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Icon science fiction

  1. 1. Click to Print This Page<br />Friday Evening<br />Location6:00pm6:30pm7:00pm7:30pm8:00pm8:30pm9:00pm9:30pmAuthors Table 1    Author Signing - Keith DeCandido - DeCandido  Authors Table 2    Author Signing - Allen Steele - Steele  ESS 069Magic: The Gathering Drafts ESS 079  Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament ESS 131From Science to Science Fiction - an Introspective - Dr. KramerWeb Series 101 w/ Oh Inverted World - Oh, Inverted WorldShort Films w/ Adam Briggs - BriggsGreat Works of Horror Literature on Film - Maffei, KochESS 177  Zombie Makeover Contest - Maffei, Koch   Harriman 104Trigun Texhnolyze Ah! My Goddess TV Harriman 108Star Wars The Original Trilogy. - Docking Bay 516Assembling a Convention Art Show - CatMore than Meets the Eye - Docking Bay 5162010 Movie Round Up - Docking Bay 516Harriman 111Fantasy Coloring Henna/ Tempoary Tattoos/ Face Painting Exploding Chocolate Frogs Open Play Time Harriman 112Who's Wand Is It Anyway? -Seventh Years Edition - Dumbledore's ArmyLearn Short Form Improv! - Bedtime BrothersMy Chuck is Better than Your Norris Harriman 115 Intro to Filk - What is This Thing Called Filk? - Filthy Pierre, RogowFilk Theme Circle - Authurian Songs - Deschamps, Captain Zorikh, DaleFilk Theme Circle - Chilling/Spine-Tingling/Eerie songs - RogowFilk Theme Circle - Songs about Fandom - Cinii, Filthy Pierre, RogowHarriman 116Cthulhu Haiku and Other Uncanny Poetry - Exquisite CorpseVampires, Otherkin, and Theirians: It Ain't Like the Stories. - Exquisite CorpseWerewolf: Deathnote Style Harriman 137Dragon Ball Z - History of Trunks and Bardock: The Father of Goku Summer Wars Armitage III: Poly-Matrix (17+) Javits 100  Nicki Clyne Q&A - ClyneSurrounded by Psycho Killers - BenzMeet & Greet with the Crew of Y The Last man   Javits 101 Inception (rated PG-13) Zombieland (Rated R) Javits 102 Showing Your Face or Lending Your Voice - Dufris, Logan Legends & Labyrinths (Beta Test) - StraytonJavits 103Conventions 101 Anime Parliament ® Ghibli Before Ghibli Javits 105  Art Show Javits 109An Intro to Second Life - BeachBlog About It - Strayton, TrescaYou Got Your Lovecraft in My Peanut Butter - TrescaShout it out Loud: Gaming Podcasts - ElliotDeath Kappa Javits 110  Anime Name that Tune FMV Competition - J&P ProductionsLight Eng 102Gods & Monsters - Vermin & ValorLight Eng 152Vampire The Masquerade - The King of Stony Brook - GM CoalitionLight Eng 154Gods & Monsters - Vermin & ValorOld Eng 143Anime '81 How to Further Avoid Rabid Fanboys/Fangirls OMGWTF! Furries Double-Feature - JazmineOld Eng 145 Julie Benz Q&A - Benz Oh My God! There's an Axe in My Head. (Board Game) - AdamsPsych A 137Singing Your Way Through Voice Acting - NelsonAutograph Session - Rogers, Vale, Klein, Nelson, Knotz, ReniADR Scriptwriting - Rogers, Vale, KleinHarry Potter and the Magic of Hentai (18+) - Dumbledore's ArmyPsych A 144Belly Dance Techniques - Adrian EmpireCreate & Imagine Feasts, Foods and Subtleties - Adrian EmpireBetween Light and Darkness: Are Good and Evil real and how they affect the world - FALOPsych A 146Warhammer Roundtable Wargame Widows, or How I Stopped Worrying & Learned to Love the Wargaming Hobby Simplifying Character Design for Web Comics - West, StollerMeet and Greet the Artists - Baidakova, Thomas, Bryant, BersteinSAC 302Intro to Stage Performance Slipstream Fiction - Gilman, LansdaleAuthor's Reading - Joe Lansdale - LansdaleThere's Just Some Things I Won't Abide - E. Lee, Axt, DavidSAC 303 Author's Reading - Allen Steele - SteeleLies, Damn Lies, & Statistics - Dr. Halada, Dr. TakaiScience as a Job - Bodek, Dr. Schneiderman, Dr. MezzacappaGenetic Research - The Next Super Solder - Dr. KramerSAC 304Build a Robot Army (papercraft) w/ John Pane Children's Cartoons as Inspiration for Non-lethal Weapons - Cooke, Dr. MezzacappaThe Future of Computing: How Will Personal Computing Evolve? - Cooke, Falken, ColluraCyber-Crime and Terrorism - Falken, ColluraSAC 305Gaming Guests Meet & Greet - Mentzer, M. Webb, E. Webb, Daigle, Banks, Strayton, Rosenberg, Morgan, Osorio, Elliot, Adams, Rios, TrescaThere Have Always Been Furries in Literature - Zubkov, WestWhite Wolf Q&A - E. Webb, M. WebbIndependent Publishing: Is It For You? - Rosenberg, Morgan, Osorio, RiosRemembering Gary - MentzerSAC 306Peter David Q&A - DavidHarry Potter and the Relevant Mythologies Black Haired, Sullen Eyed, with Sword in Hand, a Thief, a Reaver, a Slayer - E. Lee, KalutaSure It's Not in the Issue, But Who Cares?: Cover Design - Mazz, Golden, Kaluta, BradstreetSAC 308Generational Differences in Comics - Erenberg, Mazz, KalutaSexuality and Gender Issues in Comic Books - Erenberg, E. LeeCrossovers and Crossgenre - Erenberg, Meyers, RamosFamily Guy Trivia SAC 311Finding Asian Trends of Warfare in Science Fiction - Berman, MeyersHow to Organize and Implement a Face-to-Face Critique Group - Parris, Packard, Altabef, Colchamiro, FreedmanUsing Social Media to Promote your Writing - Berman, Pomerico, Colchamiro, FreedmanFurry Super Heroes - Suffrin, ZubkovSAC 312 Author's Reading - Keith DeCandido - DeCandidoAuthor's Reading - Lois Gresh - GreshAuthor's Reading - Michele Lang - LangMeet the Tabletop Hooligans! SAC Ballroom AWargaming, RPG's, Board Gaming Galore (see Gaming Grid) Settlers of Catan Wargaming, RPG's, Board Gaming Galore (see Gaming Grid) SAC Ballroom BCo-op Gaming - Make New Friends! Crossover Versus Tournament (MvC3, etc) Speed Run Competition - Mega Man 9/10 Hotel - Sayville Room      Meet the Pros Party - Steele, Gresh, Parris, Freedman, DeCandido, Altabef, Lansdale, Berman, Lang, Wishnia, Crawford, Gilman, K. Lansdale, Latham, Packard, Pomerico, Perlman<br />Friday Late Night<br />Location10:00pm10:30pm11:00pm11:30pm12:00am12:30am1:00am1:30amESS 069Magic: The Gathering Drafts      ESS 079Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament      ESS 131Horror Movies of the 80's       Harriman 104Ah! My Goddess TV      Harriman 1082010 Movie Round Up - Docking Bay 516      Harriman 111Open Play Time      Harriman 112My Chuck is Better than Your Norris      Harriman 115Filk Theme Circle - Songs about Fandom - Cinii, Filthy Pierre, RogowFilk Concert - Erwin 'Filthy Pierre' Strauss - Filthy Pierre      Harriman 116Werewolf: Deathnote Style      Harriman 137Armitage III: Poly-Matrix (17+)      Javits 100Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast - The UCC   Javits 101Zombieland (Rated R)Monsters (rated R)    Javits 102Legends & Labyrinths (Beta Test) - Strayton    Javits 103Ghibli Before GhibliCon Horror Stories - Cabrera  Javits 105Art Show    Javits 109House (Hausu) (17+) Uzumaki (Spiral) (17+)   Javits 110FMV Competition - J&P Productions AMV Critique - J&P Productions   Light Eng 102Gods & Monsters - Vermin & Valor      Light Eng 152Vampire The Masquerade - The King of Stony Brook - GM Coalition      Light Eng 154Gods & Monsters - Vermin & Valor      Old Eng 143OMGWTF! Furries Double-Feature - Jazmine      Psych A 137Miles Edgeworth: Gay, Straight or Forever Alone       Psych A 146Meet and Greet the Artists - Baidakova, Thomas, Bryant, Berstein       SAC 302Greatest Super Hero Martial Artists - Meyers      SAC 303Pokemon Optimization       SAC 304Influence of Classical Art on Comic Books - Emmett, Golden, Kaluta, Collins, Ramos, Bradstreet      SAC 305Movie/TV Licensing and Role Playing Games - Rosenberg, Banks, Adams       SAC 306Kitchen Science       SAC 308Family Guy Trivia      SAC 311Captain Zorikh Concert - Captain Zorikh      SAC Ballroom AWargaming, RPG's, Board Gaming Galore (see Gaming Grid)      SAC Ballroom BSpeed Run Competition - Mega Man 9/10      Hotel - Ronkonkoma RoomLate Night Horror Movie Marathon Hotel - Sayville RoomMeet the Pros Party - Steele, Gresh, Parris, Freedman, DeCandido, Altabef, Lansdale, Berman, Lang, Wishnia, Crawford, Gilman, K. Lansdale, Latham, Packard, Pomerico, PerlmanShadowfist Demo (CCG) <br />Saturday Early<br />Location10:00am10:30am11:00am11:30am12:00pm12:30pm1:00pm1:30pmAuthors Table 1Author Signing - Lois Gresh - GreshAuthor Signing - Laurie Rozakis - L. Rozakis    ESS 001  I-CON Pokemon League: Gym Leader Showdown (BYO DS) From Players Handbook to the Big Screen - StraytonESS 069Shadowfist Demo (CCG) Magic: The Gathering Drafts ESS 079Yu-Gi-Oh Children's Gaming Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament ESS 131  Podcast Yourself - Briggs, Dr. Novella, E. WebbJoe Haldeman Q&A - HaldemanAuthor's Reading - Joe Haldeman - HaldemanESS 177Being Turned into a Zombie for the Day - Maffei, Koch Christmas with the Dead - Maffei, Lansdale, K. Lansdale, KochCold Reading Workshop - BriggsESS 181Sketchbook and Fursuit Costuming Meet Anthropomorphic Anatomy - Dr. ConwayWhat was Furry Before There Were Furries - StollerAll Kinds of People Make Up the Fandom - JazmineESS 183  Dave of the Dead [Spooky Beans RPG] - MorganHarriman 111Bubble Play Children's Storytime & Craft: Read Alien & Space Picture Books Shield Making/ Hero Naming/ Medusa Tag Children's Storytime & Craft: Robot Storybooks and Robot Craft Harriman 112Creepers- How to Avoid Them, and How to Avoid Becoming One Yourself. Oh, Epilogue - Dumbledore's ArmyThe Bedtime Brothers' Variety Hour - Bedtime BrothersLearn Long Form Improv! - Bedtime BrothersHarriman 116  Death Eaters- The Game - Dumbledore's ArmyRon's Name Game! - Dumbledore's ArmyHarriman 137Genshiken 2 Gurren Lagann Movie 1: Childhood's End Hetalia (15+) ISC Track      Denise Crosby Autograph Signing - CrosbyJavits 100  What Makes a Great Villain? - Rosenberg, Berman, Rogers, Osorio, Tresca, Brevoort, Pomerico, CrosbyDaniel Logan Q&A - Logan  Starstruck - Dufris, Poirier, Axt, E. Lee, Poirier, Lee, KalutaJavits 101Star Trek (2009) (Rated PG-13) Inception (rated PG-13) Javits 102Haibane Renmei Behind the Shadows of Shadowcasting - The UCC   Javits 103Anime Match Game Inside the Voice Actor's Studio - Rogers, Vale, KnotzJavits 105Art Show Javits 109  State of the Industry: Red Box Edition - Adams, Mentzer, Elliot So You Want to Create a Board Game  Julie Benz Q&A - BenzJavits 110    Turnabout Musical - Turnabout Javits 111  Star Wars Prequel Trilogy - Docking Bay 516Sacred Blacksmith (17+) Light Eng 102  Changeling: the Lost (Camarilla) - Teh CamarillaLight Eng 152  Systems Malfunction - A M0TE in God’s Eye Light Eng 154  Changeling: the Lost (Camarilla) - Teh CamarillaOld Eng 143Go - It's Not Othello Masquerade Magic AMVs 101 - J&P ProductionsOld Eng 145    I-CON 30 Scavenger Hunt - Manical GamersA Monster Drawing Demonstration - MillerPhysics Lawn      Superhero Auditions - C. Rozakis, Mazz, R. RozakisPsych A 137James Bond Discussion - Docking Bay 516  Trailer Park - Docking Bay 516Photography of Robert Leeshock - LeeshockPsych A 144South Park Character Creation Femme Fatles of Myth and Folklore - FALOHistory of Armor and Chivalry - Captain ZorikhToo Old to Rock-n-Roll, Too Young to Die - FALOPsych A 146Sock Puppet Workshop - MyMonsterHatSonic Illusions- Creating sounds of the New Worlds Getting a Job in Film/TV/Theatre - Atkins, Hank, SevushSAC 302Managing Your Writing Business - Gilman, K. Lansdale, DeCandido, Wishnia, Colchamiro, FreedmanWriting for Comics - Greenberger, Lansdale, DeCandido, ColchamiroPhotographing Costumes and Fursuits The Bookstore Pimp - Steele, PerlmanSAC 303How Technology is Helping to Overcome Disabilities - SCCC CSCIntro to Free Computing - Cooke, Falken, ColluraDr. Steve of XM Radio - Question and Answer Building Rockets - LIARSSAC 304The Physics Demonstration Show - Dr. TakaiThe Exotic Universe - Bodek, Dr. TakaiAmateur Astronomy: What You Can See at Night - AOSCNSAC 305State of the Industry - Rosenberg, Osorio, Banks, E. Webb, Tresca, RiosIf Celebrities were Animals... What Animals Would They Be? - Strike, SuffrinMaintaining Motivation in Writing - RiosLARP 101 - E. Webb, M. WebbSAC 306 Artists Technique Panel - Emmett, Collins, Ramos What's New with RAW Studios - Collins, Jane, BradstreetUncle Kage's Story Hour. - Dr. ConwaySAC 308The Bedtime Brothers, the Witch and the Wardrobe - Bedtime BrothersComic Book Trivia - C. Rozakis, Erenberg, MazzWould You Mess with Forbush Man if You Saw Him Walking Down the Street? - B. Rozakis, E. Lee, BrevoortWargaming Costume Contest SAC 311Arduino: Interactive + embedded computing Local Writing Groups - Parris, Latham, Wishnia, Brown, FreedmanAuthor Reading: David Sklar - SklarHow to Break Into Print - Parris, Pomerico, Crawford, DeCandido, Wishnia, L. Rozakis, Brown SAC 312Cosplay Craftsmanship Anime Idol: Auditions - NelsonSAC Auditorium    Concert with Heather Dale, Filk GoH - Deschamps, DaleCharity Auction with Spat - SpatSAC Ballroom AWargaming, RPG's, Board Gaming Galore (see Gaming Grid) Ticket to Ride SAC Ballroom BSpeed Run Competition - Super Mario Bros. 3 Retro Gaming Smash Bros Tournament <br />Saturday Afternoon<br />Location2:00pm2:30pm3:00pm3:30pm4:00pm4:30pm5:00pm5:30pmAuthors Table 1 Author Signing - Felix Gilman - GilmanAuthor Signing - Kenneth Wishnia - WishniaAuthor Signing - Jake Packard - Packard Authors Table 2Author Signing - Chris Berman - BermanAuthor Signing - Michele Lang - Lang    ESS 001Running an Empire on a Shoestring Budget - Rios  Denise Crosby Q&A - Crosby Directors' & Producers' Panel - Maffei, Lantz, Witterstaetter, JaneESS 069Magic: The Gathering DraftsESS 079Yu-Gi-Oh TournamentYu-Gi-Oh Tournament ESS 131 Sci-Fi Web Series Called God Machine - LeeshockOh Inverted World in its Entire Web Series - Oh, Inverted WorldESS 177Cold Reading Workshop - Briggs  Rise and Falls of Entertainment - Briggs, Maffei, Leeshock  ESS 181Are Furries Really as Wierd as They're Made Out to Be? - Strike, Suffrin, StollerScience, Pseudoscience and Outright Crap - Dr. ConwayReal World Furries? - Dr. ConwayThere Were a Lot of Anthros in Animation Last Year - Strike, Suffrin, StollerESS 183Dave of the Dead [Spooky Beans RPG] - MorganI-CON Pokemon League: Championship Matches (BYO DS) Creating the Monster Called The Webcomic - Collins, ShoeboxHarriman 111Children's Storytime & Craft: Robot Storybooks and Robot CraftD&D for Beginners Playdough Manga Drawing and Japanese Book Binding Harriman 112Learn Long Form Improv! - Bedtime BrothersHarry's Geeky Sing-a-long - Dumbledore's ArmyCosplay 101 Odscure Quotes- The Game show. - Dumbledore's ArmyHarriman 116Ron's Name Game! - Dumbledore's ArmyThe 501st Legion and Rebel Legion - 501stWhat Have They Done to My I-CON?? Alumni Critique and Inevitable Changes - Atkins, Hank, Dr. Halada, Sevush, HutterHarriman 137Hetalia (15+)Toradora! Bubblegum Crisis ISC TrackDenise Crosby Autograph Signing - Crosby Julie Benz Autographs - Benz Javits 100Starstruck - Dufris, Poirier, Axt, E. Lee, Poirier, Lee, Kaluta Thomas Jane Q&A - Jane An Hour with Voltaire - Voltaire Starstruck - Dufris, Poirier, Poirier, Lee, E. Lee, AxtJavits 101Inception (rated PG-13)Kick-Ass (Rated R)  Introduction of Bubba Ho-Tep by Authors GOH - LansdaleJavits 102  Journey Through the CLAMP Universe Neon Genesis Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance (15+) Javits 103Autograph Session - Rogers, Vale, KnotzRemi Mimura Q&A - ReniSo Ya Wanna Be A Voice Actor? Voice Acting Workshop - Rogers, Vale, Klein, KnotzJavits 105Art ShowArt Show Javits 109Julie Benz Q&A - Benz Organized Play: Now and Then - Mentzer, M. Webb Spat's Lifecast Demonstration - Spat Javits 110The (Porno)graphic Novel - Crawford, L. Rozakis, Brown    The Evolution of Starfleet Javits 111Little Lolita Lessons 21st Century Doctor Who - Docking Bay 516The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Who Are They Really & What Happens to Them After? - The UCC Fanboy Feud - TurnaboutLight Eng 102Changeling: the Lost (Camarilla) - Teh Camarilla    Light Eng 152Systems Malfunction - A M0TE in God’s EyeMiddlehaven - The Maelstrom - MiddlehavenLight Eng 154Changeling: the Lost (Camarilla) - Teh Camarilla  Vampire The Masquerade - Sabbat (Camarilla Club) - Teh CamarillaOld Eng 143Sketch Book Etiquette - CatFilk Theme Circle - Songs from Media verses - RogowFilk Theme Circle - 101 Filk Songs everyone should know - Filthy PierreDesigning Characters for Web Comics - WestOld Eng 145A Monster Drawing Demonstration - Miller   The Exquisite Corpse - Miller, Oliveri, MirabellaPhysics Lawn    Kung Fu Experience Kung Fu Class Psych A 137A Pirate Adventure - ChristopherMost Dangerous Anime - CabreraPsych A 144Geek Speed Dating (18+) Medieval Spices - Adrian EmpireHave Fun Storming the Castle: Roleplaying non-adventures - FALOPsych A 146The Untouchables: Making Music w/ Spaced Controlled   The Computer as a Musical Intrument   SAC 302Humor in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror - Maffei, Lansdale, DavidAuthor's Keynote Address with Joe Lansdale - LansdaleUrban Fantasy - Sklar, K. Lansdale, Gresh, LangCage Match! - PomericoSAC 303Building Rockets - LIARSAutonomous Warfare- When Will We Have Robot Soldiers? - Cooke, Dr. Schneiderman, Dr. MezzacappaHacking vs. Home - Both Sides of Computer Safety - Falken, ColluraDwayne McDuffie Tribute - Greenberger, B. Rozakis, Mazz, David, BrevoortSAC 304Watson on Jeopardy! Humans in Jeopardy? - Dr. Schneiderman, Dr. Novella, Dr. MezzacappaScience or Fiction - Dr. NovellaNeuroscience: The Next 20 Years - Dr. Schneiderman, Dr. Kramer, Dr. NovellaVirtual Life and Avatars - Dr. Schneiderman, Dr. Kramer, Dr. Mezzacappa, FalkenSAC 305Villains, Champions, Mutants and Masterminds - C. Rozakis, R. RozakisWhat Would Your Character Sound Like? - Suffrin, CatCelebrity D&D - Rosenberg, Banks, Mentzer, Strayton, ElliotSAC 306The Hivemind: How Long Until We Assimilate? - Falken, ColluraThe Haunted Journey into the Secret Vault of Suspense - B. Rozakis, Meyers, BrevoortOrigins of I-CON: A Look Back at How It All Started - Greenberger, Hank, Dr. Halada, David, SevushHigh Altitude Balloon Talk 2.0 SAC 308Comics We Wish Were Collected in Trade - Greenberger, B. Rozakis, Emmett, Collins, Brevoort Tim Bradstreet: Envisioning Days Not Yet Passed - BradstreetScience Fiction and Fear – Betraying the Anxieties of a Decade - Steele, Berman, L. Rozakis, Brown SAC 311  Book Collecting Advice - PerlmanHarricus Dramaticus Crapicus - Dumbledore's ArmyWhy Anthropomorphics - Zubkov, CatSAC 312Anime Idol: Auditions - NelsonAuthor's Reading - Jake Packard - Packard   Author's Reading - Felix Gilman - GilmanSAC AuditoriumTroupe Dark Lady - Troupe Dark LadyWorm Quartet - Shoebox Gil Gerard Q&A - GerardNicki Clyne Q&A - Clyne SAC Ballroom ASpeed Painting Contest Evil+Evil=Good? (Marvel Superheroes) (until 10pm) SAC Ballroom BSmash Bros TournamentZen Garden Gaming Halo/CoD: Black Ops Tournament SAC PlazaAxis and Allies     <br />Saturday Evening<br />Location6:00pm6:30pm7:00pm7:30pm8:00pm8:30pm9:00pm9:30pmESS 001Directors' & Producers' Panel - Maffei, Lantz, Witterstaetter, Jane World of Warcraft Usermeet Best of WoW Videos   ESS 069Magic: The Gathering Drafts ESS 079Yu-Gi-Oh TournamentESS 131Preview of 3 Weeks in Daytona - LeeshockCheeseBoat Films     ESS 177Y Last Last Man Q & A The Culture Behind Kung Fu     ESS 181Starting an Art Collection - Strike, Suffrin, Zubkov, West, StollerSteam Punk Furries - Strike, JazmineNon-Animal Anthro Panel - Strike, Suffrin, BeachFurries on Youtube - JazmineESS 183Starcraft! Harriman 111Scrapbooking 80's Disney & Sci-Fi Trivial Pursuit Twilight Scene it Classic Cartoons Harriman 112Odscure Quotes- The Game show. - Dumbledore's ArmyIntersex and Fandom - Exquisite CorpseCharacter & Acting for Jedi - LI JediHarriman 116Get a Date! - Bedtime BrothersNOT the Cosplay! Panel LIJedi on Martial Technique & Stage Performance - LI JediHarriman 137Bubblegum CrisisFist of the North Star Cowboy Bebop Javits 100Starstruck - Dufris, Poirier, Poirier, Lee, E. Lee, Axt   Cosplay Competition (seating begins at 7:30) Javits 101Bubba Ho-Tep (rated R) The Road (rated R) Javits 102Otaku no Video (15+)     Javits 103So Ya Wanna Be A Voice Actor? Voice Acting Workshop - Rogers, Vale, Klein, KnotzThe Ultimate Showdown: Pirates vs. Ninjas - ChristopherMost Dangerous Anime: Too Dangerous for the Underage (17+) - CabreraJavits 105Art ShowJavits 109Zombies: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore - TrescaMovie Previews with Bob Greenberger - Greenberger Black Butler (15+) Javits 110Star Wars, the Expanded Universe - Docking Bay 516Where to Find Sci-Fi on TV - Docking Bay 516  A Look at Vertical's 2011 Comics and Horror Titles Javits 111Fanboy Feud - TurnaboutTo Live and Die in 200X Film and Q&A Tekkaman Blade Light Eng 102Vampire The Masquerade - Sabbat (Camarilla Club) - Teh CamarillaLight Eng 152Middlehaven - The Maelstrom - MiddlehavenLight Eng 154Vampire The Masquerade - Sabbat (Camarilla Club) - Teh CamarillaOld Eng 143This is NOT Where I Expected This To Go...  World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Blizzard Jumping the Shark, or Best thing Ever?  Old Eng 145Sci-fi: Then and Now - Crosby, GerardSocial Networking Intelligence and Safety, and Living In It   Psych A 137Mythical Themes and Archetypes in Star Wars - L. Rozakis, Gresh, BrownI-CON 30 Texas Hold em Poker Tournament Psych A 144Medievalism and Women, Why We Do It - FALO, Adrian EmpireLords of Swords and Lady Blades - FALOFantasy & Anime Design Kingdom Hearts Discussion - Dumbledore's ArmyPsych A 146White Knight Chronicles Filk Theme Circle - Space Songs - Cinii, RogowReborn: The Panel - Dumbledore's Army  SAC 302Cage Match! - PomericoNon-Anthro Animals - West, BeachI-CON Trivia Game Show - Atkins, Hank, Sevush, HutterI-CON Secrets: A History Never Revealed - Atkins, Hank, Sevush, HutterSAC 303Science Camp: The Genetic and Biological Sciences of Cold Spring Harbor Lab - Cold Spring HarborMeet and Greet some Indi Filmakers - Oh, Inverted WorldJoe Haldeman Remote Signing - Haldeman  SAC 304Dubs that Time Forgot The List- The Ultimate Debate So You Want to Make a Web Series? The Modern Board Gaming Hobby - DaigleSAC 305Celebrity D&D - Rosenberg, Banks, Mentzer, Strayton, ElliotImproving Your Game - Morgan, Osorio, ElliotBig Eyes Small Print   Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG SAC 306Wally Wood's "22 Panels That Always Work" - Meyers, Bradstreet, BrevoortSci-Fi Quiz Show! Just Because You Are a Character Doesn't Mean You Have Character. - Erenberg, Collins  SAC 3081970-1985: An Age Undreamed Of! - B. Rozakis, Mazz, Kaluta Why Did You Do That?! - C. Rozakis, R. Rozakis Youngbloods Panel - Erenberg, Emmett, CollinsSAC 311 Zombie Designer and Winner - Koch Intro to Linux: Theory, Intro to Linux: Practice SAC 312Author's Reading - Chris Berman - BermanAuthor's Reading - Michele Lang - LangWriting in a Setting the Fans Know Better Than You - DeCandidoPlausibility Factors in Science Fiction - Packard SAC AuditoriumGood Girls vs. Bad Girls in Sci-Fi - Benz, ClyneI-CON's Got Talent!  SAC Ballroom AWargaming, RPG's, Board Gaming Galore (see Gaming Grid) Fury of Dracula SAC Ballroom BMotion Gaming Expo Ladies' Night Undead Gaming Hotel - Sayville Room    Overnight Gaming Three Village Inn    I-CON 30 Awards Dinner <br />Saturday Late Night<br />Location10:00pm10:30pm11:00pm11:30pm12:00am12:30am1:00am1:30amESS 069Magic: The Gathering Drafts      ESS 181Properly Drawn Anatomy - Stoller      Harriman 111Classic Cartoons      Harriman 112Queers in Fandom - Exquisite Corpse      Harriman 137Cowboy Bebop      Javits 100Cosplay Competition (seating begins at 7:30)  Midnight @ Voltaire II - Voltaire  Javits 101Monsters (rated R) Bubba Ho-Tep (rated R) Javits 102  Dark Love (18+) Pervs on a Train (18+) Last Train to Gropesville (18+) Javits 103Most Dangerous Anime: Too Dangerous for the Underage (17+) - CabreraAnime Parliament ® After Hours!   Javits 109Hero Tales A.D. Police Files (17+) Javits 110Hentai Panel (18+)  Cosplay Burlesque (18+)  Javits 111The Premier of Blood Lust - C. White, Lantz, Kelly   Light Eng 102Vampire The Masquerade - Sabbat (Camarilla Club) - Teh Camarilla      Light Eng 152Middlehaven - The Maelstrom - Middlehaven      Light Eng 154Vampire The Masquerade - Sabbat (Camarilla Club) - Teh Camarilla      Psych A 137I-CON 30 Texas Hold em Poker Tournament      SAC 302Medieval Torture and the Modern Day Pleasure It Brings       SAC 303Ghostbusters 101 - Docking Bay 516      SAC 304A Gay Ol' Time: A Yaoi & Yuri Discussion (18+)       SAC 305An Experiment Horribly Gone Right! - C. Rozakis, R. Rozakis      SAC Ballroom AFury of Dracula      SAC Ballroom BUndead Gaming      Hotel - Crystal Ballroom I-CON 30 Masquerade Ball Hotel - Ronkonkoma RoomWierd Medicine & Strange Fiction - MazzFilk Theme Circle - Short attention span circle - Cinii, Filthy Pierre, RogowFilk Room: Play, Laugh, Learn all Night! - Cinii, Deschamps, Filthy Pierre, Dale, Rogow  Hotel - Sayville RoomOvernight GamingThree Village InnI-CON 30 Awards Dinner<br />Sunday Early<br />Location10:00am10:30am11:00am11:30am12:00pm12:30pm1:00pm1:30pmAuthors Table 1  Author Signing - Ben Paris - Parris    Authors Table 2     Author Signing - William Freedman - Freedman ESS 001  OSR: Where Old is In! - Mentzer, Strayton, ElliotLolita Fashion Show ESS 069Magic: The Gathering Drafts ESS 079  Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament ESS 131  To Live and Die in 200X Film and Q&A Joe Haldeman Remote Signing - HaldemanAuthor Reading - Joe Haldeman - HaldemanESS 177  Low to No Budget Filmmaking - O'Leary, KreyZombie Films and Literature - Maffei, Koch  ESS 181Likes and Dislikes in Anthropomorphic Art - Cat, StollerBeyond CSI: Furry Fandom for the non-Furry. - Dr. ConwayWhy Have the French Got it Right - Strike, Suffrin, West, StollerEffective Writing: How to Make a Story Come Alive - Dr. ConwayESS 183  LEVERAGE: The Icon job - BanksHarriman 104The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots Dirty Pair Harriman 108  What Do You Mean You're in Holland?! Those Pages Were Due yesterday! - Greenberger, K. Lansdale, WitterstaetterDoctor Who: A Rich History - Docking Bay 516Genealogy of Witches, Wizards, & Warlocks at Your Library Harriman 111Button Making Free & Legal Stuff! Basic Horror Make Up, Props and Performance Harriman 112Improvised Epic - Bedtime BrothersSanta Claus Strikes Back! - Bedtime BrothersRIFT Usermeet Post-Con Depression- Coping Skills Harriman 115  Filk Concert - Roberta Rogow - RogowFilk Concert - Ariel Cinii - Cinii  Harriman 116Drawing the Clone Wars - Docking Bay 516Who's Wand Is It Anyway- First Years Edition - Dumbledore's ArmyMovie Magic, or Literary Legacy? Harry Potter books vs Harry Potter movies - Dumbledore's ArmyLIJedi - Learn About LIJedi - LI JediHarriman 137Ergo Proxy Pandora Hearts ISC TrackJulie Benz Autograph Signing - BenzDenise Crosby Autograph Signing - CrosbyJavits 100I-CON's Got Talent, Children's Edition Martial Arts, Stage Combat, and the Wisdom to Know the Difference - Lansdale, J. White, JaneBloodlust Javits 101Zombieland (Rated R)  The Road (rated R) Star Trek (2009) (Rated PG-13) Javits 102 Thomas Jane Q&A - Jane   Drawing Demonstration - MillerJavits 103Anime and Manga Swap Meet AMV Advanced Tips - J&P ProductionsJonathan Klein Q&A - KleinJavits 105Art Show Javits 109Gamer Girls: Behind the Screen - M. WebbDifferent From Us - Kaluta, DavidD&D Edition Wars - E. WebbRPG = MMO–RPGs to MMOs or MMOs to RPGs - E. WebbMore of Adam Briggs and His Films - BriggsJavits 110Anime Squares - Rogers, Vale, Klein, Nelson, KnotzMovie Previews with Bob Greenberger - GreenbergerCome Out and Meet Up with SB/I-CON Alumni - Atkins, Tang, Dr. Halada, Sevush, Hutter, DownesJavits 111  A History of The Rocky Horror Picture Show - The UCC Film Making How to Commission Art - Beach, CatLight Eng 102Freedom Alliance Chronicles: Swear Allegiance - Vermin & ValorLight Eng 152Freedom Alliance Chronicles: Swear Allegiance - Vermin & ValorLight Eng 154Freedom Alliance Chronicles: Swear Allegiance - Vermin & ValorOld Eng 143Small Business Venture - Presented by MyMonsterHat.com - MyMonsterHat  Abridged Series 101 Old Eng 145    I-CON Scavenger Hunt Rewards Physics LawnTai Chi Class Kung Fu Experience Lion Dance Yo Mama Anime Fight! v. 3.0: The Rise of the Fail Psych A 137Console Nerd Battle: 1992 Super Robotology Panel to the West Psych A 144  Norse Mythology - Adrian EmpireWe Don't Need Another Hero - FALOMedieval Dances - Adrian EmpirePsych A 146  Artist Design 101 Legends & Labyrinths (Beta Test) - StraytonSAC 302Weird Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, and Horror - Sklar, Gilman, Lansdale, Gresh, FreedmanA Stay at the Mars Hotel - Steele, Berman, AltabefCaptain Zorikh Concert - Captain ZorikhComic Books as Social Commentary - Greenberger, Lee, Mazz, Witterstaetter, MeyersSAC 303Science Camp: The Genetic and Biological Sciences of Cold Spring Harbor Lab - Cold Spring HarborFrom Lances to Lasers - Cooke, Dr. Mezzacappa, Collins, BradstreetThe Use of Military Technology in Science Fiction and Alternate History - Berman, Dr. KramerPrivacy: Big Brother, Little Brother, or Paranoia? - Falken, ColluraSAC 304The China Syndrome - What Happens When There is a Nuclear Reactor Disaster? - Bodek, Dr. TakaiArtificial Life: Fact or Fiction - Dr. Halada, Dr. SchneidermanKinect Demo 3D: What else can it do? Alien Invasion- How Would Militaries Respond to Extra-Terrestrial Attack - CookeSAC 305PDF/POD vs. Traditional Publishing - Rosenberg, E. WebbChairman Mao in Spaaaaace! - RosenbergSearching the Spaceways - C. Rozakis, Erenberg, Mazz, DavidFuraffinity to Facebook: Where to Create a Web Presence for Your Art - StollerSAC 306It's a Crime! - Kaluta, Collins, DavidComics You Should be Reading - C. Rozakis, Erenberg, Emmett, R. RozakisA Woman's Perspective - Poirier, Lee, R. Rozakis, WitterstaetterHow to Pick Up Chicks at Cons SAC 308Author's Reading - Ben Parris - ParrisInteractive Music - Alterative for Creative & Social Interactions Author's Reading - William Freedman - Freedman Sci-Fi Quiz Show! SAC 311Story Mapping - LangIs Print Dead Yet? (So Sayeth the e-book!) - Sklar, Crawford, Perlman, Lang, FreedmanHow Dark Were the Dark Ages? - ParrisMongols to Klingons - Berman, DeCandido, GreshSAC AuditoriumBelly Dancing Your Way Out of Bed - Troupe Dark LadyGil Gerard Q&A - GerardDaniel Logan Q&A - LoganWorm Quartet - ShoeboxTroupe Dark Lady - Troupe Dark LadySAC Ballroom AWarhammer 40k Tournament Wargaming, RPG's, Board Gaming Galore (see Gaming Grid) SAC Ballroom BChildren's Gaming Video Game Decathalon <br />Sunday Afternoon<br />Location2:00pm2:30pm3:00pm3:30pm4:00pm4:30pm5:00pm5:30pmESS 001Charity Auction - Spat      ESS 069Magic: The Gathering Drafts    ESS 079Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament    ESS 131Y Last Last Man Q & A CheeseBoat Films     ESS 181Presenting Furry Fandom to the Public - CatHeart and Soul Of Films - Maffei, O'Leary, KreyWhat The Heck's A Furry, Anyway - JazmineFantasy and. Science Fiction Aspects of the Fandom - Zubkov, West, BeachESS 183LEVERAGE: The Icon job - BanksReal and Fake Kung Fu Masters     Harriman 104Magic Knight Rayearth Char's Counterattack Harriman 108Stepping through Stargate - Docking Bay 516My Little Pony, The Fandom Phenomenon The Lord of The Rings Panel - Docking Bay 516  Harriman 111 Creative Juices - Baidakova, Berstein, Quinn     Harriman 112Broken Picture Perfect- A Game with Funny Results Pagans in Fandom - Exquisite CorpseWomen in Super Villiany Harriman 115 How Working on I-CON Helped My Future - Career Advice from Alumni - Atkins, Tang, Dr. Halada, Sevush, Hutter, Downes World of Darkness MMORPG Round-Table - Setting and Hopes   Harriman 116Which Magic Rules Them All? - Dumbledore's ArmyMusical Chairs - Bedtime BrothersLIJedi - Costuming & Make-up - LI JediHarriman 137FLCL Twelve Kingdoms Javits 100Bloodlust Denise Crosby Q&A - Crosby   Javits 101Star Trek (2009) (Rated PG-13)  Kick-Ass (Rated R) Javits 102Sound Creation for Mad Scientists Oh Inverted World Screening with Q&A - Oh, Inverted World Javits 103The Great Struggle: Anime vs. Manga Photoshop Coloring Tutorial Javits 105Art Show    Javits 109More of Adam Briggs and His Films - BriggsOMGWTF! Furries Double-Feature sunday Matinee - Jazmine    Javits 110Come Out and Meet Up with SB/I-CON Alumni - Atkins, Tang, Dr. Halada, Sevush, Hutter, Downes Inking and Shading by Hand: Soon to Become a Lost Art? - WestAnime Idol: Finale - TurnaboutLight Eng 102Freedom Alliance Chronicles: Swear Allegiance - Vermin & Valor    Light Eng 152Freedom Alliance Chronicles: Swear Allegiance - Vermin & Valor    Light Eng 154Freedom Alliance Chronicles: Swear Allegiance - Vermin & Valor    Old Eng 143Best Origin of Your Furry Character - SuffrinMythology of Anime   The Gripe Session Physics LawnYo Mama Anime Fight! v. 3.0: The Rise of the Fail      Psych A 137Iron Cosplay - MyMonsterHatIt's a Gundam!   Psych A 144What am I Eating: Medieval Foods - Adrian EmpireWhat to Wear: a Guide to Medieval Clothing - Adrian Empire  Belly Dance Techniques - Adrian EmpirePsych A 146Legends & Labyrinths (Beta Test) - Strayton    SAC 302Reboots – The Future of Kicking Around Old Ideas - Steele, Parris, Berman, DeCandido, Gresh Why Can't We All Just Get Along - Dr. Conway, Strike   SAC 303The Do's and Don'ts of Model Rocketry - LIARSScience Trivia Challenge (with prizes) There's a Storm Coming: The Apocalypse Preparedness Panel - C. Rozakis, Collins, BradstreetSAC 304From Quarks to Quasars - Bodek, Dr. TakaiWhy Most Scientific Papers Published are Wrong - Dr. NovellaA Life In Science - A Geezer Retrospective - Bodek, Dr. Halada, Dr. MezzacappaThe Wackiest Scientific Ideas Ever - Dr. Takai, Dr. NovellaSAC 305Old School with Frank Mentzer #1 Remember when? - MentzerOut on the Fringe - E. Lee, Kaluta, David  SAC 306  Who Needs a Cape and Powers? - Mazz, Collins, David, RamosGood Bad Guys and Bad Good Guys - C. Rozakis, Erenberg, Emmett, R. Rozakis, Meyers, Ramos  SAC 308Little Big Men and Women - Greenberger, Maffei, Koch, GoldenYoinks! The Art of Cartoon Voice-Over! - Dufris, Poirier, Axt    SAC 311The Klingon Messiah can and will kick Dune Messiah's Butt! - Latham, Pomerico, Sklar, GilmanE-Publishing Tricks and Secrets - Parris, Lang Anthros in Mythology and Folktales - Strike SAC 312Dealer's Room Roadshow - PerlmanFangmaking with Spat    SAC AuditoriumWorm Quartet - Shoebox Concert with Heather Dale, Filk GoH - Deschamps, Dale   SAC Ballroom AThe Time Shredders (Dark Refuge) SAC Ballroom BFighting Game Tournaments - See Gaming Grid Co-op Gaming - One Last Hurrah <br />Sunday Evening<br />Location6:00pm6:30pm7:00pm7:30pmHarriman 112LIJedi - Voice Acting & Maintaining Character   Javits 101Kick-Ass (Rated R)  SAC 303Voyaging Through the Final Frontier in Four Colors - Kaluta, David, Bradstreet  <br /> <br /> <br />ALL PROGRAMMING, INCLUDING GUESTS, EVENTS, PRICES,AND ALL OTHER INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE!<br />ICON Science Fiction, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) Educational Charity OrganizationICON Science Fiction, Inc. 2011Contact ICON<br /> <br />