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Bjvenus configuration


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Bjvenus configuration

  1. 1. VENUS CONFIGURATION MANUAL MODULE CLASS SUFFIX AND CLASS CSS MANUAL FOR VENUS – JOOMLA TEMPLATE Module parameters can be combined for customization to fit your demand: Example: “bjmod-style-1 bjmod-color-blue bjmod-corner-top typo-download” Modules’ default color is the color of the default template. 1. MODULES STYLE: default – no suffix bjmod-style-1 bjmod-style-2 bjmod-style-3 1
  2. 2. VENUS CONFIGURATION MANUAL bjmod-style-4 (one color for all template styles or colors) 2. MODULE COLORS: bjmod-color-blue bjmod-color-green bjmod-color-green bjmod-color-purple bjmod-color-red bjmod-color-orange 3. MODULE TYPOGRAPHY: Use normal typography configuration (See 5.2) 4. MODULE CORNER: bjmod-corner-hot bjmod-corner-top bjmod-corner-new bjmod-corner-pick 2
  3. 3. VENUS CONFIGURATION MANUAL 5. TYPOGRAPHY: 5.1. There are 2 ways for configuration of typography: Method 1: method 1 is applied for a paragraph of which, the typo icon is always on the left of the paragraph - <p class=”typo-xxx”><span class=”icon”> </span> Content here </p> Method 2: used when you want the typo icons appear inline - <span class=”typo-xxx”></span> 5.2. In typography configuration, “xxx” can be: typo-home typo-plus typo-minus typo-plus2 typo-minus2 typo-delete typo-accept typo-warning typo-heart typo-mail typo-star typo-thumbup typo-thumbdown typo-down typo-up typo-sticker typo-zoom typo-refresh typo-earth typo-key typo-lock typo-rss typo-folder typo-calendar typo-calendar typo-pencil typo-cart typo-recycle typo-dialog typo-download typo-user typo-user2 3
  4. 4. VENUS CONFIGURATION MANUAL 6. OTHER CONFIGURATION Configuration of dialog textbox 1: <div class="venus-textbox-1"> <div class="title-blue">BOX TITLE</div> Content goes here </div> (Blue color can be replaced by: green, brown, orange, purple, red) Configuration of dialog textbox 2: <div class="venus-textbox-2"> <div class="blue">Content goes here</div> </div> (Blue color can be replaced by: green, brown, orange, purple, red) Configuration of list-style number: <p class="venus-number-square"> <span class="number">01</span> This is a sample block number 4
  5. 5. VENUS CONFIGURATION MANUAL </p> <p class="venus-number-round"> <span class="number">01</span> This is a sample block number </p> Configuration of buttons: <a class="button-1 blue" href="">CLICK HERE</a> <a class="button-2 blue" href="">CLICK HERE</a> (Blue color can be replaced by: green, brown, orange, purple, red) See more Typography configuration from our blog @ 5