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Ambrlygraphics Portfolio

Portfolio pieces and descriptions.

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Ambrlygraphics Portfolio

  1. 1. COLUMBIA BUSINESS ADVISORS brochure This design was created for a investment banker. In the briefing they wanted the look and feel of their previous material but with some elements. At Columbia business Advisors their motto is “we do chips.” - potato chips, silicon ships, wood chips and rock chips. Thirty years in business proves that they have experience in all types of industries so you can feel confident that your business will be in the best of hands. © ambrlygraphics 2008
  2. 2. thibodeau & sons landscaping service Scott Thibodeau thibodeau & sons 123 West Main St. Vancouver, WA 98660 landscaping service Scott Thibodeau 123 West Main St. Vancouver, WA 98660 thibodeau & sons Phone: 360.750.1234 landscaping service Fax 360.750.5678 www.thibodeau& 123 West Main St, Vancouver, Washington 98660 ° 360.750.1234 ° Fax 360.750.5678 ° www.thibodeau& THIBODEAU & SONS corporate identity This landscaping business came to me for an identity. He wanted a professional logo that immediately conveyed the message of landscaping maintenance. The image on the left is the different examples I created for Thibodeau. The second image is his chosen logo used for his letterhead, business card and mailing envelopes. © ambrlygraphics 2008
  3. 3. PORTLAND FESTIVAL SYMPHONY rackcard This rackcard was one of many marketing tools used in a summer long event for concerts in the park. These concerts are annual events to promote the Portland Festival Symphony. I wanted a look that was light and fresh and that used movement to convey the idea of music. The cello was used in all materials for this campaign including the website and local advertisements. © ambrlygraphics 2008
  4. 4. Want your favorite Want 100% natural Daisy Blue Naturals Earn the income you deserve? products for you skin? products for free? Become a Daisy Blue Naturals Consultant and receive a 30% discount on all products. Host a Daisy Blue Naturals party and earn $10.00 in free product for every $100 in sales. At Daisy Blue Naturals our products are simple, just read our labels. We take pride in knowing We have great incentive and bonus programs and you can even benefit from tax deductions for For every party booked at yours, you will receive a $5.00 gift certificate to use at their party. that our products make a difference for you and our environment. We guarantee no animal testing, owning your own business. Plus the opportunity for residual income as you build your team! In addition, qualify for the Hostess Bonus Program and receive a free gift. petrochemicals, artificial phosphates, sulfates or preser vatives and all are biodegradable. Contact Erin M Rodriguez at 503-548-8454 Contact Erin M Rodriguez at 503-548-8454 Contact Erin M Rodriguez at 503-548-8454 for more information. for more information. for more information. Daisy Blue Daisy Blue Daisy Blue Naturals Naturals Naturals DAISY BLUE NATURALS promotional flyers This promotional flyer was created for a local consultant that needed some professional, simple and bold advertisements. These were printed in a 5x7 size and placed in local businesses to attract potential customers. Daisy Blue Natural products are all 100% natural with no preservatives or harmful ingredients. I used bold colors and simple illustration instantly convey a natural and simplistic feel to the viewers. © ambrlygraphics 2008
  5. 5. THE DANCE postcard & MUSIC STUDIO The Dance and Music Studio is a local studio in Monmouth, Oregon. Each year the school has a recital to show the improvements of there students. This year the event was taped and edited for a movie production and shown at the local theatre. The brief stated all materials were to be in black and white. They also asked for an image with there logo on the screen of a movie screen to convey the feeling of a major motion picture. © ambrlygraphics 2008
  6. 6. OREGON ZOO exhibition ads This is a fictitious exhibition I created for the Oregon Zoo, located in Portland Oregon, to promote their mission statement, “Inspiring our community to create a better future for wildlife.” I wanted to use bright bold colors again simple but large silhouettes to catch the viewers attention and draw them in. These young and enticing advertisements appeals to all ages and has that playful feeling that always reminds you of visiting the zoo. © ambrlygraphics 2008
  7. 7. KEANE gig poster This is a gig poster I created for a concert I attended at the Roseland Theater in Portland Oregon. The project was intended to resemble the many gig poster’s posted all over the city but in a more simplistic and bold manner. I wanted to used only the most important of information and still be interesting enough to the eye to catch the viewers attention. © ambrlygraphics 2008
  8. 8. PORTLAND ART MUSEUM art exhibition This is a ficticious exhibition for M.C. Escher at the Portland Art Museum. Escher was magniphicant at morping one image into another and creating images that seem to go on for infinity. I gathered several of his morphing images together to create a show that gave the feeling of a seemless world without end. © ambrlygraphics 2008
  9. 9. VIRGIN AIRLINES air sickness bag This is a fictitious air sickness bag I created for a contest through Virgin Airlines. I was one year late in finding out about this contest to enter it myself but found it extremely interesting and wanted to design a bag of my own. I found that the play on the work Yak made for a humorous take on a not so pleasant situation. Lets face it, when your stuck on a plane with a sick passenger you’ll need all the laughs you can get. Ugh... © ambrlygraphics 2008
  10. 10. SELF PROMOTION typeface promotional poster This morbid poster was created in another one of my illustration classes at The Art Institute of Portland. The project concept was to create a typeface out of graffiti or hand made type found in the outdoors. My typeface was found on a grieving note at an accident site. Once again I was trying to lighten up a dark event by conveying the death as that of the typeface itself. © ambrlygraphics 2008
  11. 11. AMBER LEE COOPER DARKNESS TM alc comics $2 50 $3.15 MAR CANADA FALLS SELF PROMOTION comic cover This is a fictitious comic I created in one of my illustration classes at the Art Institute of Portland. I wanted to reach out of my comfort zone and design in a style that was unfamiliar to me and found the end result quite interesting. © ambrlygraphics 2008
  12. 12. ambrlygraphics • amber lee cooper • 360-798-8319 • •