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General Quiz (iQuiz 24-08-2014 at GEC Kozhikode)


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General Quiz (iQuiz 24-08-2014 at GEC Kozhikode)

  2. 2. Format  Infinite Pounce (+10/-10).
  3. 3. (Q1) Recently this country became the first to legalise child labour, by allowing children over the age of ten to work. Name the country?
  4. 4. BOLIVIA
  5. 5. (Q2) What is the maximum number of friends that one can add to his/her facebook account?
  6. 6. (Q2) What is the maximum number of friends that one can add to his/her facebook account?
  7. 7. 5000
  8. 8. (Q3) Name the lead actor in the television drama series written and produced by Gulzar, based on the life of Mirza Ghalib, the classical Urdu and Persian poet from the Mughal empire during the British colonial rule?
  10. 10. Q4. Jaroslav Drobný was a former World No. 1 amateur tennis champion as well as an ice hockey player for the Czechoslovakian national team. He defected from Czechoslovakia in 1949, and tried to get Swiss, US and Australian papers finally became the citizen of Great Britain in 1959. Drobný held the distinction of having competed at Wimbledon under four different national identities. In 1938, at the age of 16, he started for his native Czechoslovakia. A year later, following the German invasion and occupation of Czechoslovakia, he was officially represented for the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. After World War II, he started at Wimbledon yet again as Czechoslovakian but chose to defect from the communist regime in 1949. In 1954 Drobný won the Wimbledon Men's singles championship defeating Ken Rosewall in the final. Which country was he representing when won the title?
  11. 11. EGYPT
  12. 12. (Q5) Why the person shown sitting in the picture is staring?
  13. 13. Expression in the face of Joseph Goebbels after he finds out that the photographer is a Jew. (Alfred Eisenstaedt).'Eyes of hate'.
  14. 14. (Q6) Identify X, a group formed in the town of Maiduguri.The first part of its name derived from the Hausa word with meaning such as fraud and inauthenticity and the second part from the Arabic word figuratively meaning sin or forbidden.
  15. 15. Boko Haram.
  16. 16. (Q7) 'X' is a songbird of New Guinea with black and orange plumage. Both male and female birds have colored patches in their plumage.This species and two of its close relatives,were the first documented poisonous birds. A neurotoxin called homobatrachotoxin found in the birds' skin and feathers, causes numbness and tingling in those touching the bird.It is believed that 'X' may acquire its poison from part of its diet,the Choresine beetles. Identify 'X'.
  17. 17. Hooded Pitohui
  18. 18. Q8. ___________________ is a Bengali dessert created with milk and sugar. Some receipes of this dessert call for the use of chhena (Cheese) or paneer instead of milk. The simplest kind of this dessert in Bengal is the Kanchagolla. It is basically prepared by tossing the cheese lightly with sugar over low heat. Sometimes it is filled with syrup, blended with coconut or Kheer and molded into a variety of shapes. These shapes can be frequently be seen resembling conch-shells, elephants, fish etc.,
  19. 19. Sandesh
  20. 20. (Q9) Identify the batsman.
  21. 21. Geoff Hurst
  22. 22. (Q10) On 18th April 1951 Vinoba Bhave came to this village, where the villagers gave him a warm welcome. There two-third of the people were landless. They told Vinoba that, they had asked for about 80 acres of land from the government. Then Vinoba asked ,“If it is not possible to get land from the Government, is there not something villagers themselves could do?“. Hearing this, to everyone's surprise two landlords got up and promised to give 250 acres of land each to villagers. Which initiated the Bhoodan movement. Identify this place , which is presently known for a very different reason?
  23. 23. Pochampally
  24. 24. (Q11)Identify the person
  25. 25. Justice D Hariparanthaman (was denied entry to TNCA Club for wearing Dhoti)
  26. 26. (Q12) Name the Chemical which gives the rain after dry weather a distinct aroma, which is produced by an Actinobacteria.
  27. 27. Geosmin
  28. 28. (Q13)Identify the Dance form
  29. 29. Rouf ( Jammu & Kashmir)
  30. 30. (Q14) Name the smallest yet most distinctive of modern constellations appearing in the flags of these countries?
  31. 31. Southern Cross
  32. 32. (Q15) All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is a medical college and medical research public university based in New Delhi, was established in 1956 and operates autonomously under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. AIIMS, New Delhi is governed by The All India Institute of Medical Sciences Act,1956. Under Colombo Plan, grant from which counrty was used to built this institution?
  33. 33. New Zealand
  34. 34. (Q16) _______ is an eight page weekly Indian newspaper published in certain dialects of Hindi, including Bundeli and Avadhi. Initially seen as a women only publication, it now covers local political news, local crime reports, social issues and entertainment. In each week, 6000 copies of this newspaper is sold across 600 villages of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, reaching a readership of 80,000. The intellectual input for the newspaper is provided by a collective of 40 rural women journalists. The news paper is written, edited, produced, distributed and marketed entirely by rural women from backward communities. In 2004 , the collective of women journalists bringing out this news paper was awarded the prestigious Chameli Devi Jain award for women in journalism. In 2009, the news paper was awarded the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize.
  35. 35. Khaber Lahariya
  36. 36. (Q17) This phenomenon refers to the extensive cooling of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean , often accompanied by warmer than normal sea surface temperature in the Western Pacific. During this phenomenon, the sea surface temperature across the equatorial Eastern Central Pacific Ocean will be lower than normal by 3–5 °C and in Asian region tropical cyclones are formed. In 2008, it caused heavy rains over Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. Whereas, in South America drought plagues the coastal regions of Peru and Chile. Which phenomenon are we talking about?
  37. 37. La Niña
  38. 38. (Q18) This famous tune was composed by Ustad Ali Ahmed Hussain Khan and Pandit Ravi Shankar and it was first brought to life in 1973 by Ustad Ali Ahmed Hussain Khan during his Shehnai recital in a cermony held at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. Name the tune.
  39. 39. Doordarsan's signature tune
  40. 40. (Q19) This picture shows the ruins of an Olympic Venue, where the 1984 Winter Olympics was held.Identify the place?
  41. 41. Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  42. 42. (Q20) In the year 1011, a monk named Brythferd recorded the traditional order of the old english alphabets. He listed the 24 letters of the latin alphabets and 5 additional english letters. A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T V X Y Z _ ⁊ ƿ Þ Đ Æ Which is the missing character?
  43. 43. '&'
  44. 44. (Q21) When six-year-old Emily asked her father if she could be a real princess, Virginia resident Jeremiah Heaton took his daughter’s wish quite literally. Heaton searched the Internet for terra nullius, or unclaimed land, and received permission from Egyptian authorities to visit a plot of land of 800 sq.mi between Egypt and Sudan. A land unclaimed by its neighbors after a discrepancy in borders drawn in 1899 and 1902, but Heaton and his family call it “Kingdom of North Sudan,” ruled by King Heaton and Princess Emily after he planted a homemade blue flag on 2014 July 16, Emily’s birthday. Name this place of land unclaimed by both Egypt and Sudan in order to state claim for much larger area called Hala'ib.
  45. 45. Bir Tawil
  46. 46. (Q22)The fifth labour of Hercules was to clean this place. The assignment was intended to both humiliating and impossible. Since the livestock at this place was divinely healthy and therefore produced an enormous quantity of dung. These places were not cleaned for 30 years. However, Hercules succeeded by rerouting the rivers Alpheus and Penus to wash out the filth. Name the place?
  47. 47. Augean Stable.
  48. 48. (Q23) What happened to the Pine tree planted in Los Angeles Griffith park in honour of former member of 'Beatles' member George Harrison in 2004, three years after his death?
  49. 49. Destroyed by beetle infestation.
  50. 50. (Q24) What these coloured circles shown in the picture indicate?
  51. 51. Positions from where Klose scored his 16 goals in World Cup.
  52. 52. (Q25) Identify the mask (Name associated with a person)
  53. 53. Guy Fawkes (Gunpowder plot - 1605)
  54. 54. (Q26) In July 2014, a team engineers worked labouriously over a week to refloat one of the luxurious cruise ships of the last decade, which wrecked off the coat of Giglio in Italy. 32 people lost their lives in the disaster. Name this ship which was refloated and taken to Genoa for scrapping amid protests about environmental concerns?
  55. 55. Costa Concordia
  56. 56. (Q27) In telecommunication terminology what is the fullform of ADSL?
  57. 57. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.
  58. 58. (Q28) Scottish by birth 'X' was brought up in England, with an injury prematurely putting an end to any hopes of a promising career in football, he went back to college to complete a course in hotel management. His dedication and natural talent led him to train with some of the worlds leading chefs. In 1998 'X' set up his first wholly owned and namesake restaurant. Now internationally renowned he has opened a sting of successful restaurants across the globe, from italy to US and holds seven Michelin stars. He received an OBE in 2006 for services to the industry. 'X' has also become a star of the small screen internationally with shows such as Kitchen nightmares, Masterchef US etc., Identify 'X'
  59. 59. Gordon Ramsay
  60. 60. (Q29) Name the annual match contested between the champions of the previous Premier league season and the holders of the FA Cup at Wembly stadium.
  61. 61. The Community Shield
  62. 62. (Q30) It was an association of philosophers gathered around the University of Vienna in 1922 chaired by Moritz Schlik. Among its members were Gustav Bergmann, Rodolf Carnap, Philip Frank, Hans Hahn, Tsha Hung, Victor Kraft, Karl Menger, Richard von Mises, Marcel Nathkin, Otto Neurath, Olga Hahn Neurath, Theodor Radakovic, Rose Rand, and Freidrich Waismann. Herber Freigl, and Kurt Godel were two eminent students at the University of Vienna at that time. They were allowed to participate at the meetings, but were not memberes of this group. Members of this group had a common attitude towards philosophy, consisting of an applied logical positivism drawn from Ludwig Wittgenstein, whose Tractatus logico philosophicus formed the basis for the groups philosophy. This groups influence on 20th century philosophy was immense. This gruop was dispersed when Nazi party came to power in Germany, and many of its members migrated to United States, where they taught in many Universities. By what name this group of philosophers was known?
  63. 63. The Vienna Circle
  64. 64. (Q31) Identify the Organization
  65. 65. (Q32) Kumar and Ramesh joined their family business of casettes and radio in 1975. They used to trade in Long Playing Phonograph Records for three biggest companies in India namely HMV, Music India and CBS. By 1977, they had become the biggest dealers for these companies in Western India. Driven by ambition, along with a few trusted friends, they analysed the market, evaluated their business plans meticulously and went for oppurtunity shopping. What was the one, started on a very small level and now one of the largest corporate houses in entertainment Industry in India. Identify the company.
  66. 66. TIPS
  67. 67. (Q33) This is something similar to Sachin – Sharapova incident, Once former Indian Captain Ravi Shastri had expressed his desire to date this tennis player. When the media approached for her reaction, she quipped ''who is this Ravi Shastri?''. Identify this famous tennis player.
  68. 68. Gabriela Sabattini
  69. 69. (Q34) This tower is an Indian version of milestones that existed before the advent of Western milestone. Each tower is erected at distance of approximately 3kms apart. Built by Mughal emperors between 1556 and 1707, they marked the royal route from Agra to Ajmer via Jaipur in the West; from Agra to Lahore via Delhi in the North; and from Agra to Mandu via Shivpuri in the South. Name the tower.
  70. 70. Kos Minar
  71. 71. (Q35) 'X' is widely acknowledged as one of the finest and most prolific batsmen of his era and was a prolific run-scorer for a strong Delhi side during the 80's but was never selected for India, despite remaining on the periphery for years. He was a standby for India's tour of Sri Lanka in 1985 but that was as close as he came to national selection. A stylish right-hand batsman with a reputation for coming good in a crisis, 'X' remained a dominant presence on the domestic circuit until 1991. He had particular success between 1983 and 1989 in the Ranji Trophy where he averaged about 70. During his First Class carrier he scored 5443 runs at an average of 52.84. Identify 'X'?
  72. 72. Bhaskar Pillai
  73. 73. (Q36) The picture shows luxury LHB coaches belonging Indian Railways. These coaches will be progressively introduced in the Shatabdi and Rajadhani Express trains. Name the coach.
  74. 74. Anubhuti Coaches
  75. 75. (Q37) On 20th August 1947, the judges delivered their verdict in the 'Doctor's Trial' against Karl Brandt and 22 others. These trials focussed on the doctor's involved in the human experiments in concentration camps. Following the doctor's trial, guilty were eventually punished for their actions during the holocaust. In May of same year. Dr.Leo Alexander had submitted to the counsel for the war crimes six points defining legitimate medical research. The trial verdict adopted these points and added an extra four. These ten point constitutes the set for the reasearch ethics principles for human experimentation. By what name this set is known?
  76. 76. Nuremberg code
  77. 77. (Q38) Complete the list Australia New Zealand France Norway Chile United Kingdom _______________
  78. 78. Argentina (List of Seven states that maintain a territorial claim on eight territories in Antarctica. )
  79. 79. (Q39) 1962 japanese movie ' Happiness of us alone ' directed by Zenzo Matsuyama, is the story of two people, one deaf and the other is deaf and dumb. They get married, after meeting at a school reunion, and film follows their trials , tribulations and joys. This film was later remaked into Hindi by Gulzar, starring Jaya Bachchan and Sanjeev Kumar. Name the Hindi Movie.
  80. 80. Koshish
  81. 81. (Q40) What is the first name of Sherlock Holme's friend, assistant and the first person narrator Dr. Watson?
  82. 82. John
  83. 83. (Q41) The picture shown here was in news recently. For what reason it got the media attention?
  84. 84. In 2011, nature photographer David Slater travelled to Indonesia to take photographs of the Celebes crested macaques and during his preparations, a female macaque absconded with his camera and took several photographs. Most were unusable, although some were clear photographs of the macaque, which Slater later distributed as a "monkey's selfie". A Wikipedia contributor uploaded the photos to the Wikimedia Commons under the premise that, since the macaque took the photographs, and animals cannot hold copyright according to United States copyright law, the photographs are in the public domain. Slater filed a request to have the photographs removed from the Wikimedia Commons, as the photographs existing in the public domain affects his ability to collect royalties on the photographs. In 2014, the Wikimedia Foundation rejected his copyright claim.
  85. 85. (Q42) 'X' is a communication technology invented by telecom vendor Ericcson in 1994. It is managed by 'X special Interest group' and is standardized IEEE 802.15.1 but the standard is no longer maintained. This name is the anglicized version of Scandinavian King Harald, who united dissonant Danish tribes into a single Kingdom. The idea of this name is proposed in 1997 by Jim Kardach. Name the technology.
  86. 86. Bluetooth
  87. 87. (Q43) Agar or agar-agar is a gelatinous substance, obtained from algae and discovered in the late 1650s or early 1660s by Minoya Tarozaemon in Japan, where it is called Kanten. Throughout history into modern times, agar has been chiefly used as an ingredient in desserts all over Asia and also as a solid substrate to contain culture media for microbiological work. Agar (agar- agar) can be used as a laxative, an appetite suppressant, vegetarian gelatin substitute, a thickener for soups, in fruit preserves, ice cream, and other desserts, as a clarifying agent in brewing, and for sizing paper and fabrics. By what name this substance is known in Indian households?
  88. 88. China Grass
  89. 89. (Q44) Born in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland, he was introduced to golf at an exceptionally young age by his father, who coached him. His father held down several jobs to earn additional income for his son's golf development and his mother worked extra shifts at the local 3M plant. At the age of 15, he was a member of Europe's 2004 Junior Ryder cup winninig team. He is the current World number one and four time major champion. He became the first European to win three different majors and with Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods as one of the three golfers to win three majors by the age of 25. Name the golfer.
  90. 90. Rory McIlroy
  91. 91. (Q45) After clearing the ICS in his early twenties Arthur Rowland Knapp was posted as Assistant Collector and Magistrate of Malabar District in 1891. At that period there was lot of subdued anger among the people of the district against the British rule. Soon after joining in Malabar, he started various administrative and police reforms. His activities were a total failure and despite some being good on paper. This made people start using a new word for things which are useless and least probability of success. Name the word.
  92. 92. (Q46) _____ is generally created around an area experiencing an epidemic of disease. Once this is established, people from infected area are no longer allowed to leave. In the most extreme form, this is not lifted until the infection is extinguised, forcing everyone inside to either die or survive. The first actual use of this term was in 1821, when French troops was deployed to the border between Spain and France in the Pyrenees Mountains in order to prevent a deadly fever from spreading from Spain to France. Since the Twentieth century, the tactic has been rarely used, the last time it was used in 1918 when Polish – Russian border was closed to stop the spread of Typhus.
  93. 93. Cordon Sanitaire
  94. 94. (Q47) Recently Tech giant Apple banned the use of n-hexane and an other chemical in the final assembly line of its products, since these chemicals can cause cancer and nerve damage. Name the other chemical.
  95. 95. Benzene
  96. 96. (Q48) Connect +30 / -15
  97. 97. (Q48) Connect +20 / -10
  98. 98. (Q48) Connect +10/ -5
  99. 99. Name of the protagonist is Rameshan
  100. 100. (Q49) Connect +30 / -15
  101. 101. (Q49) Connect +20 / -10
  102. 102. (Q49) Connect +10 / -5
  103. 103. Yasser Arafat
  104. 104. (Q50) Connect +50 / -25
  105. 105. (Q50) Connect +40 / -20
  106. 106. (Q50) Connect +30 / -15
  107. 107. (Q50) Connect +20 / -10
  108. 108. (Q50) Connect +10 / -5
  109. 109. All these players played for both F C Baracelona and Real Madrid.