, supplier negotiations and planning. 17
  18. 18. Corporate Social Responsibility As a leading provider of travel management products and services worldwide, CWT is addressing issues of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by helping Success story: clients reduce the impact of their travel program on the environment. Government agency increases sustainable travel awareness CWT actively and effectively helps clients build sustainable travel programs by enabling travel management professionals and travelers to make well-informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint. As a result of these efforts, we have won the coveted Icarus award A government agency that supervises environmental issues from the Institute of Travel and Meetings in the U.K. for two years in a row. With CWT, and has $2.1 million in travel spend wanted to improve clients can strategically calculate, measure and manage emissions to align their travel environmental reporting capabilities and traveler decision programs with their overall CSR goals. making within its own travel program. With help from CWT, the agency implemented an online booking tool that features the At the time of booking, travelers can choose the transportation option that best meets their CWT Carbon Calculator, significantly increasing travelers’ needs by calculating and comparing the carbon impact of their trip on the environment. awareness of the environmental impact of their travel choices. CWT’s post-trip emissions reporting lets travel managers measure the carbon footprint of As a result, rail is now the preferred travel option for trips of less their corporate travel programs to track trends and evaluate progress toward reduction. than three hours. CWT also provides advanced emissions management services through The CarbonNeutral Company, one of the world’s leading carbon offset and climate consulting companies. Key services include robust greenhouse gas assessments, carbon footprint analyses, access to approved carbon offset projects and carbon-neutral travel certification. 18
  19. 19. Examples of CWT’s commitment to Our commitment to helping clients practice sustainable travel is part of CSR around the world greater company-wide CSR initiatives. Diversity: All CWT employees in Asia Pacific go through a workplace diversity awareness training program. In Germany, CWT was the first An important part of our mission is to foster the development and well-being of company in the travel industry to sign the Charter of Diversity of German our employees, ensure productive relationships with all of our stakeholders, Companies under the patronage of the federal chancellor. CWT North protect the environment, and be good citizens in the communities where we America’s Diversity Council works with human resources to recruit and operate. promote a diverse workforce, while our Military & Government Markets division has helped employ disabled veterans in partnership with the U.S. Principles of ethical and safe conduct, coupled with our core values and a sense of corporate citizenship, provide the framework that guides CWT both in its Department of Veteran Affairs. business activities and its CSR initiatives. Environment: Many CWT offices are dedicated to recycling, using alternative energy suppliers, and purchasing office furniture endorsed by Specifically, CWT has made diversity, the environment and community forest sustainability councils. involvement the focus of its CSR program. Community involvement: Various CWT offices in North America support more than 75 different charities and community organizations through fundraising, volunteering and in-kind donations. Employees of CWT China assisted the China Earthquake Relief Fund. CWT Australia raised funds through donations and wellness challenge events for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, dedicated to lifting the spirits of seriously ill and hospitalized children and their families. 19
  20. 20. Core Values Guiding CWT Six core values underlie the collective spirit and code of conduct at CWT. Employees are guided by these principles as they build new relationships, sustain existing ones, make determined choices and carry out their professional responsibilities. CUSTOMER CARE COMMITMENT TO CULTURAL DIVERSITY Putting the needs of clients first and EXCELLENCE Fostering respect and a team spirit striving to continuously provide an Continuously seeking higher levels in the workplace, embracing and outstanding level of service of performance leveraging the multicultural essence of the company, and providing equal opportunities to talented individuals RELIABILITY ENTREPRENEURIAL INTEGRITY Being a dependable and trustworthy SPIRIT Building productive, longstanding business partner, committed to Approaching new challenges with relationships by being truthful and offering industry-leading products creativity, resourcefulness and agility, promoting open communication and services reacting quickly and effectively to provide innovative solutions 20
  21. 21. CWT Travel Management Institute The CWT Travel Management Institute conducts in-depth research into effective travel management practices to help clients worldwide derive the greatest value from their travel program. Drawing on the global resources of CWT, the institute provides a regular flow of business intelligence and best practices offering actionable insights into travel management. To that end, the global edition of CWT Vision presents timely overviews and interpretations of industry trends. Recent research published by the CWT Travel Management Institute includes: Travel Management Priorities for 2009 Effective Travel Management: Eight Key Levers to Optimize a Travel Program Room for Savings: Optimizing Hotel Spend Playing by the Rules: Optimizing Travel Policy and Compliance Global Horizons: Consolidating a Travel Program Toward Excellence in Online Booking Global edition Annual report of travel managers’ Research publications priorities 21
  22. 22. The CWT Executive Team Douglas Anderson Håkan Ericsson Jerry Hogan Marc Karako Mike Koetting Jack O’Neill President & President, Europe, VP & General Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, President, North America Chief Executive Officer Middle East, Africa Counsel Chief Financial Officer North America and Latin America Berthold Trenkel Philippe Vinay Cathy Voss Martin Warner Andrew Winterton Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President, Traveler & Transaction Services Human Resources Global Program Solutions Asia Pacific Global Supplier Management Carlson Wagonlit Travel has two shareholders. Carlson, a global hotel, marketing, restaurant and travel company, holds 55 percent of CWT shares. One Equity Partners, a private equity affiliate of JPMorgan Chase & Co., holds the remaining 45 percent. 22
  23. 23. Worldwide Presence Japan Romania Jordan Russia Kazakhstan Rwanda Kenya Saudi Arabia Kosovo Senegal Kuwait Serbia Kyrgystan Seychelles Latvia Sierra Leone Lebanon Singapore Libya Slovakia Lithuania Slovenia Luxembourg South Africa Macedonia South Korea Madagascar Spain Malawi Sri Lanka Malaysia Sudan Mali Sweden Malta Switzerland Martinique Syria Mauritania Taiwan Wholly Owned/Joint Ventures/Minority Holdings (43) Mauritius Tajikistan Partners (114) Mexico Tanzania Modolva Thailand Monaco Togo Mongolia Trinidad and Tobago Afghanistan Burundi France Montenegro Tunisia Albania Cambodia French Guiana Morocco Turkey Algeria Cameroon French Polynesia Mozambique Uganda Angola Canada Gabon Nepal Ukraine Argentina Chile Gambia Netherlands United Arab Emirates Armenia China Georgia New Caledonia United Kingdom Australia Colombia Germany New Zealand United States Austria Congo, Democratic Republic of the Ghana Nicaragua Uruguay Azerbaijan Congo, Republic of the Greece Niger Uzbekistan Bahrain Cook Islands Guadeloupe Nigeria Vanuatu Bangladesh Costa Rica Guatemala Norway Venezuela Barbados Côte d'Ivoire Guinea Oman Vietnam Belarus Croatia Haiti Pakistan Yemen Belgium Cyprus Honduras Panama Zambia Belize Czech Republic Hong Kong Papua New Guinea Zimbabwe Benin Denmark Hungary Paraguay Bhutan Dominican Republic Iceland Peru Bolivia Ecuador India Philippines Botswana Egypt Indonesia Poland Brazil El Salvador Ireland Portugal Brunei Estonia Israel Puerto Rico Bulgaria Ethiopia Italy Qatar Burkina Faso Finland Jamaica Reunion Island 23
  24. 24. CWT Head Offices Worldwide Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America 31 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia 75904 Paris Cedex 15 France Tel. +33 (0)1 41 33 65 00 North America 701 Carlson Parkway Minneapolis, MN 55305 United States Tel. +1 (800) 213-7295 Asia Pacific 3 HarbourFront Place #08-03 HarbourFront Tower 2 Singapore 099254 Tel. +65 6511 9200 Carlson Wagonlit Travel is committed to promoting environmental sustainability. This document was printed on 100% recycled paper. We used no-glue binding for cleaner production. Copyright © 2009 CWT