Japanese Culture - Class Powerpoint


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Japanese Culture - Class Powerpoint

  1. 1. Behavior in Japan They bow to greet one another and their king. They have festivals to show respect for their land. They also respect their land by not littering. Old and special people get special greetings. For example, people bow VERY low. The Japanese use the carp (a type of fish) to symbolize strength and courage.
  2. 2.  They will hide their own feelings instead of hurting anothers . They bow to people even when they talk on the phone. The lower you bow the more respect you give.
  3. 3. Food in Japan They eat seafood like octopus, shark, and fish. The fish is also called sashimi. When it is called this it’s dipped in soy sauce and horseradish mustard. Rice is an important part of their meals. It is Japan’s biggest crop. The Japanese people put raw fish over their rice. Sushi is an important part of meals. They use chopsticks to pick up their food. The food is arranged to look beautiful on plates. Some other things they eat are soup, sour pickles, seaweed, veggies, Tofu and grilled chicken.
  4. 4. Japanese Homes People live in crowded citys. They have small rooms. Some live in tall buildings. People take off their shoes at the door because their floor is covered in tatami mats. At night time lots sleep on mats called futons. Kids usually wear what we wear like jeans T- shirts and sneakers.
  5. 5.  Business people wear suits. Grown ups wear robes made of colored silk! The robes are called kimonos. Today kimonos are only worn on special days. For the preparing for a tea ceremony it is ordered great. Some wealthy people have tea houses for ceremony‘s. In some traditional homes really thin screens divide the rooms. The screens can be moved to make a room big or small.
  6. 6. School in Japan Students learn to write characters. They learn how to write . They eat in the classroom. They go to school 5 days a week. They go Saturday every 2 months. They wear the same clothes. They learn teamwork. They clean their school everyday. They have to pass a hard test to go to high school. All the schools follow a strict scedgual. Students go out and shop for uniforms for school. If you visit the museums/castles, temples and parks you will see a group of school children everywhere.
  7. 7. Religion in Japan Shinto means the way of the gods. Japanese people believe that everything has a spirit they call this kami. People honor kami at shrines. The most famous religion is shinto and buddhist . Most people believe in both shinto and buddhist. A buddhist beleif is that you are born over and over again.
  8. 8. Environment of Japan Three fourths or the islands are covered with mountains. There islands are covered with volcanoes. Many animals live on their land like snow monkeys , brown bears and deer. They saw the sunrise that’s why they named their land sources of the sun. They called their land Nippon. Each of their islands are not the same. The northern land are a lot colder than others. They have plenty of snow. Japan has islands as narrow as 3000 km. Some forests look like gardens.
  9. 9. Sports in Japan Sumo wrestling is a kind of sport. Sumo wrestlers weigh up to 300 pounds. There goal is to knock each other out of the circle. Men have to gain weight and become fat and strong. Another popular sport is kendo. Kendo means the way of the sword. Samurai and ninja do kendo to train.
  10. 10.  They do fencing . For practice ,they use swords made out of bamboo. Another popular sport is baseball. Baseball is as important as important as it is here. Also it is the same. Another sport is martial arts. Martial arts is karate.