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Pub con las-vegas-recycling-content-tips

  1. 1. White Hat Content Recycling Tips Presented by: Nick Stamoulis
  2. 2. The Power of Content There is great importance in writing effective content, but how do we leverage its power in the online space? By re-using it to our advantage!!! White Hat Content Recycling Tips
  3. 3. Put ON Your White Hat White Hat Content is… Content that is written for people, visitors of sites not just for the Search Engines! White Hat Content Recycling Tips
  4. 4. Types of Content Content is written to be: • Informational – articles, white papers, media releases, podcasts. • Educational – white papers, articles, webinars, podcasts. • Promotional – press releases, content, flyers, solo emails, contests, videos, podcasts. • Newsworthy – press releases, blog posts. White Hat Content Recycling Tips
  5. 5. Great Content Requires: • Focus What is the purpose of your content, what message are you give your readers. • Strong Headline Your headline is the bait to reel in the fish – should be clear, and emotion provoking. • Flow Your content should have a clear flow, a beginning, middle and end that will keep the reader engaged and make it easy to follow. • Purpose Make bold statements and show that you are passionate about the topic you are writing about and have a clear, concise purpose in writing it. White Hat Content Recycling Tips
  6. 6. How to Recycle Content? Your original content can be easily repurposed into another form by making simple tweaks based on the audience and purpose of the content. Your content should be optimized after it has been written regardless of the promotional aspect of it. White Hat Content Recycling Tips
  7. 7. Content Recycling Tips • Brand messaging synergy: Regardless of where the content is, the message should have a brand synergy. • Contact information should be similar: Small businesses should have the same contact information to make it easier for others to make business with you. Larger corporations should have similar contact continuity. • Tie in Brand to Titles and Optimize: Brand cohesiveness is key. • Make sure factual information is correct. White Hat Content Recycling Tips
  8. 8. Places to Recycle Your Content Blog Post Press Release Article Release Solo Email Video Marketing Document Sharing Social Networks White Hat Content Recycling Tips
  9. 9. B2B Content Recycling Example: Product Launch White Hat Content Recycling Tips Page of Content About Product PR Announcing the Product Blog Post Announcing the Product Promotional Blog Posts on Other Blogs Solo Email to in-house customer list Facebook Promotion Youtube release of product video Tweet about release or blog post Release a whitepaper to industry related sites about the product and how it relates to the industry.
  10. 10. White Hat Content Recycling Tips B2C Content Recycling Example: Launch of Restaurant Page of Content About Launch PR Announcing the Launch Promote via Twitter and Facebook Solo email to customer base Mobile text to in-house customer base
  11. 11. To Summarize: Great content is a powerful tool, some even say content is king, however, without great marketing, that content will not work for you. Recycling your white hat content through the most effective distribution channels is a key to success in the online space! White Hat Content Recycling Tips
  12. 12. Things NOT to do with Your Content: White Hat Content Recycling Tips • Don’t over-optimize! • Don’t have different people write things – you want to keep a synergy in your style of writing. • Do not have disjointed facts – The facts on each submission have to tie into each other.
  13. 13. Questions?????? White Hat Content Recycling Tips