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  1. 1. 1. He was a friend, student and assistant of James Joyce, Actively participated in the French resistance movement and was nearly caught by Gestapo. His most famous work the French name of which is “ En attendant _________” was originally written in French. Other notable works include Krapps’ Last tape, Breath, Watt, Malone dies etc. His 1982 work “Catastrophe” was dedicated to Vaclav Havel. Died in Paris in 1989 and is interred there alongside his wife. Who?
  2. 3.   Answer is
  3. 4.   Samuel Becket
  4. 5. 2. Which famous structure was designed by Irish born British Architect “Henry Irwin”? He was paid Rs.12000/- for it. His other significant works include Vice Regal lodge, Shimla, Madras High Court, Madras / Chennai Central station etc. Clue – This city in which the structure is served by Mandakalli Airport
  5. 6.   Answer is
  6. 7. Mysore Palace
  7. 8. 3. He has served in the writing department for the movies Madame Curie (1941, not credited), Pride and Prejudice (1940, Credited). When he wrote a synopsis of Alice in Wonderland, Walt Disney rejected it on the grounds that "he could only understand every third word". He contributed 48 articles to Vedanta and the West, published by the Vedanta Society. His Biography is titled "This Timeless Moment" 
  8. 10.   Answer is
  9. 11. Aldous Huxley
  10. 12. 4. Identify the Company they founded (visual in next slide)in 1903? Its Indian operations is headed by  Anoop Prakash,  who was Deputy Chief of Staff at US Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Bush administration before joining them
  11. 14.   Answer is
  12. 15. Harley Davidson
  13. 16. 5. It is known as “ acetaminophen” in US & Canada. It was first marketed in the United States in 1953 by Sterling-Winthrop Co. The best known brand in US is  “Tylenol” , owned by  McNeil Consumer Healthcare  which is a subsidiary of  Johnson & Johnson.  How do we know it?
  14. 17.   Answer is
  15. 18. Paracetamol
  16. 19. 6. Established in July, 1830 by a missionary Rev Dr. Alexander Duff it is the oldest continuously running Christian liberal arts and sciences college in India. It was earlier known as “General Assemblies Institution” Notable alumni’s include Swami Vivekananda, Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose, Gopinath Bordoloi, Jagmohan Dalmiya etc. Satyajit Ray's fictional scientist-cum-investigator  “Professor Shanku”  started his career as a professor of physics at this college. Name this hallowed institution
  17. 20.   Answer is
  18. 21. Scottish Church College
  19. 22. 7. Gideon Gono was recently awarded “Ig nobel” in Mathematics this year "for giving people a simple, everyday way to cope with a wide range of numbers — from very small to very big". What did he do to get this award?
  20. 23.   Answer is
  21. 24. Governor of Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank
  22. 25. 8.  _____________is a founding board member of Google Inc. and He also serves on the boards of and StumbleUpon. And also on the advisory board of He is the founder of Sherpalo, a mentor capital firm that supports the development and commercialization of early-stage disruptive new technologies
  23. 27.   Answer is
  24. 28.   Ram Shriram
  25. 29. 9. Which famous City lies by the River Arno? The historical centre of which was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1982. This city is served by the Amerigo Vespucci Airport
  26. 30.   Answer is
  27. 31. Florence
  28. 32. 10. He was Minister for Communications in Indira Gandhi’s govt. He was the leader of the Congress Parliamentary party – Indira faction during 1978-79. In 1980 he lost to AB Vajpayee in Delhi and the erstwhile Karnataka CM Dharam Singh gave up the Gulbarga Lok Sabha seat so that Indira Gandhi could get him back to the Lok Sabha. He once said in Parliament that telephones were a luxury, and not a right and any Indian who was not satisfied with his telephone service could return his phone.  Who?
  29. 33.   Answer is
  30. 34. CM Stephen
  31. 35. d the actress(left), director(right) and the movie 11
  32. 36.   Answer is
  33. 37. Charlie Chaplin directing actress Sophia Loren in 'A Countess From Hong Kong'
  34. 38. 12. Treaty of Canterbury was signed at the Canterbury Cathedral on 12th February, 1986. It was called 'Fixed ____________  Link' What was it all about?
  35. 39.   Answer is
  36. 40. Channel Tunnel
  37. 41. 13. _____________ is a metallic chemical element with atomic number 98. A radioactive transuranic element, it is used in starting nuclear reactors, optimizing coal-fired power plants and cement production facilities (via online analyzers), medical treatment of cancer, and oil exploration via down hole well logging. It was first produced by bombarding curium with alpha particles (helium ions).
  38. 42.   Answer is
  39. 43. Californium
  40. 44. 14. ___________________ was the first woman to be elected to the United States House of Representatives and the 1st female member of the Congress sometimes referred to as the Lady of the House. A lifelong pacifist, she voted against the entry of the United States into both World War I and World War II, the only member of Congress to vote against the latter. To date, she is the only woman to be elected to Congress from Montana
  41. 45.   Answer is
  42. 46. Jeannette Rankin
  43. 47. 15. The Canada PM Lester Pearson won the Nobel Prize in 1956 for helping to resolve the Suez Canal crisis. One of his contributions was the invention of a something/concept to which several nations contributed and is a part of UN. What?
  44. 48.   Answer is
  45. 49. UNPKF
  46. 50. 16. He studied metallurgy, and joined the Liberal party when war breaks out. He fights the Conservative government in 32 civil wars (all of which he loses), and avoids death multiple times. Having lost all interest in the war, he signs a peace treaty and returns home. In his old age, he loses all capacity for emotion or memory, spending each day making tiny gold fish, exchanging them for coins to melt and make more gold fish. He dies while urinating on the tree to which his father had been tied for so many years. He represents not only a warrior figure but also an artist due to his ability to write poetry and create finely crafted golden fish. During the wars he fathered 17 children by unknown women, all of whom eventually are shot between the eyes
  47. 51.   Answer is
  48. 52. Colonel Aureliano Buendía, from One Hundred Years of Solitude
  49. 53. 17.
  50. 54.   Answer is
  51. 55. Jamsetji Tata
  52. 56. 18.  _________ _______ was an extremely controversial 1962 war memoir penned by Brigadier John Dalvi. It dealt with the causes, consequences and aftermath of the Sino-Indian War of 1962 that ended in Chinese People's Liberation Army inflicting a defeat on India. Incidentally, after the book was published, the term began to be referred as a synonym for colossal failure in the context of Indian politics
  53. 57.   Answer is
  54. 58. Himalayan Blunder
  55. 59. 19. Born in Cochin on 1st Jan, 1925. Served in the Royal Navy during WW II. Established  Prathibha Theatres . Directed a movie  “Periyar”  in 1973. Notable movies include -  Ammaye Kanan ,  Nadi . Notable plays include – Socrates ,  Pothusathrukkal  etc. “Manninte Maaril” released in 1980 by PA Baker was his last movie
  56. 60.   Answer is
  57. 61. PJ Antony
  58. 62. 20. The origins of this dish is uncertain though legends has it that it originated in the kitchen of Thanjavur Marathas ruler Shahuji, during the 18th Century. It is believed that Shahuji had a liking for a dish called amti which had kokum as one of its main ingredients. In one particular season, the kokum ran out of supply and someone suggested the cook that the locals used tamarind pulp for sourness. He experimented the dish with the tuvar dal, vegetables, spices and the tamarind pulp served his coterie and his cousin, X who was visiting him. The court liked the dish and named it Y after the guest of the day. Which dish?
  59. 63.   Answer is
  60. 64. Sambhar after Sambhaji
  61. 65. 21. His middle name was  “Cleophas” . He was Sobers’s batting partner when he scored that epic 365 against Pakistan, his contribution was 260. He was an able Vice captain to Worrell & later Sobers. He was one of the Wisden Cricketers of the Year in 1964, was knighted in 1998. This wonderful Cricketer died of a heart attack in Sydney in 1999 while playing Tennis with his friends
  62. 67.   Answer is
  63. 68. Conrad Hunte
  64. 69. 22. This Company takes its name from a mountain range between Slovakia & Poland. It was founded in 1850 by Ignác Šustala and changed to its current name in 1919. ________ is the third oldest car maker in the world after Daimler Mercedes-Benz and Peugeot. The company stopped Car production in 1999 but they are now well known for 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12 trucks. In India – BEML produces all terrain trucks for the Indian Army under their licence. Name this Czech company. 
  65. 70.   Answer is
  66. 71. Tatra
  67. 72. 23. Written in the 12 century B.C, the only clue to the identity of the author is found in the concluding verses of the work, which gives us the name Narayana and which mention the patronage of a king called Dhavalachandra. Originally written in Sanskrit, it was ‘discovered’ by Sir William Jones in 1786 and the first translated into English was by Charles Wilkins. The book has many stories in common with the Panchatantra; it is believed that the author Narayana loved the Pachatantra so much that he rewrote it, improving the flow and adding stories of his own . Which stories?
  68. 73.   Answer is
  69. 74. Hitopadesha
  70. 75. 24. Asiatic society of Bombay was given a copy of an original manuscript of X by Mountstuart Elphinstone, governor of Bombay and President of the Society from 1819-1827 and bears his signature. In 1930, the Italian government under Mussolini offered the society one million pounds, calling the book a national treasure. Mussolini believed that the offer could not be refused, but to his shock, the Society turned down his request stating that it was donated by an ex-member of the Society and hence it was their property. The book is leather bound and is in a good condition. A visit to the Society by the Italian Minister of Culture in 2002 confirmed that it was in a much better condition than its other survivor which is currently in Milan. Id the book
  71. 76.   Answer is
  72. 77. Dante's Divine Comedy
  73. 78. 25. 25
  74. 79.   Answer is
  75. 80. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial, Sriperumbudur
  76. 81. 26. During he career, X set seven individual world records. When he won gold in 200mts at 1968 Olympics, he became the first man to break the 20 sec barrier. Y played American football with the Philadelphia Eagles before a knee injury prematurely ended his career. He was employed by the Organizing Committee for the 1984 Summer Olympics to promote the games. In 1985 he became a track and field coach at Palm Springs High School, a post which he still holds.In 2003, he was elected to the National Track & Field Hall of Fame.
  77. 82.   Answer is
  78. 83. Tommie Smith and John Carlos
  79. 84. 27.Shot be Terril Jones 20 years back this was never published until recently when he sent this to NY Times. Something that is legendary and iconic is about to happen. What?(Visual in next slide)
  80. 86.   Answer is
  81. 88. 28. What is the answer?
  82. 89. Answer is
  83. 91. 12. In 1928, Palle Huld was just 15 years old when he won a newspaper competition to take a trip around the world, marking the centenary of Jules Verne. The adventure was dubbed ‘Around the world in 44 days’. Later he went on to appear in 29 Danish films. What did his journey inspire?
  84. 92. Answer is ...
  85. 93. Ans wer is ...
  86. 94. 30. X is the biggest and tallest catholic church in Asia. Built in fine Indo-Gothic style with an area of 25,000 square feet , it has soaring belfries at the entrance, double storeyed aisles all along the nave and transepts, and eleven altars, five on either side of the main one. The construction was done in different phases, started in the year 1929. Completion of the towers were an architectural challenge. Few experts from TamilNadu were brought over. Architect who completed the church was Ambrose Gounder.
  87. 95.   Answer is
  88. 96. Basilica of Our Lady  of Dolours (Puthan Pally)