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Are customers ignoring your brand?


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Special YouTube Video included. Are prospects ignoring you brand? You can live with it OR you can read this, see the examples by award-winning logo designer and brand specialist David Brier who's work has been featured in Forbes, INC, Fast Company and Adweek to name a few. Shark Tank star and CEO/founder of FUBU Daymond John says, "David Brier is brilliant with branding."

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Are customers ignoring your brand?

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  3. You sit down at your desk. Or in the brainstorming session with your team. You plan out how to stand out. Make a dent.Kick sales into a whole new range. Looking over your ideas, a deep sigh escapes from deep within your soul.
  4. You ask yourself: Why is nobody taking note of our brand? Why can’t we seem to achieve the traction we should be gaining? Why aren’t prospects flocking to purchase our product? And when will that avalanche of business inquiries finally arrive?
  5. What you need to know is one powerful tool that has become an afterthought among way too many companies (but is a closely held secret by the world class brands of the world).
  6. You must know how to tell your story. Instantly. Memorably.With impact.With style. That’s right. Instantly.Memorably.With impact.With style. It can be done.
  7. In fact, it’s the first impression many prospects will have, that point when they decide whether or not you’re real, valuable and worth their time before they zip off to another site, another shelf, another store, or your competitor who is using this one powerful tool.
  8. It’s that one tool that will outlast, outperform and have longer-lasting meaning than any other single campaign your company will ever launch.
  9. Why is this so important? Because it does not matter if you have something to say. Everybody does. (Including your competition.) What matters is that you have something that will be heard.
  10. It’s your brand’s logo. And it tells a story. It has meaning. It’s memorable. It says,“We’re valuable.” (Or it doesn’t.) And done right, it separates you from inferior brands. And me-too brands.
  11. And a key component of an effective, irresistible logo is the use of typography. What follows are actual examples that show how a logo can tell a story, instantly, with a lasting impression that turns impressions into confidence. And tire-kickers into customers.
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  35. The moral of this story is: Tell a story. And if you don’t know how to, your prospects won’t have any idea why they should buy from you. And that’s something no business can afford.
  36. Written and designed by David Brier All logo designs copyright: David Brier For more information, visit: