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Let’s Broaden Our Minds,[object Object],Questions of 2009,[object Object]
1,[object Object],This is a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson,[object Object],Say not of me that weakly I declined,[object Object],The Labours of my sires, and fled to the sea,,[object Object],The towers we founded and the bumps we lit.,[object Object],To play at home with paper as a child.,[object Object],But rather say, __ ___ _________ __ ____,[object Object],A strenuous family dusted from its hands,[object Object],The sound of granite, and beholding far,[object Object],Along the sounding coast its pyramids,[object Object],And tall memorials catch the dying sun,,[object Object],Smiled well content, and to this childish task,[object Object],Around the fire addressed the evening hours,[object Object],The missing words make up the title of the English translation of the autobiography of an Indian litterateur. Name the person and the title?,[object Object]
1,[object Object],“In The Afternoon of Time”; HarivanshraiBachchan,[object Object]
2,[object Object],In Greek thought, __A__ and __B__ are two words that always go together. __A__ means a break in the natural order of things. __B__ means a reversal of fortune that brings back the natural order.,[object Object],The meaning of __A__ took a further connotation with reference to a particular event. Persian supremo Xerxes tried to bridge the Hellespont. After a storm, Xerxes punished the sea with 300 lashes and threw fetters into it. He also had the sea branded with red hot irons. Later another storm brought down the bridge.,[object Object],This show of Xerxes influenced the meaning of the word __A__ to what we know today,[object Object],What is the word (A) and what is the companion word (B)?,[object Object]
2,[object Object],Hubris & Nemesis,[object Object]
3,[object Object],N,[object Object],What is at the East end?,[object Object],Townhall,[object Object],Church,[object Object],?,[object Object],Fatehpuri,[object Object],Jain Mandir,[object Object],Gurudwara,[object Object],Hindu Temple,[object Object],Gardeners,[object Object],Boatmen,[object Object]
3,[object Object],LalQila (Red Fort),[object Object]
4,[object Object],He was the editor of Reform. He was also an academic in political research as well as a polytechnic lecturer. According to the obituary in Politico’s Book of the Dead, he was born on 18th June 1927 and died 4th November 1995. (Coincidentally, these are also the birth and death dates of a certain British television actor).,[object Object],He stood for election from Birmingham East (he was an Aston Villa supporter) and served as Shadow Minister of Agriculture when in opposition. ,[object Object],Name?,[object Object]
4,[object Object],Rt Hon James Hacker,[object Object]
5,[object Object],This flower is called the Four o’clock Flower. It is _________ jalapa . The _________ is also the name of an Israeli company which in 1996 introduced an Internet application. It was bought over by AOL in 1998. This product has over 50 million accounts registered. ,[object Object],Name the Internet product?,[object Object]
5,[object Object],ICQ (from Mirabilis),[object Object]
6,[object Object],In his only ever first class match on Indian soil, he scored 84 and 38 playing for the Hindus against the Parsees in 1924. In this match, according to the non-striker LP Jai, he ,[object Object],“without changing the grip on the bat, he tried to hit the wide ball backwards towards the third-man with his bat turned and facing the wicket-keeper”,[object Object], From this description, it seems this was the reverse sweep usually credited to Mushtaq Mohammad.,[object Object],Name the Ranji team that this player founded in 1936? (and they won in their inaugural year itself). The team does not exist anymore. ,[object Object]
6,[object Object],Nawanagar (Duleepsinhji),[object Object]
7,[object Object],Sept 8th 1975, Time magazine had this obituary,[object Object],“Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, King of Kings, Elect of God: in the end, the royal epithets had a hollow, mocking ring.”,[object Object],In 1936, he addressed the impotent League of Nations at Geneva “I am here to claim justice that is due to my people…” As he stepped down from the pulpit, he murmured “It is us today. It will be you tomorrow.”,[object Object],He spent his last days in a three room mud hut under easy house arrest and died in his sleep at the age of 83.,[object Object],Name. ,[object Object]
7,[object Object],Emperor HaileSelassie,[object Object]
8,[object Object],On the right is an ancient Corinth helmet discovered in Germany in 1875. It was presented to the winning athlete shown on the left on March 7th 1987 and is officially recognised as Korea’s 904th National Treasure. ,[object Object],What is the story?,[object Object]
8,[object Object],SohnKee-Chung won the marathon at 1936 Berlin Olympics. Korean ran for Japan (as Korea was under Jap rule). The Japs prevented the Germans from giving him the helmet (meant for the marathon winner). Korean team mate Nam Sung-yong took bronze,[object Object]
9,[object Object],In 1861, a man suffering from a speech defect (following an injury, he was not able to speak coherently) approached a French doctor. On examination, the doctor found that the injury had caused damage to an area of the left frontal lobe. This was the first empirical evidence of connecting behaviour with the brain (specific regions of the brain).,[object Object],Further research led to understanding of human language and speech. ,[object Object],What is this area of the brain called?,[object Object]
9,[object Object],Broca’s Area (after Paul Broca),[object Object]
10,[object Object],September 25th 1877, TakamoriSaigo and his remaining 40 warriors drew their swords and made a suicidal charge into an armored infantry. This ended the 9 month long Satsumo Rebellion. It effectively ended the age of the Samurai as Japan under Emperor Meiji now had a new army made up of conscripts and trained in modern weapons and armory.,[object Object],Name this significant battle?,[object Object]
10,[object Object],The Battle of Shiroyama, Kagoshima,[object Object]
11,[object Object],Study this list (exhaustive) by a person excommunicated at the age of 24 from his community,[object Object],On the Improvement of the Intellect (1660),[object Object],Ethics Geometrically Demonstrated (1665) but published posthumously in 1677,[object Object],TractatusPoliticus (unfinished, published posthumously),[object Object],Treatise on the Rainbow (posthumously published),[object Object],A Short Treatise on God and Man (written in Dutch and discovered in 1852 by Van Vloten),[object Object],The Principles of Cartesian Philosophy (1663),[object Object],A Treatise on Religion and the State (1670) (anonymously),[object Object],All the books are in the Index LibrorumProhibitorum. Will Durant says “at once honoured with a place in the Index Expurgatorius”,[object Object],Who?,[object Object]
11,[object Object],Benedict de Spinoza,[object Object]
12,[object Object],The glossary of Robert Thurman’s translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead explains the following word.,[object Object],______ : “This literally means an essence protecting environment. _______ are most well known as geometrical paintings or drawings that look like the floor plans of a building or the orbit of a planet. They are three-dimensional perfected environments, Buddhaverses or Buddha-lands, created by the enlightenment of an individual that expresses his or her enlightenment. They are realms through which other beings can be incorporated into that enlightenment perspective.”  ,[object Object],What is the good word?,[object Object]
12,[object Object],Mandala,[object Object]
13,[object Object],Known as God’s Banker, Roberto Calvi of BancoAmbrosiano was involved in a major fraud (exposed in 1982) when the bank went into debt of between $700 million – $1.5 billion. Much of the money was siphoned off through one of its main shareholders The Institute of Religious Works.,[object Object],Calvi fled Italy but shortly was found dead, hanging from one of the planks of Blackfriars Bridge in London, possibly killed by some branch of the freemasons (called Blackfriars), the Mafia or the _____,[object Object],What is the Institute of Religious Works better known as?,[object Object]
13,[object Object],The Vatican Bank,[object Object]
14,[object Object],Meteor Eject! A memoir of a RAF pilot published in 2000 and Brotherhood, an autobiography of a popular boy band singer are often erroneously included in a 260 long series of books featuring a secret agent. The first of these books came out in 1964 in Run Spy Run. ,[object Object],The character itself first appeared in a dime novel called The Mysterious Crime at Madison Square written by John R Coryell and Ormond Smith in 1886, making it a contemporary of Sherlock Holmes. ,[object Object],Name the character which has evolved over time with influence from Holmes, Doc Savage and James Bond?,[object Object]
14,[object Object],Nick Carter,[object Object]
15,[object Object],An excerpt from a Pulitzer Prize winning series,[object Object],Fort Benning, Ga. – November 13: Lt William J Calley, Jr, 26 years old, is a mild mannered boyish looking Vietnam combat veteran with the nickname “Rusty”. The Army is contemplating investigation of charges that he deliberately murdered [… deliberately snipped …] in March 1968 in a Vietcong stronghold named as “Pinkville”,[object Object],…,[object Object],“There’s this question – I think anyone who goes to Nam asks it. What’s a civilian? Someone who works for us in the day and puts on VietCong pajamas at night?” ,[object Object],Name the correspondent (5 points) and the particular incident (5 points)?,[object Object]
15,[object Object],Seymour Hersh, My Lai Massacre,[object Object]
16,[object Object],DN Khatri (1861 – 1913) was born in Samastipur, Bihar. Later he found employment with the Raja of Benares. Here he founded his own printing press called Lahari. ,[object Object],Through his press, he helped revive and spread a new consciousness in the Hindi language, removing the Islamic influence of Persian / Turkish and incorporating more Sanskrit as well as local dialects. ,[object Object],He would write novels in installments called “Bayaans”, with each bayaan published one after another in regular intervals.,[object Object],Name his first novel?,[object Object]
16,[object Object],Chandrakanta,[object Object]
17,[object Object],Born in Assam, she was referred to as “the most poetic of all actresses” by Al Pacino. For a 1981 film by former lover Warren Beatty, she accompanied him for the entire pre-production. Beatty wrote the lead actress role for her. But she finally turned it down saying an American should play the part. In the end, Beatty’s current girlfriend played the role. The film was nominated for all the four acting categories.,[object Object],The film is dedicated to her. ,[object Object],Side trivia, it was the film being broadcast on British national television when the news of Princess Diana’s car crash broke through.,[object Object],Name the actress (5 points) and the film (5 points)?,[object Object]
17,[object Object],Julie Christie; Reds,[object Object]
18,[object Object],Possibly exhaustive,[object Object],Virilis – Roman men of legal age (14 – 18 years); celebrations on reaching majority,[object Object],Candida – bleached by chalk, dazzling white; origin of the word candidate,[object Object],Praetexta – white with purple stripe,[object Object],Pulla – dark, mourning; a form of protest,[object Object],Picta – generals in their triumph,[object Object],Trabea – for gods, for kings and for augurs.,[object Object],What are these?,[object Object]
18,[object Object],Toga. They are also classic Latin terms to describe Roman citizens by the togas that they wore,[object Object]
19,[object Object],I once heard him (A) discuss the topic of economy after the following manner. Addressing Critobulus, he said: Tell me, Critobulus, is "economy," like the words "medicine," "carpentry," "building," "smithying," "metal-working," and so forth, the name of a particular kind of knowledge or science?,[object Object],Crit: Yes, I think so.,[object Object],A: And as, in the case of the arts just named, we can state the proper work or function of each, can we (similarly) state the proper work and function of economy?,[object Object],Crit: It must, I should think, be the business of the good economist at any rate to manage his own house or estate well.,[object Object],A: And supposing another man's house to be entrusted to him, he would be able, if he chose, to manage it as skillfully as his own, would he not? since a man who is skilled in carpentry can work as well for another as for himself: and this ought to be equally true of the good economist?,[object Object],Crit: Yes, I think so.,[object Object],Name book / author (5 points) and who is A (5 points)?,[object Object]
19,[object Object],The Economist by Xenophon. Socrates. Probably the first formal book on economics,[object Object]
20,[object Object],“The end of an unclouded day. Almost a happy one. Just one of the 3653 days of his sentence. ,[object Object],The extra 3 days were for leap years.”,[object Object],What is this?,[object Object]
20,[object Object],The last lines of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn,[object Object]
21,[object Object],RamchandraGuha’s Bengal All-Time XI reads like this. Name the missing player,[object Object],1. ??,[object Object],2. Pankaj Roy,[object Object],3. ArunLal,[object Object],4. SouravGanguly (Captain),[object Object],5. Ambar Roy,[object Object],6. Shute Bannerjee,[object Object],7. P Sen (wk),[object Object],8. SK Girdhari,[object Object],9. KamalBhattacharjee,[object Object],10. SubrotoGuha,[object Object],11. DilipDoshi,[object Object],Brief Profile: ,[object Object],1906 – 1984,[object Object],He lived at 52 Amherst Street, Kolkata ,[object Object],Career Stats :,[object Object],Batting: M: 44 R: 1659 A: 24.76 C: 1,[object Object],Never played Test Cricket,[object Object]
21,[object Object],Kartik Bose,[object Object]
22,[object Object],The following is an exhaustive series (in the form of clues). What is the series?,[object Object],1. A Walloon (Belgian French) portmanteau of the Caspian Sea and Azerbaijan,[object Object],2. The Goddess of Dawn,[object Object],3. The Dog Star,[object Object]
22,[object Object],The 3 ships of Captain Haddock – Karaboudjan, Aurora and Sirius,[object Object]
23,[object Object],Isaac Asimov in his "Asimov's New Guide to Science“ writes,[object Object],"The ______ can be considered the first digital computer",[object Object],The exact source of this invention is unknown. However it was  widely used for thousands of years from China to Mesopotamia to  Greece right up to Medieval times. It's utility was reduced due to  further inventions in mathematical notations originating from India.,[object Object],Fill in the blank (one word),[object Object]
23,[object Object],The Abacus,[object Object]
24,[object Object],The “waka” or “tanka” is a Japanese 31-syllable fixed poem. In Japanese society, waka captures the “The Way of Shikishima” or the Japanese spirit. One such waka is given below.,[object Object],May our country,[object Object],Taking what is good,[object Object],And rejecting what is bad,[object Object],Be not inferior,[object Object],To any other,[object Object],This particular waka was written for a specific event by “The Sage of Poetry” in Japan, a person who wrote over 100,000 wakas in his lifetime,[object Object],Name the poet and the occasion,[object Object]
24,[object Object],Emperor Meiji (formerly Prince Matshushita), The Meiji Restoration,[object Object]
25,[object Object],This town in UP has a population of about 16, 731 (2001 census).  In Indian history and culture, it has a key place as given below,[object Object],[object Object]
Main abode of the two Hashemite (descendents of Mohammad) clans of the Quraish tribe – the Alvi and the Abbasi
Seat of the QafuriKalandaria Sufi silsila
A crater on Mars is named after this town
Something (A) that happened on August 9th 1925
Something (B) that was created for the benefit of the Nawab who suffered from tooth decayName the place (A and B will follow automatically),[object Object]
25,[object Object],Kakoriin Uttar Pradesh,[object Object]
26,[object Object],Established in the 14th Century, it was the first standing army in Europe since the Roman Praetorian Guard. It was abolished in 1826. In the over 500 years of existence, it grew from being “door slaves” to becoming a powerful militia with a law onto themselves deposing monarchs at will.,[object Object],The original meaning of its name is “new soldier”.  Its marching music has been incorporated in many compositions by composers like Mozart and Beethoven.,[object Object],Name the army,[object Object]
26,[object Object],Janissaries,[object Object]
27,[object Object],AAA served in WW1 both in the trenches and, after an accident that gave him a permanent limp, in various desk jobs in the war ministries. He returned from the war to join the Tories. He was elected MP at the age of 21. One year later he crossed over to become independent opposing the Irish policy (the use of the Black and Tans). He joined the Labour Party in 1924 and was part of Ramsay MacDonald’s government in 1929. However, his various proposals were blocked and he quit the Left to form his own New Party (which would later go on to have a far more radical incarnation). ,[object Object],He was the son-in-law of Lord Curzon, having married his second daughter Cynthia.  He also had affairs sometimes short sometimes extended with his wife’s sisters Mary and Alexandra as well as with Curzon’s second wife / widow Grace.,[object Object],He had three children with Cynthia who died in 1933. He then married his mistress Diana Guinness in 1936 at the home of Joseph Goebbels. Hitler was one of his guests.,[object Object],He had two sons with Diana.,[object Object],Name the second son with Diana (his youngest kid overall).,[object Object]
27,[object Object],Max Mosley, son of Sir Oswald Mosley,[object Object]
28,[object Object],Name the author on the extreme left,[object Object]
28,[object Object],Paul Theroux,[object Object]
29,[object Object],This form of rhetoric was first exhibited by Demosthenes who delivered a series of verbal attacks, fiery damning speeches on King Philip II of Macedon (father of Alexander). The most famous instance of this rhetoric was by Cicero who made fourteen such speeches against Marcus Antonius called the Antonian Orations. ,[object Object],Name this style of rhetoric used by both? ,[object Object]
29,[object Object],Philippic,[object Object]
30,[object Object],Some names of people who were in the coffins,[object Object],Fritz Erdman, Col, Luftwaffe,[object Object],Otto Ernst, Cotton Broker,[object Object],Erich Knocher, Importer,[object Object],Otto Reichold, Manufacturing,[object Object],Ernst Lehmann, Captain,[object Object],Willy Speck, Radio Officer,[object Object],Franz Echelmann, Radio Officer,[object Object],… (around 26 in all),[object Object],Who be they?,[object Object]
30,[object Object],Germans killed in the Hindenburg air disaster. Coffins are at New York harbour waiting to be shipped back to Germany,[object Object]
31,[object Object],The Condor Legion was an adjunct of the Luftwaffe. It was a test bed of sorts – where tactics could be experimented and perfected before actual use in war (specifically the blitzkreigs that happened in 1939 and 1940s).,[object Object],What was their first experiment involving 6 Henkel 52 fighters?,[object Object]
31,[object Object],Bombing of Guernica,[object Object]
32,[object Object],It is Persian for “strong water”. Hobson-Jobson says it was used as a name of a particular tax. The name still exists in certain parts of the country like Kerala and Sikkim.  A recent citation,[object Object],Sikkimonline, 15th April 2007,[object Object],The DOP has created history of a dubious kind by notifying two Excise Commissioners instead of the usual one in the Excise ____ Department of Sikkim. ,[object Object],What is the good word?,[object Object]
32,[object Object],Abkari,[object Object]
33,[object Object],An estimated population of about 115,000 today, this African city sits on the equator, the exact coordinates being 00.04N, 32.28E. It is on the north shore of Lake Victoria. ,[object Object],It gets its name from the Lugandan (an African language) word for “a seat”, a reference to the rocky seats on the shores of Lake Victoria, carved by Mugala, the chief of the Mugandan tribe in early 18th century. From this seat, he would adjudicate legal cases and the death penalty was simple – to be thrown into Lake Victoria. It became administrative capital under the British. (From UN Habitat Profile Report),[object Object],In 20th century post war conflict / terrorism history, which landmark of this city is most famous?,[object Object]
33,[object Object],Entebbe, outside Kampala, Uganda,[object Object]
34,[object Object],Old chestnut. You have the guy in the middle. No clues. Name the two wizards to make up the trio,[object Object]
34,[object Object],Three people involved in the War of the Currents. Edison on one side and Tesla financed by Westinghouse on the other,[object Object]
35,[object Object],In 1900, Scottish chemist James Dewar was working on strategies to liquefy Hydrogen. It required special compartments which prevented even the slightest of heat. Using Joule-Thomson Effect (where gases can be cooled by letting them expand and preventing heat from outside), Dewar built a set of equipment including bottles that blocked off heat. This included a bottle to store superfrigid hydrogen which involved a double layer of silver coating with a vacuum in between. In chemical labs, these bottles are called Dewar Bottles. ,[object Object],How do we know them commercially?,[object Object]
35,[object Object],Thermos Flasks,[object Object]
36,[object Object],I was reading “The Mafia – The First 100 Years” by William Balsamo & George Carpozi Jr. and I came across this word. On researching it, I picked up this passage from “The City in Slang – New York” by Irving Lewis Allen.,[object Object],“We often associate American ____ with Prohibition, though it is decades older, dating in print to 1889. A Philadelphia journalist, Samuel Hudson, claimed that in 1889 he picked up the new expression in Pittsburgh, introduced and popularised it in Philadelphia, whence it spread to New York. ____-____ (it was originally hyphenated) is probably of Irish-American dialectical origin, possibly from an utterance (such as Hudson suggested) : “ ____ ____ , now, the police are at the dure.” HL Mencken concluded that “the Irish gave American very few words: shillelagh, smithereens, and possibly ____ almost exhaust the list. At any rate, the idea behind ____ is clearly silence with regard to the police.” ,[object Object],What is the good word?,[object Object]
36,[object Object],Speakeasy,[object Object]
37,[object Object],From a landmark judgement on obscenity, Judge Potter Stewart of the US Supreme Court ruled on Jacobellis v State of Ohio, 1964. This concerned the petition to ban the French film The Lovers.,[object Object],“I shall not today attempt to further define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shortened description(1). Perhaps I could never succeed in intelligently doing so.,[object Object],But _ ____ __ ____ _ ___ __ , and the motion picture involved in this case is not that”,[object Object],Earlier descriptions of obscenity which were considered vague. ,[object Object],The phrase is considered to be a description of the threshold of obscenity (though it is not used regularly),[object Object],Fill in the blank?,[object Object]
37,[object Object],I Know It When I See It,[object Object]
38,[object Object],There are three primary custodians of this shrine – the Eastern Orthodox (Greeks), the Armenian Apostolic and the Roman Catholics. The minor custodians are the Coptic Orthodox, the Egyptian Orthodox and the Syriac Orthodox.,[object Object],Marco Polo took some oil from this shrine on his second trip to China as requested by the Great Khan.,[object Object],(Visual in the next slide),[object Object],Name the place,[object Object]
Clock: 26,[object Object]
Clock: 26,[object Object]
39,[object Object],Taken from Wikipedia,[object Object],According to Jewish folklore, a “_____” is an animated being created entirely from inanimate matter. In modern Hebrew the word literally means “cocoon” but can also mean “fool” “silly” or even “stupid”. In the Bible it is a metaphor for an embryionic or incomplete substance. ,[object Object],During the anti-Semitic pogroms in Prague, Rabbi Judah LoewbenBezalal created a “_____” to protect the Jews in the ghetto. There are many versions to this legend. Many of them refer to the _____ becoming a monster and turning on its own creator. This theme later influenced amongst others Czech Karel Capek’s R U R. It is a popular theme in Czech pop culture,[object Object],What,[object Object]
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BQC August 2009

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  • 43.
  • 44.
  • 45.
  • 46.
  • 47.
  • 48.
  • 49.
  • 50.
  • 51. Main abode of the two Hashemite (descendents of Mohammad) clans of the Quraish tribe – the Alvi and the Abbasi
  • 52. Seat of the QafuriKalandaria Sufi silsila
  • 53. A crater on Mars is named after this town
  • 54. Something (A) that happened on August 9th 1925
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Editor's Notes

  1. In the Afternoon of Time, HarivanshraiBachchan
  2. Hubris; nemesis
  3. Red Fort
  4. Red Fort
  5. Rt Hon James Hacker, KG PC
  6. Rt Hon James Hacker, KG PC
  7. ICQ, Mirabilis
  8. ICQ, Mirabilis
  9. Nawanagar (Duleepsinhji)
  10. Nawanagar (Duleepsinhji)
  11. HaileSelassie
  12. HaileSelassie
  13. SohnKee-Chung won the marathon at 1936 Berlin Olympics. Korean ran for Japan (as Korea was under Jap rule). The Japs prevented the Germans from giving him the helmet (meant for the marathon winner). Korean team mate Nam Sung-yong took bronze
  14. SohnKee-Chung won the marathon at 1936 Berlin Olympics. Korean ran for Japan (as Korea was under Jap rule). The Japs prevented the Germans from giving him the helmet (meant for the marathon winner). Korean team mate Nam Sung-yong took bronze
  15. Broca’s area after Paul Broca
  16. Broca’s area after Paul Broca
  17. The Battle of Shiroyama, Kagoshima
  18. The Battle of Shiroyama, Kagoshima
  19. Benedict (Bharuch) de Spinoza
  20. Benedict (Bharuch) de Spinoza
  21. Mandala
  22. Mandala
  23. Vatican Bank
  24. Vatican Bank
  25. Nick Carter
  26. Nick Carter
  27. Seymour Hersh; My Lai
  28. Seymour Hersh; My Lai
  29. Chandrakanta
  30. Chandrakanta
  31. Julie Christie; Reds
  32. Julie Christie; Reds
  33. Toga – also classic Latin terms to describe Roman citizens by the togas that they wear
  34. Toga – also classic Latin terms to describe Roman citizens by the togas that they wear
  35. The Economist (Xenophon) ; Socrates
  36. The Economist (Xenophon) ; Socrates
  37. One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
  38. One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
  39. Kartick Bose
  40. Kartick Bose
  41. Three ships of Captain Haddock – Karaboudjan, Aurora, Sirius
  42. Three ships of Captain Haddock – Karaboudjan, Aurora, Sirius
  43. Answer: The Abacus
  44. Answer: The Abacus
  45. Emperor Meiji (formerly Prince Mutshushita), The Meiji Restoration
  46. Emperor Meiji (formerly Prince Mutshushita), The Meiji Restoration
  47. Kakori
  48. Kakori
  49. Janissaries
  50. Janissaries
  51. Max Mosley
  52. Max Mosley
  53. Philippic
  54. Philippic
  55. Germans killed in the Hindenburg disaster. Totally 35 victims including one ground crew member Allen Hagaman
  56. Germans killed in the Hindenburg disaster. Totally 35 victims including one ground crew member Allen Hagaman
  57. Guernica
  58. Guernica
  59. Abkari
  60. Abkari
  61. Entebbe International Airport
  62. Entebbe International Airport
  63. War of the Currents (Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla)
  64. Thermos Flasks / Bottles
  65. Thermos Flasks / Bottles
  66. speakeasy
  67. speakeasy
  68. I Know it when I see it
  69. I Know it when I see it
  70. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The most holiest of all places in Christianity. Site of the Christ resurrection
  71. Golem
  72. Golem
  73. Bayesian Probability / Statistics
  74. Bayesian Probability / Statistics
  75. Jatayu; Lal Mohan Ganguly
  76. Jatayu; Lal Mohan Ganguly