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Japanese culture


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Japanese culture

  2. 2. Greetings
  3. 3. Good morning (Yoi asa)Hello (Konnichiwa)Thanks (Arigatö)Goodbye (BaiBai)Sorry (Söri)
  4. 4. VISITShoes are removed when entering thehospital, school and home
  5. 5. Table Manners
  6. 6. With Hashi (Stick)Itadakimasu (I take)
  7. 7. DON’T SAY ‘NO’I will think this topicI think this will not be easy.
  8. 8. FAMILY
  9. 9. Father works until late
  10. 10. Whereas, mother looks after children and house.
  11. 11. Home Economics Mother is responsible for the home economics. Father gives to mother all of money. Mother gives to father ‘s allowance. She spends the rest for home
  12. 12. Japanese Population The number of families with children is decreasing day by day The elderly population is increasing.
  13. 13. Japanese Traditional Clothing The kimono is a traditional clothing for japanese women and men There are many different kimono styles